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There are 6 championship classes for 2018 - Expert, Clubman, Clubman 'B', Over 40, Over 50 and Sportsman

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

  6 - no rounds dropped . Points Standing

SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP DirtBike Evolution Lauder Round 1

5th Nov 2017

 Report and Results

SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP   Ecosse XC Tyninghame Links Round 2

25th March


SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP  Ecosse XC Grantshouse Round 3
13th May


SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP West  Linton Round Round 4

10th June Report and Results
SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP  Ecosse XC  Whitekirk Round 5
16th Sept Results

SACU H & H  CHAMPIONSHIP EEC Birkenhill Round 6

21st October

Results and Report

SBEC Charity H&H "Teenage Cancer Trust" 

2nd Sept

Results and Report

Congratulations to our new H&H Champions for 2018.

  Hare and Hounds 2018 - Championship points click here

Expert Class  Andrew Bisset  2nd Dean Reid 3rd Ben Mitchell

Over 40    James Harvey  2nd Ian Bisset  3rd Craig Mackenzie

Clubman  David Scott  2nd Andrew Currie 3rd Ryan Jones  David Scott promoted to Expert Class

Over 50   Andrew Maben  2nd Bill Bruce  3rd Bill Easdon

Clubman B  Angus Bruce 2nd Iain Henderson  3rd  Kevin Watson Angus Bruce and Iain Henderson  promoted to Clubman Class

Sportsman George McBeth  2nd Liam Crisp 3rd Matty Cameron  All promoted to  Clubman B Class.

Please note Clubman , Clubman B and Sportsmen riders promoted to a higher class may remain in the same class the following year but will not gain Championship points.

  Youth Hare and Hounds 2018 - click here Congratulations to our new Youth Champions

Youth Class  Logan Ferguson  2nd Abigail Aitchison  3rd Zac Carroll

H&H Juniors  Robbie Gray  2nd Cristina Palmer  3rd  Marley Mackenzie