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16th /17th Nov Diss Enduro - British Championship.I thought I would up date you with the results of the Scottish riders at the John Banks Enduro.We were aided by Ewan Syme who brought an air of professionalism to the riders and with Chris Hay having his first serious outing in the Championship class since injuring his arm in May. The event was a sandy  Thetford forest and the going was very fast like a longer version of Johnny Little's event at Elgin. Only two special tests but the last couple of laps are so tight for time that only the top riders in each class finished on time so the last laps are ridden at special test pace. Chris Hay rode his KTM 125 to 4th in the special tests but Wayne Braebrook retired moving him up to 3rd although what impressed everybody was the fact that he was the only rider to finish within his allotted time even Ed Jones and Ady Smith had to use their extra minutes.Ricky Mair also had an exceptional day for a sixteen year old riding in the Expert class, his special test times were second only to Paris Dakar riding Derek Edmondson, not surprisingly he lost a little time on the course on his 125 Husky dropping him to 6th place. Ricky is a rising star and I am sure a top team will be on the phone with an offer of support if he continues to impress everybody at this level. Relatively new to Enduros Chris Stewart had his best result so far following a summer of coaching from Chris Hay, he managed to finish third Clubman after finishing clean on time. Chris enjoyed the event thoroughly and can take pride in the knowledge that the Clubman class was won by ex Kawasaki 500 GP rider Mark Banks. There was one other result worth a mention, I managed to win the Sportsman class on my KTM200. I now have the right bike and on the right course on a good day I can remember how to shift. Considering that in 1996 when I broke my ankle badly, I thought I might not ride competatively again I am very pleased to have a result like this.There are photos of Chris Hay and Ricky Mair attatched. The full results are available at Report by Campbell Chatham.

Chay.jpg (18897 bytes)

Chris Hay - shifting in the tests

RickyMair.jpg (37468 bytes)

Ricky Mair - ready for the day.

25th August. South Wales Dawn to Dusk 12 Hour Enduro. An awesome event over a 17 mile course. Some riders going Ironman and doing the whole event on their own. Report and pics Organised by Adventure Racing and Trail Bike Magazine. BE THERE NEXT YEAR!!!.

14th July NEEC Otterburn Millenium Experience 2002. A great day out with over 90 miles of riding and 5 hours in the saddle. See Otterburn for a full report with pictures

31st March 2002 Fast Eddy Matchams Park. Only a few Scots at this. Richard Hay finishing in 5th on the Husky 4t and Euan McConnel in 9th. Not a bad start for new bikes.

24th March 2002 Thirsk White Horse Enduro. Another large Scottish contingent braved the Forests of Yorkshire for the famous White Horse Enduro. Renowned as a tough event this one lived up to it's name with a lot of DNF's. Clubman class was won by Dougal Walker with Murray Thompson 6th in the Chanpionship class. For a full report see White Horse.

2/3rd/03/02 British Champ Rd 1 Breckland.  An excellent event for Scots riders with Euan McConnel on his new Husky 250 (highly impressed with his new Huskybanana he says and more to come) finishing 2nd on both days behind Juan Knight. An inspired ride by Chris Hay on a Husky 125 saw him finish in 5th place on day 2 despite crashing on the test. Derek Little (Ride On Yamaha WR 250) won the 250 4St class on day 1 but a derailed chain on day 2 put paid to his event. Richard Hay suffered badly from a bug over the weekend with several "unscheduled stops" . Riding his new Husky 570 4 Stroke is a new experience for Richard but he got to grips with it on the Sunday and finished 7th in the very tight going. Not ideal for his first outing but says the bike is "very competitive". Once he gets the hang of starting it he'll be well away.

Ricky Mair was 2nd Clubman
Kevin Murray was 2nd overall Expert on day 1 as well!
Chris Hay about 5/6th overall for the weekend
Malky Bissett - Lost the bolts from his rear sprocket I believe, no idea where that left him (Mid Pack)
Martin Pennycook - Struggled a bit with the check times but is looking forward to some mud
Murray Thompson - Steady ride to the finish and despite his best efforts for rain, only very light drizzle appeared on Sunday am.

derek01diss02.jpg (56930 bytes)
Derek Little

derek02diss02.jpg (69733 bytes)
Derek out of the Bombhole

Thanks to Derek Little for the report and photos.  Derek would also like to thank Phil & Mary Hay and also Dave Ball and his friend Matt who provided lots of assistance   at the out checks on Sunday.  Also should thank Pauline Hay, Johnie Litttle and Jim Mair. The riders need supporters and "volunteers" are a welcome sight. Derek would also like to thank RIDE ON Motorcycles of Glasgow for their help in preping the bike for this year. The Husky riders would like to thank Mike Carter at Husky Sport for his help this year.

17/2/02 EX TRUE GRIT. East Yorkshire  was the venue for the next AWA trip. Well planned and executed by the Army it was a great day out. 5 riders went down, 2 retired injured - the rest done good. Full report

3/2/02 SNOWRUN ENDURO. Crychan Forest Wales. A team of Scotlands Finest braved the wind, rain and mud to compete in the first major event of the year. With two out of the four riders finishing the course it was a tough event - but all ended up smiling - and going back next year. Expert Malcolm Bissett, Clubmen Stu Young and Dave Donald and Over 40 Charlie Mackenzie. For a full report and photos see From The Saddle - Three Virgins in the Welsh Everglades


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