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Melville MC Club X-Country Championship  - Click here   for final 2006 points standing

Melville MC Club X-Country Championship  - Click here for final 2005 points standing

jasonthomas.jpg (145099 bytes)Melville Hare and Hound Dec 2008. Won by Jason Thomas on a very quick Suzuki - blasted round for 2 hours and never seemed to get tired. Awesome. Results - click here.   Full report by Campbell - Click here. Lots of great pics by

Also impressive was Stevie Palmer on his wee Honda 230 - 3rd in the Sportsman - with a result that would have put him well up the Clubman - the same bike he uses for his tours in Romania. And there is no ice there. Check out if you have not been there yet. Awesome riding country.

First Event of 2007 - Hare and Hound at Lochhouses 11th Feb

Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound 11th February 2007

Loch1.jpg (264861 bytes)The weather for the Melville Hare and Hound event at Lochhouses took a turn for the worse this weekend. The rain had been heavy on Saturday and it continued on Sunday, this made the going very slippery for the 140 competitors riding in the first round of the Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship. This series includes all Melville Hare and Hound events plus all the Melville Enduros.

2006 Scottish Enduro Champion and Melville Motor Club reigning Cross Country Champion Murray Thomson took the hole-shot, winning a pair of goggles supplied by Ecosse Motorcycles in Penicuik. Murray battled it out initially with Richard Hay and Derek Little until Richard took off and was never to be headed again. The conditions were terrible with standing water after the start finish area, although the worse it became the more Richard enjoyed himself. Richard was the only rider to complete 13 laps. Murray finished second as he always revels in the mud. Winner of the last Hare and Hound, Derek Little lost a bolt for his seat and had to slow until he could stop and replace it costing himself some time, ultimately finishing third. Paul Chatham flattened his exhaust on a tree stump and was forced to retire, Grant Smith and Ally Lauder charged on through the mud with Grant winning fourth place.

Andy Flockhart became entangled in fence wire, while looking down to see what the trouble was he hit a tree, damaging his radiator. Amazingly this did not stop him winning the Over 40 class with 11 laps completed. David Salkeld finished second on ten laps and Martin Pennycook finished and excellent third.

loch2.jpg (221657 bytes)In the Clubman class Stuart Mowbray was on a mission and won ahead of Neil Chatham in second place. Neil was kicking himself for a poor start and a difficult first lap coming through the field, both riders finished with 11 laps. James Harvey was preparing himself for the full Fast Eddy Championship that starts next week and finished a gritty third.

65 Sportsmen started this event and nearly 15 of them finished in a dash to the chequered flag from the pits. It was too difficult to complete another lap so several riders waited for the last few minutes in the refuelling area allowing the time to tick away, thus ensuring them a place in the results. Michael Wilson won with Anthony Robson second and Leam Beaty third.

The ladies lap scoring had as difficult a day as the riders, standing in the rain being blasted with mud as the riders passed by. As always, and especially as the weather was so bad, the Melville Motor Club would like to thank everybody who helped in any way at this event. The Melville Club will now move on to run the 2nd and third round of the Scottish Enduro Championship at Pathhead on the 28th and 29th April. Photographs can be bought from and the regulations for the Melville Enduro can be downloaded soon from or


loch3.jpg (208014 bytes)

The start - and clean googles don't last long

loch4.jpg (200187 bytes)

The Ladies - all clean  and still dry . Awesome

loch 5 the almighty brolly dolly.jpg (313943 bytes)

OK Rachel - I put it on the site - you owe me !

Captions on a postcard please .....

All pictures from Rachel Patrick - more available at

Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound at Lochhouses Sunday 19th November 2006
Start.jpg (165328 bytes)

The Melville Motor Club Hare and Hound on Sunday 19th November was the final round of the Melville Cross Country Championship. The weather was favourable despite the heavy rain leading up to the event. It was a beautiful day for the 130 riders, although it was very cold towards the end of the three hour event.
The riders started in their respective classes with the Experts away first. The Motocross riders dominated the first hour with Tom Grant and Darren Scott battling it out at high speed. Darren Scott pulled away after the first refuel into a strong lead. Derek Little was pushing hard and had closed the gap during the first stop but Dad John turned him around at his second refuel in record time. Darren was now feeling the effects of riding at a furious pace for so long that he needed a longer second refuel stop. This allowed Derek to take the lead and he never looked back with Darren finishing second. Murray Thomson 2006 Scottish Expert Enduro Champion also pulled up in the running during the last hour, overtaking Tom Grant for third place. Tracy Thomson even managed a quick splash and dash refuel for Murray with one lap to go, guaranteeing the third place finish.

