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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2007 Championship ENDURO

Round 7/8  Melville MC Selkirk 2 DayEnduro

22nd/23rd  September 2007

Results  Sat Sun

Sun - blue skys and a fast track - what more could a rider ask for. And this time they got it. Both days ran on a revamped track ( "follow the arrows - not the brown line.... " ) and a fast and flowing test. With riders having to ride down hills - up hills - through rivers and jumping tracks the test proved a challenge to keep the speed up. Another popular event for the Melville Club.

This event was a complete change to the previous Griffin event - no mud ( well almost none) - and big moor crossings with some off cambers and a few hidden rocks - and of course the famous Selkirk Hills . The new ones seemed even steeper than last year. And fast !

Luckiest rider was Mike Robertson who had just crossed the water in the test when he noticed his bike was on fire - so promptly reentered the river to douse the flames - a slow test but a hot bike! Closely followed by Hugh O'Neill - who just landed a big one off the test jump.


Despite different times and swapping test wins Murray Thomson and Nicky Bevitt drew for 1st place. Derek Little just missed out by 2 seconds after 4 hours of racing - a very tight day. Scott Maxwell just 2 seconds behind and Michael Lowrie again just 2 seconds back. The class is hotting up.

In the Over 40's Sean Wooley continued his progress with a blistering last lap. John Henderson with some rapid tests drew with Ian Paterson  and Davy Hill for second.. Ian putting in the same time for every test - an impressive performance. Davy Hill continued his run of top 4 finishes pushing for his first 2nd. Enjoying the relaxed course of Enduros ....

Neil Chatham continued to push for the win just beating Stuart Mowbray by 3 seconds with Gavin Henderson only 1 second back. Colin Bryan - 2nd in the Championship could only finish 5th - meaning Neil takes the Championship with 2 rounds to go. Another Chatham Champion - and a very proud dad.

Michael Houston Jnr took the win in Sportsman - just 1 sec from Colin Devenney. Ross Hamilton and Hamish Patrick battling it out for 3rd and 4th. Liam Beaty's 7th place was good enough to get him the Sportsman Championship.

As well as the usual winners there were a few special awards. Dougie Meek got the Saturday Numpty for riding straight past the test ( Big green gazebo etc) on lap one.


More Sun - what's going on here ..... With just a hint of rain dampen the dust it was another great day for racing. Running in reverse - and up the big hills we went down the day before it produced an new set of winners.

Murray Thomson kept his nerve to take the win ( and the 2007 Expert Championship !! )from  Michael Irvine on his flying Husky. Nicky Beavitt pushing hard again for 3rd.

In over 40's Ian Paterson got his first win of 2007 - after resting at Griffin. Not enough to keep Sean Wooley from winning the Over 40 Championship again with a 3rd place. Davy Hill continues to impress and showed his MX speed with a fine 2nd .

Clubman Adam Wark produced a magnificent ride to take the win ahaed of of Neil Chatham and Stuart Mowbrey.  A tight class with battles all season.

In Sportsman Neil Simpson took the victory ahead of experienced rider Alan Poynton and improving rider Graeme Chalmers. The class leaders having a difficult day - with no room for error on a very fast day.

And of course there were a few Special Awards Dave Ramsay was awarded the Sunday Numpty for heading the wrong way out of the start in front of 80 + riders, and got a big cheer for it. Jamie Humpage was awarded " Dirtiest Time card " - even getting mud inside the sealed bag ?.

Another great event - and many thanks to the landowner for allowing us access to his land - and to the friendly people of Yarrowford for welcoming us all for another year - and providing tea and bacon rolls all weekend.

Thanks to Kenny , Hugh and the Melville club for their efforts in producing another great 2 day event.

Photos by scottishenduros and Angus and Collette Donald
See for more pics.

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 003.jpg (90969 bytes)

Now John - keep it clean !

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 008.jpg (72593 bytes)

Dougie Finds the start of the test

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 013.jpg (44751 bytes)

Murray and Nicky on the hills

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 017.jpg (44140 bytes)

Paul Chatham keeps it up on the off camber

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 024.jpg (75205 bytes)

Alex Kirk uses a bit of body lean

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 038.jpg (46793 bytes)

Adam Wark shows fine style


Sekirk Sep07 Sat 035.jpg (54397 bytes) Sekirk Sep07 Sat 046.jpg (54516 bytes)

Garry Scotland  in the gorge

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 050.jpg (76850 bytes)

Alan Poynton keeps up the speed

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 054.jpg (99260 bytes)

Camera - fall off - smile !

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 066.jpg (69399 bytes)

Michael Houston Snr enjoys the hills

Sekirk Sep07 Sat 071.jpg (73662 bytes)

Callum Redpath heads for the hills

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 019.jpg (126416 bytes)

Neil Pentland starts Sunday


Sekirk Sep07 Sun 025.jpg (69754 bytes)

John Pollock - still clean

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 045.jpg (44333 bytes)

Jim Laider guns it in the test


Sekirk Sep07 Sun 055.jpg (114220 bytes)

Stewart Macdonald makes a splash

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 060.jpg (89037 bytes)

And Nick Rowbotham keeps feet up


Sekirk Sep07 Sun 075.jpg (85484 bytes)

New Champ Murray Thomson on his way to another win

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 080.jpg (76893 bytes)

Michael Irvine wheelie through the water

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 088.jpg (95180 bytes)

Findlay White makes a splash

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 102.jpg (109241 bytes)

Craig Little gets some air in the test


Sekirk Sep07 Sun 143.jpg (61369 bytes)

Scott Maxwell gets some serious air

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 152.jpg (54253 bytes)

Sean Wooley flies top a another championship

Sekirk_Sep07_Sun_182.jpg (263829 bytes)

And finally - Dave gets his award ...

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 171.jpg (601335 bytes)

This is what a tube looks like when you drag it through the rear brake. Mark Ritchie on a rim and a prayer.

Sekirk_Sep07_Sun_172.jpg (328234 bytes)

That's when you need friends.

Sekirk Sep07 Sun 178.jpg (539167 bytes)

And we always need a wheelie - courtesy of David Horn


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