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There are 3 championship classes for 2005- Expert, Clubman and over 40.

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Points Standings . ( Riders drop 1 event if there are more than 6 rounds and drop 2 events if more than 10 rounds)

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Alan Lauder C. Carrick-Anderson G. Naismith Rosie Patrick S. Wooley C. Mackenzie

Round 1 Grampian MCC Lossiemouth 27th March Results
Round 2 Melville MC Pathhead Day 1 16th April /30 Apr Results
Round 3 Melville MC Pathhead Day 2    17th April / 1 May Results
Round X SBEC           Cancelled  01 May Cancelled 
Round 4 Melville MC Newton Stewart 12th June Results
Round X ELRAT        Shiplaw Forest       Postponed 26th June See 9th Oct
Round 5 Melville MC Selkirk Day 1   Abandoned - I Bell 23rd July Results 0 points
Round 6 Melville MC Selkirk Day 2    24th July Results
Round 7 Grampian MCC Monaughty  14th August Results
Round 8 SBEC Little Clyde 04th September Results
Round 9 Melville MC Selkirk 25th September Results
Round 10 ELRAT  Aberfeldy       09th October Results
Round 11 Bon Accord MCC 22/23 October ? Cancelled