Expert Start.jpg (218772 bytes)Lewis Carey.jpg (202986 bytes)Andy Flockhart won the Over Forty Class in only his second outing this year. Andy was struggling after three laps as his arms were feeling the effects of the rough track. Once he regained a rhythm through the trees he charged on for the win. Sean Woolley finished second at his first visit to Lochhouses and he enjoyed the event. David Salkeld finished third with Dougal Walker fourth.

Neil Chatham won the Clubman Class with his first attempt at a three hour hare and hound. Despite starting a minute behind the experts he managed to mix it with them after one lap. Neil was as high as third overall at the half way point but Murray Thomson overtook Neil during his second refuel stop. Stuart Mowbray finished second with a consistent steady ride and Craig Jagla finished third.

The Sportsman Class was by far the largest with seventy riders entered. Anthony Robson won completing 12 laps with Liam Beaty second and Alan Bishop third.

The Melville Motor Club would like to thank all the people who helped at this event especially the ladies who stood in the cold, lap scoring, for the three hours. It would not have been possible without them.

Pictures are available from and the next event is the Melville Motocross at Lochhouses again on Sunday 18th December. Download regulations at

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Melville Motor Club 2006 Cross Country Championship Round 1 

Thanks for photos by Mike Roberston  ( Photo of No 9 P Chatham by )

Hare and Hound Lochhouses East Lothian 12th February   Results

hhfeb01.jpg (327786 bytes)There was rain all over Scotland on Sunday but it stayed dry at Lochhouses for the first round of the Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship. This Championship includes all Melville Hare and Hound events and Enduros throughout the year. There were 118 competitors with most of the grids full to capacity. This format is proving very popular with riders at all levels. 

Ecosse Motorcycles of Penicuik offered a pair of Scott Goggles as a holeshot prize for each Class. This made everybody focus at the start, Scott Maxwell took the prize in the Expert Class, Ian Paterson Over 40, Thomas Melrose Clubman and Steven Wark in the Sportsman Class. hhfeb09.jpg (463667 bytes)

Neil Wark crashed heavily on the third lap and broke his leg and collar bone, the Melville Motor Club would like to wish him a speedy recovery. Steven Wark retired and accompanied Neil to the Hospital. Jennifer Wark had better luck and finished with 8 laps and really enjoyed the event. 

Richard Hay is riding a KTM 125 this year for fun and he certainly had a ball riding at this event and he easily took the overall win in the Expert Class, he was the only rider to complete 15 laps. Ultimately he lapped everyone up to 2nd place overall. No one could keep up with him although Darren Scott led the first couple of laps and finished a credible 2nd place overall with a consistent ride. Paul Chatham debuted his new Honda CRF250 at this event and he found the four stroke suited his style and he was delighted to take 3rd  place. Last years Melville motor Club Cross Country Champion

Murray Thomson finished 4th. This was a great training day for the Experts with the first round of the British Championship just two weeks away. 

Andrew Flockhart won the over 40 Class despite his bike needing three kicks to start. Andrew had to fight his way through to the lead on his KTM. Ian Paterson won the holeshot prize and took the lead into the forrest, he was caught and passed byhhfeb02.jpg (407683 bytes) Melville Vice Chairman Campbell Chatham in the woods on the first lap. Ian went on to finish 2nd although he did catch Andrew after his second refuel stop. ‘I led for a while in the woods but Andrew and Ian are fitter than me so I had to settle for 3rd, although I thoroughly enjoyed myself’ said Campbell at the finish. 

The Clubman Class was won by Stuart Mawbary on his Honda CRF. Stuart was in hard charging mode from the start although the pace slowed in the last half an hour. Ryan Bruce finished 2nd and James Harvey finished 3rd. Gary Scotland has moved up to the Clubman Class and just missed the podium in 4th place. Former World Rally Champion Colin McRae entered the clubman class and completed four laps before deciding the event was not for him, he will not be switching to bikes full time and don’t expect to see him ride in the Dakar on a bike. The Melville Club hopes that Colin will try more events in the future.   

