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  SACU 2019 ENDURO Championship

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There are 6 championship classes for 2019 - Expert, Clubman, Clubman 'B', Over 40 , Over 50 and Sportsman.

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

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Round 1 Dirtbike Evolution Woodheads

17th March

Report and Results

Rounds 2 & 3 Elgin Endurance club Lossiemouth

20th / 21st  April

Report and Results

Round 4 Bon Accord Craiglash

26th May

Report and Results

Round 5  ELRAT MCC Glen Devon

3rd June


Round 6 Dirtbike Evolution Woodheads
30th June
Report and Results
Rounds 7 & 8 Melville MC Heriot
27th / 28th June
Report and Results

Round 9 DirtBike Evolution Woodheads

1st September

Report and Results

Round 10 Bon Accord Drumtochty

15th September

Report and Results

Round 11 Dirtbike Evolution Woodheads

20th October



Inter Club Team Enduro - Woodheads

20th October




Congratulations to all our new 2019 Champions after a long and hard fought season

Due to very heavy rain Dirtbike Evolution had no choice but to cancel the final round- even the test was flooded. Thanks to Dirtbike Evolution for a great season and some fantastic racing.

This meant there were only 9 rounds for the season - and riders who scored points in every round only drop one round.

So for 2019 we have a tie for 1st place in the Enduro Championship with Fergus Lamb and Andrew Bisset tied on points. After counting back over 1st places, 2nd places and third place they were still level on points. This has been one of the closest seasons racing for many years and during the year they were only seconds apart after 5 hours of racing.

So we have a tied Enduro Championship with both riders being awarded 1st place. Ben Thomson brings up the Expert podium in 3rd

Congratulations to our new Champions for 2019 - a great season of racing and a lot of effort by the clubs and the riders

SACU Adult Enduro Champions 2019


1st  Fergus Lamb

1st  Andrew Bisset

3rd  Ben Thomson

Over 40

1st  James Harvey

2nd  Ritchie Finnie

3rd  Alan Davidson


1st  Jordan Hayes
(Promoted to Expert)

2nd  Ben McLuskey

3rd  Steven Currie Jnr

Clubman B

1st  George McBeth
(Promoted to Clubman )

2nd  Alan Carson

3rd  Thomas Malcolm

Over 50

1st  Andy Dean

2nd  Neil McGregor

3rd  Bill Bruce


1st  Robert Graham
(Promoted to Clubman B)

2nd  Mark Wilson
(Promoted to Clubman B)

3rd  Robbie Murdoch
(Promoted to Clubman B)

Please note Clubman , Clubman B
and Sportsmen riders promoted to a
higher class may remain in the same class
the following year but will not gain
Championship points.