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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2005 Championship ENDURO

Round 4 - Melville MC Newton Stewart

12th June 2005

Results for Newton Stewart - click here

With the Melville Club setting up a new enduro in the 4th forest in as many years the riders waited to see what Brian Mcleary and Andrew McConnel had in store for them this year. Ruts - bogs - tight tracks ? - Nope - just a very enjoyable day in the forest. Slippy and lots of roots but some good fast trails as well. The only thing they couldn't stop were the midges - this year they were vicious - and ensured that the riders kept moving.

The first lap started straight in to an untimed test so the riders could see what was coming. Then out across clear fell and in to some tight forest tracks - a few rocky climbs and lots of tree roots to catch the unwary. The test itself was the hardest part of the course, up and down a big hill with lots of taped turns and few easy lines. Rocks became exposed on later laps - so new lines were chosen. But the top riders still put in times within a couple of seconds. The track becoming slightly easier on later laps.

In the Expert Class Murray Thomson JD Racing KTM showed some very consistent times to win by 13 secs from Mark Godfrey. Derek Little pushed the big Ride On 450 Yamaha into 3rd place for equal third with Crawford Carrick Anderson - who fell twice in the test to scupper his hopes of a win.

Andrew Flockhart is still pushing hard for his 3rd Over 40 Championship and had a blistering first test to beat Sean Wooley by 1 second after 4 timed tests. Ian Paterson followed up in 3rd place to keep his title hopes alive. Jim Lauder from Jedburgh showing some fine speed to finish 4th.

Alan Lauder showed the way to do it in the Clubman pushing Ian Shedden ( just back from finishing the SSDT) in to 2nd place. Richard Neaves and Paul Scott tied for 3rd with both riders producing one fast lap and one slow one. Rab Moir pusged for 5th with Gavin Douglas from Yorkshire doing well in Scottish events with a 6th

In the Sportsman David Fergus kept it together for the win followed home by Iain Clark who dropped 30 seconds in the final test. You need to stay on the bike to win !. Michael Rathbone just beating Rob Shaw for 3rd.

With very few retirals it was a very succesful event and the organisers are to be thanked for a great days racing. Many thanks also to the time keepers and test officials who had to stand up to the midges all day - respect.

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Newton Stewart 2005 003.jpg (292472 bytes)

Thanks to the sponsor

Newton Stewart 2005 005.jpg (54400 bytes)

Small - but deadly - the midge !

Newton Stewart 2005 009.jpg (248764 bytes)

Brian Able addresses the riders

Newton Stewart 2005 010.jpg (212945 bytes)

Andrew McConnel - track builder

Newton Stewart 2005 013.jpg (180595 bytes)

Grant Smith starts off

Newton Stewart 2005 017.jpg (145110 bytes)

Jeff McCleary enters the test

Newton Stewart 2005 023.jpg (125924 bytes)

The start - all looking clean

Newton Stewart 2005 024.jpg (150892 bytes)

The Boys from Glasgow -
Ian McMullen and Alistair Gordon

Newton Stewart 2005 026.jpg (137752 bytes)

Mark Catterson and April Marr - with the latest anti midge gear

Newton Stewart 2005 028.jpg (180466 bytes)

Paul Scott - Ace Clubman

Newton Stewart 2005 029.jpg (160647 bytes)


Paul, Craig and Mark White

Newton Stewart 2005 033.jpg (167920 bytes)

Ian Little - feet up

Newton Stewart 2005 037.jpg (106300 bytes)

Expert winner Murray Thomson

Newton Stewart 2005 039.jpg (144701 bytes)

Derek Little gets up to speed

Newton Stewart 2005 040.jpg (97281 bytes)

Chris Buchan flying in the test

Newton Stewart 2005 041.jpg (127677 bytes)

Scott Maxwell styling it

Newton Stewart 2005 042.jpg (121692 bytes)

Mark Godfrey from Chesterfield

Newton Stewart 2005 043.jpg (118949 bytes)

Malky Bissett pushes on

Newton Stewart 2005 053.jpg (138885 bytes)

Euan McConnel - marshal for the day

Newton Stewart 2005 056.jpg (139146 bytes)

Geoff Pennycook - focussed

Newton Stewart 2005 059.jpg (117134 bytes)

Jim Lauder at speed on the descent

Newton Stewart 2005 064.jpg (128025 bytes)

Douglas Page exits the test

Newton Stewart 2005 067.jpg (138213 bytes)

The "B's" - well done lads

Newton Stewart 2005 073.jpg (153057 bytes)

Jimmy Ballantyne flying

Newton Stewart 2005 074.jpg (142260 bytes)

Sean Wooley gets to grips

Newton Stewart 2005 076.jpg (142950 bytes)

Mike Robertson fom Aberdeen

Newton Stewart 2005 077.jpg (153846 bytes)

Norman Canham from Hexham

at the "A's" - as Rachel starts 'em

Newton Stewart 2005 078.jpg (146168 bytes)

Dougal Walker gets off to a flying start


Newton Stewart 2005 081.jpg (203543 bytes)

Ian Paterson - eyes on the prize


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