The Sportsman Class was by far the largest and these riders make this type of event viable. Anthony Robson won with a performance that would have given him a top finish in the Clubman Class. Anthony is a promising rider for the future in the Melville Cross Country series. Martyn McMinn finished 2nd and Robert Farrel 3rd.       

hhfeb08.jpg (303199 bytes)There were races going on between riders regardless of were they were in their own class. Melville Motor Club committee member Jimmy Patrick was locked in a battle for an hour and a half with SACU Enduro Chairman Charlie Mackenzie, neither prepared to give an inch. At the finish it was neck and neck, Jimmy took a shot at the last corner and took out a row of tape and a post, he just missed out and Charlie finished ahead. Charlie then confessed that he had sat out a couple of laps and Jimmy had actually beaten him overall. 

There are pictures available of all riders at and there are some really good shots as the photographers are gaining experience photographing bikes. 

This was the last race at Lochhouses for the moment as the ground is to be returned to crops next week. The next Melville event will be the first round of the Scottish Enduro Championship on the 30th April. There were many people who helped with the events at Lochhouses and the Melville Motor Club is very grateful for their help, it would not be possible without them.

Photos courtesy of

rhay.jpg (168462 bytes)

Richard Hay grabs some air on the buzz bomb

wark.jpg (168705 bytes)

Jennifer Wark flys in the MX

sam.jpg (153013 bytes)

Sam Austrin - Miner looking clean in his first H&H

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Melville Motoduro - 22nd January 2006 - Lochhouses ( Report by Campbell Chatham)

The weather was perfect and the going was good at Lochhouses East Lothian. 150 riders entered this tough race format. The quads, 65's and autos ran a normal 3 race meeeting inbetween the longer races for the other competitors. A new team of helpers made up the core of the organisation as the regular managment group rode in the event themselves. The day ran smoothly and all the riders enjoyed the longer race format.

Class-A-cr.jpg (261265 bytes)The quads were once again won by Leon Beda with two wins from three races. At the start it was obvious his bike was not any quicker than any other but once Leon got into the groove there was no stopping him. John Lindsay finished second with one win and Gavin Bruce third.

The 65s were once again dominated by Ryan Livingston and Reece Wilson with Ryan taking the overall with two wins. Reece saved his best till the last race with a win in the final outing.

The Autos were run on a seperate track which was probably the best layout so far with a couple of easy jumps. Mathew Beasley won with two first places from three races. James Bell finished second and Lewis Rollo third reaching the podium for the first time.

The first of the longer motoduro races was the 85s with the large and small wheel classes running together. There was none of the confusion from the previous meeting and the young riders put on a great show over the full 45 minutes. These riders really put there hearts into the race and pushed themselves to the finish. In the big wheel class Gary Moran won the overall with Alex Jaffray second and Rory Sutherland the early leader finishing third. The small wheel class was dominated by Fraser Flockhart who completed the holeshot in second place amounst the big wheel boys and pulled away from the rest of thesmall wheel riders. Marc Watson was delighted to finish second with a consistant style which is the key in this format. Daniel Monks finished third.

The Youth 125 race was very exciting for the first 20 minutes of the hour long race. Colin McLuckie and Lewis Carey were fighting out the lead and Lewis led breiflyQuads-cr.jpg (245308 bytes) until he made a couple of mistakes and Colin pulled away. After the refueling Dale McCauley was in contention and he had reduced Colins advantage but it was too late to catch him. At the finish  it was Colin Mcluckie first Dale McCauley second and Lewis Carey third.

The Melvile Club was delighted to welcome Jason Dogan to Lochhouses and he showed the regulars how to ride smoothly in the sand for two hours. Jason dominated the A Class with freind and fellow Melville member Neil Flockhart second. Third was Craig Stevenson who rode hard through to the finish.

In the B Class Stuart Mowbray won with James Harvey second and Adam Wark third. In the C Class Grant Preston won with John Pollock second and Garry Scotland third.

This was the last winter series motocross for 2006 but there will be a Hare and Hound event on the 12th February. I was very pleased with the number of people who came forward to help The Melville Motor Club and we will endevour to start earlier with the winter series for 2006/2007. All the new helpers are keen to run more events next year. There are plans to try to find a venue for a summer motocross which will be led by Dave Ireland, watch this space!

