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Melville 2 Day Enduro at Heriot on 27th/28th July - a new venue on new ground

Kenny and his team put a lot of effort into the new venue and the course stood up well to the torrential rain. With a one hour delay to allow the worst of the rain to clear the riders set off on the new course though woodland and across farmland and moors.

There was a tight test in the trees with a few roots exposed during the day. Thanks to the local community who opened up the hall and provide breakfasts - hopefully we can get back next year.

Provisional Saturday results - Experts won by Andrew Bisset by 1.7 seconds from Fergus Lamb . This a very competitive season with both riders at the top of their game and finishing mere seconds apart after 4 - 5 hours of racing. Ben Thomson finished in 3rd

Provisional Saturday Results Experts

Provisional Saturday Results all other classes

Provisional Sunday Results - Won by Fergus Lamb with three very consistent tests. Andrew Bisset in second and Ben Thomson in3rd .

Provisional Sunday Results Experts

Provisional Sunday results all other classes.


Ken fires them up for the Sunday - good news the snotty bits have been taken out .

The Experts ready to go



Andrew Bisset starts the day.

Mitchell Brown sets off


Is it a BEE - not it's Les Pole

Over 40's pushing hard

Jordan Hayes

Ben McCluskey

Owen Gourlay on the boil

Ryan Jones pops a wheelie for the camera

Neil McGregor

Steven Currie

Lindsay Rae

Alan Carson spots the camera

Billy Easdon

Bill Taylor

Lewis Townend