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Melville MCC Hare and Hound (Closed to Club)


6th October 2002 - Lochhouses

Report by Trevor Hay

It's sometimes difficult to ask you wife to borrow her vehicle, but Richard Hay managed to borrow his wife's ageing 100cc Kawasaki for a Sunday run around Melville's Hare and Hounds at Whitekirk, East Lothian, and took the smallest bike in the event to a screaming win, four minutes ahead of David MacVie (250 Honda). Behind them, Murray Thomson (250 KTM) and Scott Girvan (250 Honda) were just a few seconds apart after a race long battle.

The dry and sunny conditions were strange to the Scottish competitors, as dusty, dry going allowed fast and flowing riding.

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Photos taken by George Paterson (Thanks mate)

AGPIX was taking pictures all day - email him with your riding no and he will see if he got you. High quality prints available -

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It's not an Enduro - but that's taking it too far
ss2b.jpg (36958 bytes)
The winning machine - small wasn't it
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Tight track - fast trees
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No rest areas here
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All sorts were there
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The ditch - pallets or just jump it.
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Who called the Police - 911
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Nice berms as well
ss2j.jpg (107688 bytes)
Big Bloke - wee Bike

Richard Hay

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Looking cool
(Pic by AGPIX)
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Show off !
(Pic by AGPIX)
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Going for it !
(Pic by AGPIX)

The clubman class was won by Stephen Scott(Ecosse Yamaha 250),the only one on 21 laps. One lap behind a gaggle of riders rode stedily through the 3 hours and Kenny Thomson(250 TM), came through to 2nd on the penultamate lap to demote Michael Lawrie(250 Yamaha) into 3rd place,and Richard Neaves(200 Gas-Gas) in 4th.

The day started badly for course layer Stephen Palmer(220 Kawasaki KDX) who was 2nd last off the line but finished in 5th place in the clubman class.

John Barbour (400 DRZ) from Dumfries won the sportsman class also 1 lap ahead of the rest. Veteran Jim Lauder(250 Suzuki) woz 2nd, showing that the talent is still there after a 7 year layoff. Martyn McMinn(250 Yamaha) and Joe Heron(200 KTM) finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

A number of riders found the trees quite hard when attacked by wayward machines including newcomer David Thomson who retired with cracked ribs. Calum Whitelaw woz more than shaken after a confrontation with a angry tree. Chris Stewart(125 KTM) also tanled with the trees, but it was his bike that suffered a flattened exhaust, he was fortunate to find a new exhaust in the Hay truck nearby, to allow him to finish 10th in the experts. Ian Watson(250 Yamaha) was more fortunate, and after a few minutes to recover following a similar tree attack, went on to complete 14 laps on the day.

British ISDE team manager, Euan Syme(250 Yamaha) took a tumble on the last lap after marshall, Campbell Chatham broke his concentration with yells of encouragement. Even though it was Euan's first enduro ride of the year, he still finished in the top 10 in his class.

The Melville's two Whitekirk Hare and Hounds for 2002 will be remembered for

good weather which provided days to remember.

Provisional Results


1st Richard Hay (Kawasaki 100) 21 laps

2nd David MacVie (Honda 250)

3rd Murray Thomson (KTM 250)

4th Scott Girvan (Honda 250)

5th Ally Lauder (250 Yamaha) 20 laps

6th Duncan McCormick (400 Yamaha)

7th Andrew Flockhart (400 Yamaha)

8th Malcolm Bissett (250 Kawasaki)

9th Joe Gilroy (250 Yamaha) 19 laps

10th Chris Stewart (125 KTM)


1st Stephen Scott (Ecosse Yamaha 250) 20 laps

2nd Kenny Thomson (TM 250)19 laps

3rd Mike Lawrie (250 Yamaha)

4th Richard Neaves (200 Gas Gas)

5th Stevie Palmer (220 Kawasaki KDX)

6th Stewart Campbell (250 Yamaha)

7th Craig Jagla (426 yamaha)

8th Alan Milne (250 Honda)

9th Ian Paterson (250 Yamaha)

10th Euan Syme (250 Yamaha)



1st John Barbour (400 Suzuki) 18 laps

2nd Jim Lauder (250 Suzuki) 17 laps

3rd Joe Heron (200 KTM)

4th Andrew Alston (250 Honda)

5th Keith Borthwick (250 Honda) 16 laps

6th Chris Walker (125 Kawasaki)

7th Stephen Black (250 Suzuki)

8th Jimmy Patrick (200 Kawasaki)

9th James Barrie (200 KTM)

10th Rod Clarke (250 Honda)

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