Pictures from this event are available at

1 Leon Beda
2 John Lindsay
3 Gavin Bruce
4 Mike Dunlevy
5 George Hodge
1 Mathew Beasley
2 James Bell
3 Lewis Rollo
4 Ryan Garthwaite
5 Kevin Conley
1 Ryan Livingston
2 Reece Wilson
3 Sean Williamson
4 Arron Roe
5 Ryan Clarkson
85 sw
1 Fraser Flockhart
2 Marc Watson
3 Daniel Monks
4 Jamie Blair
5 Jason James
1 Gary Moran
2 Alex Jaffray
3 Rory Sutherland
4 William Rose
5 Sandy Pate
Youth 125
1 Colin McLuckie
2 Dale McCauley
3 Lewis Carey
4 Neil Chatham
5 David Houston
Adult A
1 Jason Dogan
2 Neil Flockhart
3 Craig Stevenson
4 Scott Maxwell
5 Drew Harvey
Adult B
1 Stuart Mowbray
2 James Harvey
3 Adam Wark
4 Richard Houston
5 Alex Haddow
Adult C (Amended results )
1 Scott Cowell
2 Alan Reid
3 Douglas Page
4 David  Fergus
5 Robert Farrel

Melville Motocross Lochhouses Farm East Lothian  2nd January 2006 

More pictures here Photo-Galleries.html at

The first Melville Motocross of 2006 was a tough start to the season with much milder weather than expected. The warmer climate softened the course plus a couple of wet days leading up to the event caused pools of water on a large portion of the track. Following the New Year formalities the practise started sharp at 9.30am with the Quads away first. The 65 riders rode on a shortened track that ultimately became the circuit for everybody as the water level rose and the second field became unusable. Despite the shortened course there was still a reasonable track although it was very fast for all classes. 

The Quads were dominated by Leon Beda who was in a class of his own lapping a large proportion of the competitors. Leon was in determined mood and rode every race as if his life depended on it, which provided a spectacular show for the spectators. John Lindsay finished runner up in each race with Ian Neill third, John Aitkenhead fourth and Dougie Meek fifth. As the day wore on the track had to be widened to stop the Quads bottoming out on the sandy ruts. There were a few breakdowns and a lot of steam from hot engines as they revved through the deep wet sand. 

loch1.jpg (82954 bytes)In the 65 Class there was one accident were Fraser Pohlen broke his leg and he was taken away to Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital, unfortunately a bad start to the season for him. The Melville Motor Club would like to wish him a speedy recovery. The rest of the competitors enjoyed the shorter track from the beginning that avoided the pools of water. Ryan Livingston won the class after improving his results as the day progressed finishing with a win in the last race. Reece Wilson finished second with good consistent results in each race. If you wandered too far off the racing line the wet sand was very soft, swallowing up the wheels of a little 65’s. Ben McNeil started well but a poor start in his last race saw him fighting his way through the field to finish third overall. Sean Williamson finished Fourth and Greg Queen fifth. 

The large and small wheel 85’s were on the same grid with a staggered start, unfortunately this arrangement caused difficulties for the lap scorers especially when leader Peter Kelly dropped out with mechanical problems. By the end of the day it was all sorted out, it did cause an unfortunate delay during a day that was restricted by the light available. Following the upset and separate races for the 85’s Ryan Johnson won the big wheel class with consistent rides to take the overall. Gary Moran won the confusing first race but finished second overall. Alex Jeffery finish third, Rory Sutherland fourth and Peter Kelly finished fifth. 

 The small wheel class was a runaway success for Matthew Fleming who won every race. Matthew has recently moved up from the 65’s and has continued his winning ways. Fraser Flockhart rode each race with full commitment to second overall, but he could not catch Matthew Fleming. Daniel Monks finished third, Jason James fourth and Marc Watson finished fifth. 

