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Round 7  - Grampian MC  - Monaughty

14th August 2005

Results for Monaughty

For a change it rained at Elgin making the course a wee bit slippy on the first lap but times were easy then. Then John Littles usual plan of tightening checks to make the course part of the event as well as just test times started to take effect. Several riders in each class found the times a bit tight - but all the top riders cleaned it showing times were tight but OK ( your hour is there to be used !)

The course was similar to last year with a couple of extra wee loops thrown in by Kevin Gauld and his team - a nice we forest excursion at the start just to warm you up. The test cut up quite a bit on the first wee hill making line choice quite hard - and then it was back over the stumps and through the trees to the finish.

Crawfor Carrick-Anderson won the event with some very fast and consistent times to maintain his lead at the top of the points table - closely followed by Murray Thomson who continues to push for the Championship again. Grant Smith continuing to impress in 3rd. Derek Little suffered the Elgin curse this time and knocked part of his fuel pipe off in the test . He managed to fix it and carried on - you need all the points you can get to win Championships - never say die.

Gavin Douglas - travelling all the way from Newcastle and fresh from his win at Otterburn looked very focused for this event and produced a win by three seconds from Keith Reid and Richard Neaves. Alyn Scotland was very unfortunate to damage his arm requiring a visit to the local infirmary and put paid to the rest of his season. Robbie Moir is showing well this season - but has not quite caught up to his dad Rab - who still showed him the way home.

In the over 40 class - Sean Wooley continues to show some fast form with a good win over Alex Kirk and Dougal Walker on Gold. Andy Flockhart broke a chain which took him off the pace. James Anthony moved up to the Over 40's from Sportsman and has found some extra speed for the extra lap to finish well up in 9th

Richard Ramsay just took the win in the Sportsman from Richard Wark who had a blistering final test. Scott Cameron has been showing some speed in recent events and took a fine 3rd place in a difficult test - good times and hopefully it will give them all confidence to think about Clubman class and an extra lap.

Thanks again to The Grampian Club for another excellent event - JohnLittle, Kevin Gauld and the team.

Pics from Fiona and Betty - the Ace Pit girls !

mon01.jpg (141338 bytes)

James Anthiony - Over 40 and fast

mon02.jpg (155138 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt starts another lap

mon03.jpg (182209 bytes)

Steven Whittaker keeps it tight

mon04.jpg (211221 bytes)

James in the trees - great course

mon05.jpg (172335 bytes)

Mark Ewing keeps it feet up

mon06.jpg (174199 bytes)

Alan Davidson

mon07.jpg (190960 bytes)

? makes it up the hill !

mon08.jpg (200566 bytes)

It was a tricky wee hill !

mon09.jpg (167092 bytes)

Back to the pits

mon10.jpg (150311 bytes)

1st Check - and tighter

mon11.jpg (183165 bytes)

Time to rest for the sportsmen

mon12.jpg (187811 bytes)

And then off again

mon13.jpg (179782 bytes)

Alex Austin in the points

mon14.jpg (143494 bytes)

Duncan McCormick finishes in 4th

mon15.jpg (200276 bytes)

Murray Thomson comes in to the finish

mon16.jpg (173564 bytes)

The last straight

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