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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2005 Championship ENDURO

Round 9  - Melville MC Yarrowford - Selkirk September

25th September 2005

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Report by Campbell Chatham

The sun shone on the Melville Motor Club for the penultimate round of the Scottish Enduro Championship. Once the mist cleared in the morning a brisk breeze blew the clouds away and the competitors enjoyed a dry day out over the hills at Yarrowford, Selkirk in the Scottish Borders. The organisers were relieved to have a trouble free day following the Ian Bell tragedy that befell the event in July. The only hitch was a few riders who lost their way. The majority of riders found their way around, up and down the 1500 feet climbs and descents. The time schedule was set at a semi-wet pace in case the conditions changed but as it did not rain most riders finished on time. A few riders even managed a short stop to admire the stunning views from the top of the hills.

selsep0530.jpg (153138 bytes) In the Expert Class Derek Little won with some stunning times on the short twisty special test. Out on the course Derek overtook Paul Chatham in mid air, with some incredible rolling jumps the brave were rewarded with some low level flying that the Red Arrows would have been proud of. Mark Godfrey came back from the south having enjoyed himself back in July,finishing second. Paul Chatham had his best result in his first year in the Expert Class with a trouble free run to third place. Grant Smith lost the bolt for his silencer on the first lap but managed to complete the lap on time. Grant and Paul swopped test times throughout the day with Paul just three seconds ahead at the finish. Jeff McCleary had a consistant run to fith thoroughly enjoying himself in the process. Murray Thomson prefers the mud to the deep heather, all riders had to be cautious as there were many hidden boulders lurking in the heather. Murray fell in the first test at the last event and he was keen to make amends, unfortunately history repeated itself and Murray finished in a frustrated 6th.

Sean Wooley won the over 40 Class, his first special test as good as won the class for him as it was only 2 seconds slower than Derek Little's time in the Expert Class. Sean and Andy are building up to a close finish for the Championship.Double Over 40 Champion Andy Flockhart has had his share of problems this year which has allowed Sean Woolly to challenge for the Over 40 Championship. Andy was struggling for grip and slipped to third behind Campbell Chatham. Campbell Chatham finished second despite carburettor problems
selsep0519.jpg (139750 bytes) which kept him busy during the event. Dirt in the fuel caused the float needle to stick and caused fuel starvation on the steep climbs. Campbell managed to clear the problem and it did not affect his special test performance. Ian Paterson's throttle jammed open as he climbed one of the steepest hills and wiped out the back end of his KTM, he struggled on but had to admit defeat and retire. This probably puts an end to his Championship hopes.

Alan Lauder won the Clubman Class which means he is uncatchable in the Clubman Championship this year. Alan has dominated the class this year, he is looking fit for a challenge in the Expert Class next year. When Craig Jagla competes he is always a force to be recconned with and he proved this again with his second place at Selkirk. Douglas Page was just 4 seconds behind in third. Ryan Bruce was hard charging on the course and arrived at the check with plenty of time on each lap finishing 4th, Duncan McCormick finished 5th.

There was a large Spotsman entry, word is spreading that most riders can complete the course despite the steep hills. The Melville Club organised a pre race breifing for first time riders. David Fergus won by just 4 seconds from Alastair Crocket in second. Garry Scotland finished third to keep the Scotland name high in the results as brother Allyn is grounded due to a broken arm sustained at the Elgin round.

This event at Yarrowford is becoming well known as a great day out, if a little daunting for first time riders. Kenny Donaldson and his team have organised a great experience for all the riders whichever class they ride. The farmer is an enthusiastic supporter and he is looking forward to welcoming everybody next year.

Photos by April Marr, Sarah Innes and Michael Humpage - Many thanks to you all !
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selsep0520.jpg (121825 bytes)

Too much orange ......

selse0505.jpg (226205 bytes)

Acerbis 2006 and Honda 1986

selsep0504.jpg (186015 bytes)

Mark Ewing gets under way

selsep0506.jpg (146246 bytes)

The very first corner

selsep0507.jpg (212527 bytes)

Sean Wooley - Over 40 winner

selsep0503.jpg (129884 bytes)

Quck splash and off

selsep0509.jpg (165521 bytes)

Michael Rathbone all the way from Alnwick

selsep0508.jpg (198671 bytes)

Ryan Bruce

selsep0510.jpg (178258 bytes)

Dave Ramsay heads for the hills

selsep0511.jpg (139165 bytes)

Reuben Welch gets the power down

selsep0512.jpg (150599 bytes)

Keeping the front wheel dry

selsep0514.jpg (152697 bytes)

Graeme Crawford on the final hill

selsep0516.jpg (217213 bytes)

Ally Gordon - revenge !!

selsep0515.jpg (112410 bytes)

Gary Millburn from Newcastle

selsep0517.jpg (187047 bytes)

Reuben - tough eh ?

selsep0518.jpg (171502 bytes)

Sean Scollay practices meditation between laps ....

selsep0521.jpg (219724 bytes)

Gordon Black takes to the water

selsep0523.jpg (217320 bytes)

Campbell Chatham - moves in to 2nd

selsep0524.jpg (175293 bytes)

Steep or what !

selsep0525.jpg (181630 bytes)

Paul Chatham nears the end and 3rd place.

selsep0526.jpg (192380 bytes)

Mike Robertson on his way

selsep0527.jpg (190390 bytes)

Craig Jagla blasts the hills

selsep0528.jpg (265844 bytes)

Robbie Moir

selsep0529.jpg (215138 bytes)

Just a nice view - up hill and down ....

selsep0530.jpg (21797 bytes)

Campbell Hearton on top of the world

selsep0531.jpg (190992 bytes)

Jim Lauder in the woods

selsep0533.jpg (153115 bytes)

Gentleman racers over 40 ++

selsep0534.jpg (218881 bytes)

Ian Clarke finishes another lap - while No 57 lets his bike have a wee rest