Two strong Youth 125 competitors went out in the first race. Neil Chatham was caught out by the deep sand and went down as he tried to pass a rider. Colin Lapinskie ran over Neil and his bike, this fall left Colin with a suspected broken collar and Neil with slight concussion and both were out for the remainder of the day. Colin McLuckie stormed to the first race win and he was looking good for the top result. Colin’s luck changed in the second race as he stalled his bike and this effectively ended his challenge and he ultimately finished fourth. Sean MacDonald won the second and third race taking the overall win on his 250 four stroke KTM. Once Colin was out the picture Sean continued to dominate this class and looked like he was enjoying the new bike. Sean is going to be a strong Challenger for the 2006 season. Dale McCauley was never far from the action in each race and emerged a credible second overall. Lewis Carey finished a hard charging third and Gregor Findlay fifth. 

In the Adult A’s Craig Trew won every race with dominating style. With Chris Hay away in America trying his hand at Supercross there was no one able to get close.loch2.jpg (126200 bytes) Craig was half a lap ahead after just three laps and he lapped most of the field. Justin Edgar improved his results throughout the day and finished second overall. Sean Straughan was delighted to finish third, Paul Chatham fourth and Drew Harvey fifth. 

It was a different story in the Adult B class with three different winners. Ryan Dick won the last race giving him the overall win but it was Adam Wark that took the first win. A poor second race dropped Adam to second place, Sandy Queen finished third, second race winner Fraser Watson finished fourth with Jim Allan fifth. 

The Adult C’s was by far the largest grid and Craig Stevenson won every race with Douglas Page a strong second. Ivan Williamson Jnr finished third, Martin Taylor fourth and James Harvey fifth. 

The Auto Class was run on a separate track and the warmer weather made it a more enjoyable event for the young ones. Matthew Beasley won overall with James Bell second and Cairn Bell third. Lewis Rollo and Gary Clarkson tied for fourth place with Ryan Garthwaite sixth. 

The first event of the season for the Melville Motor Club was full of action and incidents that tested the new team. All the organisers had a busy day one-way or another but there was plenty of compliments at the end of the event. The next race is a Motoduro on the 22nd January with an extended track at Lochhouses again. 



 1 Leon Beda

2 John Lindsay

3 Ian Neil

4 John Aitkenhead

5 Dougie Meek


1 Ryan Livingston

2 Reece Wilson

3 Ben McNeil

4 Sean Williamson

5 Greg Queen

Small Wheel 85

 1 Matthew Fleming

2 Fraser Flockhart

3 Daniel Monks

4 Jason James

5 Marc Watson

Big Wheel 85

 1 Ryan Johnson

2 Gary Moran

3 Alex Jaffrey

4 Rory Sutherland

5 Peter Kelly


 1 Matthew Beasley

2 James Bell

3 Cairn Bell

4 Lewis Rollo

4= Gary Clarkson

6 Ryan Garthwaite

Youth 125

 1 Sean MacDonald

2 Dale McCauley

3 Lewis Carey

4 Colin McLuckie

5 Gregor Findlay

Adult A

 1 Craig Trew

2 Justin Edgar

3 Sean Straughan

4 Paul Chatham

5 Drew Harvey

Adult B

 1 Ryan Dick

2 Adam Wark

3 Sandy Queen

4 Fraser Watson

5 Jim Allan

Adult C

 1 Craig Steveson

2 Douglas Page

3 Ivan Williamson

4 Martin Taylor

5 James Harvey


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Melville Winter MX 18th December 2005

The new team at the Melville Motocross enjoyed an excellent days racing at Lochhouses Farm East Lothian on Sunday.Following Vice Chairman Campbell Chathams' appeal for helpers there was a number of new faces at the track. The weather was much better than had been expected on Saturday and certainly not as cold as predicted. A trouble free day enabled the club to run a full programme.

The best races of the day were between A riders Craig Trew and Chris Hay. Chris took the first race win and looked convincing but his fortunes changed in the second A race. Chris led the first lap until a mistake on the second lap allowed Craig through into the lead. Chris worked his way back onto his tail but ran out of time to catch the charging Honda mounted rider. In the third race again Chris Hay lead initially but Craig Trew now had the confidence and caught and passed Chris back as the light faded nearing the end of the day to take the overall. Gavin Robertson finished in third place with Paul Chatham and Ian Wilson tying for fourth.

In the B's Shane Straughan won with Mark Dembey second, Craig Jagla third and Nick Adam fourth.

The C's were dominated by Alan Reid winning all three races on his Honda 250. Douglas Page finished second and Melville motocross regular Iain Clark third.

