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  The final  SACU Championship Hare and Hound of the season was on 21st October 2018 at Birkenhill near Elgin - organised by Elgin Endurance Club .

Won by Andrew Bisset - the new 2018 SACU Expert Hare and Hound Champion.

Provisional Results - click here

A great event with a new feature - a spiral in the field course - apparently easy to ride but very confusing for  spectators trying to see who is going where. Apparently an idea picked up from the French at the ISDE - all set out by Mitchell Brown. As always EEC are an innovating  club.

Youth Race - Thanks to James Dodds and the parents who turned up to help run the race - and to Vica for the scoring.

Provisional results - (to be confirmed)

131 - 13 laps Cristina Palmer

287 - 12 laps Robbie Gray

20 - 10 laps James Lindsay

77 -9 laps Andrew Murdoch

27 7 laps Marley Mackenzie

224 7 laps  Ryan Jamieson

Bruce Cooper models the latest FOX riding gear