Sean Macdonald won the Youth 125 class by winning the first two races and settling for a safe second place in the third. Colin Lapinskie had a poor start to the day but finish on a high with a win in the last race. Colin McLuckie had three consistent results to second place, although his up and down performances are not reflected in his score. In the first race he fell twice and fought back to third place having a close challenge from Neil Chatham near the end of the race. Colin rode extremely well but he is still trying to regain his confidence following his crash in Ireland. Dale McAuley was in charging mood and was running well until he dropped down the order in the last race finishing third. Colin Lapinskie finished fourth on his Yamaha.

Peter Kelly won with a clean sweep in the Big Wheel 85 class with Carlton Husband second and Gary Moram third and Ryan Johnson fourth. In the Small Wheel 85 class Mathew Fleming won with Fraser Flockhart second, Daniel Monk third and Mark Watson and Liam Walshaw tying in fourth place.

In the 65's B McNeil won with D Stalker a close second following his first race win. G Queen finished third with F.Pohlen finishing fourth.

The Auto Class was run on a separate track which proved very popular with the youngest riders. Frankie MacDonald won with Matthew Deasley second, Lewis Rollo third and Cairn Bell fourth.

The Quads were out in force with a large grid and there was excellent racing G. Bruce taking the overall. The racing at the front was always close and the cold hard surface seemed to suit the Quads. J.Lindsay was second with two wins, I.Neil third and G Mcillan fourth.

The next race at Lochhouses is on Monday 2nd January. Gordon Paterson is the secretary once more and we expect a very good turnout, e-mail

The Melville Club would like to thank track builders Iain and Stephen Gilhooley and all the helpers new and old for their assistance.



1 Craig Trew

2 Chris Hay

3 Gavin Robertson

4= Paul Chatham

4= Ian John Wilson


1 Shane Straughan

2 MarkDembey

3 Craig Jagla

4 Nick Adam

5 Peter Davidson


1 Alan Reid

2 Douglas Page

3 Iain Clarke

4 Colin Barrie

5th John Lothian


1 G.Bruce

2 J.Lindsay

3 I .Neil

4 G.Mcillan

5 P.Casbranda

Youth 125

1 Sean MacDonald

2 Colin McLuckie

3 Dale McAuley

4 Colin Lapinskie

5 Neil Chatham

BW 85

1 Peter Kelly

2 Carlton Husband

3 Gary Moram

4 Ryan Johnson

5 William Rose

SW 85

1 Matthew Fleming

2 Fraser Flockhart

3 Daniel Monks

4= Marc Watson

4= Liam Walshaw


1 B. McNeil

2 D. Stalker

3 G.Queen

4 F. Pohlen

5 S . Willamson


1 Frankie McDonald

2 Matthew Deasley

3 Lewis Rollo

4 Cairn Bell

5= James Bell

5= Ryan Garthwaite

Paul Chatham 18 Stu Young 77.jpg (305688 bytes)

Paul Chatham and Stu

Start Action.jpg (225267 bytes)

Start Action ......

Stu Young.jpg (262129 bytes)

Stu Styling

Melville Motor Club Cross Country Championship last round Hare and Hound 30th October 2005

PChat.jpg (30345 bytes) Paul Chatham won the final round of the Melville Motor Club Off Road Championship with Murray Thomson in second place taking the Championship after 9 rounds. It has been a long season including all Melville Enduros and Hare and Hound events. Murray is a worthy winner having just missed out on the Scottish Enduro Championship.

The final Hare and Hound took place around a Lime Quarry near Middleton, Lothian. The weather was against the organisers as the heavens opened. The Sportsmen started at 10.00am and took the worst of the weather with torrential rain for most of the 2 1/2 hours. There were plenty of Marshall's to keep the riders on the right track. There were hill climbs, steam crossings and a run up the Quarry road, quite technical in places.

Stewart Mawbury won the sportsman class easily, he would have been placed in the top 5 had he ridden the later A and B event. Phillip Dalton and Graham Watson finished second and third a lap down.

The 'A' race started at 1.00pm with the B's 20 seconds behind, the Experts got away cleanly with Murray Thomson, Craig Stevenson and Paul Chatham leading the way. Craig disappeared into the lead but the demanding course plus a tangle with the tapes dropped him to 4th. Murray took command until the refuel stops and Paul took the lead after 1 1/2 hours and never looked back until the finish. Paul was over 3 minutes ahead of Murray at the finish, Murray would have liked to push Paul harder to the finish but he had hit a tree and was lucky to get away unhurt then a tangle with some rope slowed his progress. Ian Sheddon rode strongly to finish a lap down in 3rd.

The 'B' race started 20 seconds behind the A's with a crash, three riders including Duncan McCormick and Campbell Chatham had a big off on the second corner. Duncan and Campbell remounted after a few moments but the shock put an end to their day after just one lap each. The race was won by Ian Paterson who revels in these conditions and was seen smiling during most of the event through a mud covered face. Alan Lauder finished second, although he looked like he was running second on the course, but he was a lap down from earlier in the race. Third place went to another mud master Dougal Walker who rode consistently to place himself inside the overall top 5 in the Off Road Championship.

. Click here for full results.

mmcoct0501.jpg (143373 bytes)

Stu Young checks out the new lap scorer Kenzie

mmcoct0509.jpg (135612 bytes)

The finish line - again !

mmcoct0503.jpg (155833 bytes)

Who dat man ?

mmcoct0504.jpg (109354 bytes)

Davy Watson gets some speed up.


mmcoct0505.jpg (118263 bytes)

The " dunes "

mmcoct0506.jpg (275494 bytes)

Clean on time - but little else

mmcoct0507.jpg (205317 bytes)

Dougal Walker gets some air

mmcoct0508.jpg (139208 bytes)

"The Hill "

mmcoct0502.jpg (147411 bytes)

Did I mention it was wet ?

Melville Hare and Hound and Enduro Championship 29th May 2005.


The fourth round of the Melville X-Country Championship was held at Lochhouse Farm in East Lothian on Sunday. The start was held at a new location on a smooth field, which provided a natural drag strip start. To spice things up the organisers announced a Le Man start, which allowed some of the younger fitter riders a chance to head the pack. The weather conditions were perfect and the forest dried out as the day wore on.

The expert riders in the A class had a real battle going on for the first hour with newcomer Paul Chatham leading the more experienced riders briefly. Murray Thomson was fired up following his navigation problems at the last hare and hound and battled it out with Grant Smith well into the first hour. Crawford Carrick Anderson seemed happy to watch the show ahead for the first half of the race. Unfortunately Crawford passed through the wrong gate twice costing him two laps and the win. Grant Smith inherited the win with Murray Thompson second following their handle bar to handle bar racing earlier in the event. Paul Chatham finished 3rd and Steve Ireland up from the south finished 4th with Crawford dropping to 5th place due to his mistake with the gates. This tightens up the battle for the Melville X-Country Championship.

In the B’s the younger riders grabbed their chance with the Le Mans start. Experienced riders Ian Paterson, Campbell Chatham, Alan Lauder, Alex Kirk and Kenny Donaldson had to fight their way through as the biking war wounds held them back initially. Craig Jagla and Allyn Scotland made the most of the start and benefited from the narrow track, which made overtaking difficult in places. There was a considerable difference between the tight forest going in the trees and the wide open motocross section around the start finish gate. Ian Paterson was determined to take maximum points as his arch rival Andrew Flockhart was absent from the event. Ian fought through the field to the front and won convincingly. Craig Jagla was second and Allyn Scotland third.
Steve Ireland, Huw Jones and Steve Dent from the Wirral Club came to Scotland to taste some Scottish Hospitality. Steve had the best result finishing 4th overall with Huw Jones 17th and Steve Dent 20th in the B’s. Steve Ireland reported that they all had a great day and they all enjoyed the course.

In the C’s Tom Evans won for the second time with Kenny Watson 2nd and David Fergus 3rd. The start enabled some of the younger riders the opportunity to reach the trophies including Robbie Moir 7th and Garry Scotland 8th. At the other end of the scale Ian Bell finished a very credible 8 laps. Ian continues to embarrass many younger riders with his determination. Jimmy Patrick who had two swollen black eyes from setting up the course (one of the branches he was cutting fought back) completed the set with a swollen ankle (he kicked a tree stump) during the event but managed to soldier on to complete 12 laps.

The Melville Motor Club would like to thank all the people who stayed back to help clear the start finish area. The farmer was able to plough the field the next morning and he is keen to run more of these events. The next Hare and Hound will be in September.

Photos by Ace Photographer James Anthony - click to enlarge

handh01.jpg (267491 bytes)

Murray and Grant catching Stewart Clachan

handh02.jpg (305393 bytes)

April Marr and Ian Bell

handh03.jpg (434327 bytes)

Crawford at speed

handh04.jpg (214369 bytes)

The start of the c's

handh05.jpg (474953 bytes)

Colin McDonald enters the woods

handh06.jpg (465597 bytes)

Mark Ewing and Chris Robinson


Report for the first round of the Melville Hare and Hound and Enduro Championship 13th March 2005.

Over 100 rider's turned out for the Melville Hare and Hound Championship. Many riders were taking part in their first competition which was very refreshing, you could feel the anticipation and excitement on the start line. The A riders were away first followed by the B's with the holeshot going to Campbell Chatham. For the first time in twenty years he led the race most of the way around the motocross track before being overtaken by his son Paul and Ian Paterson.

Once in the woods there were multiple routes which made overtaking very interesting and some of the A's getting a little lost on the first lap. Murray Thomson was worried that he would have enough petrol to last the 3 hours. There was a wet bog which caused a problem for a few riders, this was cut out after a couple of laps which made the whole course passable for everybody.

Crawford Carrick Anderson quickly took the lead and his rear brake problems from last week seemed to be resolved. His pit crew had an unusual message ready on his pit board in case his wife went into labour during the event. Grant Smith gave chase on his CRF250X but had to admit Crawford is a man on a mission at the moment. Daniel Haswell from Gateshead finished one lap down in third.

HH1PC.jpg (13431 bytes) Paul Chatham led the B's for most of the 3 hours but a lack of concentration resulted in Andy Flockhart overtaking in the woods on the last lap. Paul had to push back into the lead on the final motocross section before the finish, just a second ahead of Andy. It was the closest finish the Melville has seen after a three hour Hare and Hound. Ian Paterson finished third.

The C Class was by far the largest with all the newcomers to the sport. Over 55 riders started the race with all three finishers completing 14 laps. Tom Evans from Duns won with Wayne Trelour from Cleveland second and Kenny Watson from Bearsden third.



A's: 1st Crawford Carrick-Anderson 16 laps
2nd Grant Smith 16 laps
3rd Daniel Haswell 15 laps
B's: 1st Paul Chatham 16 laps
2nd Andrew Flockhart 16 laps
3rd Ian Paterson 15 laps
C's: 1st Tom Evans 14 laps
2nd Wayne Trelour 14 laps
3rd Kenny Watson 14 laps

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Lochhouses 17th Oct 2004

A wet day gave way to dry with a drying track. The course developed several deep ruts but muddy parts were soon cut out by the travelling marshalls. A quick blast round the MX track followed by a tight track in the woods. Several lines developed which kept everyone moving.  No one escaped the mud - even those at the front

Crawford Carrick Anderson emerged from the woods as the winner on 18 laps with only Brian Mackenzie able to keep on the same lap.


loch01.jpg (230386 bytes)

And they are off !!

loch02.jpg (398994 bytes)

Trying wide lines ....

loch03.jpg (430821 bytes)

David Fergus

loch04.jpg (212825 bytes)

The scenic part of the course

loch05.jpg (291666 bytes)

Dougal Walker

loch06.jpg (230139 bytes)

Martin Pennycook

loch07.jpg (292956 bytes)

For a trials rider Crawfy didn't stay very clean .....

loch08.jpg (312185 bytes)

Paul Chatham enjoying his day out

loch09.jpg (338144 bytes)

And the winner - CCA

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Lochhouses Beach Race - 30/31 October 2004.


HH026.jpg (130962 bytes)

And they are off ......

HH035.jpg (237451 bytes)
Chris Buchan gets going
HH037.jpg (271798 bytes) HH036.jpg (242947 bytes)

Paul Chatham - still clean

HH040.jpg (242156 bytes)

Ian Bell - Mudmaster

HH041.jpg (271689 bytes) HH044.jpg (251329 bytes)

Why fall off in front of the camera ?

HH052.jpg (303273 bytes)

2# Richard Hay finishes

HH054.jpg (310283 bytes)

Now that is determination !

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