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November 2003 Report on the Banks Enduro by Campbell Chatham

Five Scottish riders made their way to Norfolk for the Banks Enduro. Chris Hay only a few days back from winning a gold in the six days in Brazil was the best perfomer finishing 3rd overall in the Championship Class and top 125. He was not at his best as a stomach bug brought back from Brazil caused him to have an unscheduled stop on lap 3. Ricky Mair entered the Championship class for the first time on his long awaited new Gas Gas 125. Although the time schedule was very tight and there were six laps to be completed he finished 10th and on time. Chris Stewart who had been outriding for Chris in the six days brought back the same ailment as Chris Hay,Chris tried his hand at the expert class for the first time. Unfortunately on the fith lap flat out in 5th gear his engine nipped up, after letting it cool for a few minutes it restarted and he was able to finish but this had caused him to loose a vital time which dropped him to 27th place, although all was not lost as his riding earlier in the event had brough him to the attention of a top enduro motorcycle importer. Paul Chatham entered the Clubman class for the first time and in only his second enduro finished 5th and best 125, considering there were 134 riders in the class this is a great result and he cannot wait for 2004. Finally I rode in the Clubman class and thoroughly enjoyed the event, the special test is brilliant and the tight times means you have to ride the last lap flat out. I managed to finish with 1 minute to spare and I have not ridden that hard for so long ( 4 hours ) for 20 years but the satisfaction at the finish was incredible. I finished 13th and I very pleased with that and the full results are at 

Ed Jones won overall on his KTM 250.

See also Ricky Mairs Profile Page for his comments on the event

12/13 April Kalavrita Greece World   Round 3   . Euan McConnel 9th and 10th class 250 , Richard Hay 15th and 15th 450 4 stroke.

22/23 March Sallamanca Spain World   Round 2   . Euan McConnel 7th and 9th, Richard Hay 14th Day two.

6th April Fast Eddy Trentham Gardens. A dry and testing course - very fast with no respite producing a lot of arm pump this year. Won by Jason Fraser after Wayne Braybrook excluded for receiving outside assistance. Euan McConnel 7th Richard Hay 8th in the pro class. Report and pics

15/16 March World Round Lousa Portugal - Round one of the 2003 World Enduro championships started this weekend in Lousa, Portugal a venue which has been used several times before and has one of the best circuits in the world championship calendar. Each lap of the course included 4 special stages, 2 motocross, 1 cross-country and new for this season technical extreme stage similar to a long trials section but timed. The weather was warm and dry but recent rain was evident by some of the mud holes which were present on the tests which did play a major part in deciding the results.(Courtesy Paul Edmondson Press Release).Euan McConnel 10th 250 two stroke class, Richard Hay 12th 450 4 stroke class.

15/16 March UEM Championship Germany - Chris Hay competed in the first round of the European Championship - an essential qualifying competition for the World Championship. The event proved to be, not only a seriously tough event but a bike wrecker as well. With most of the countryside around Dahlen being fairly featureless the organisers routed riders into bottomless mud holes, deep river crossings and utilised a quarry for some steep climbs and descents on wet rock slabs. (Courtesy of Bob Mullins site) Chris was well placed until near the end of the event when he buried the bike in one of the numerous Bomb Holes. This dropped him to 13th overall on the day. Like a lot of other riders his bike was wrecked and unable to continue on day2.

1/2 March 2003 Breckland - Round 1 British Championship.Euan McConnell (250 Husqvarna) finished in 2nd place overall with 2 days of very consistent riding. Well placed to fight for the Championship this year.  Scots riders placed high in all the classes with Chris Hay finishing 6th overall in the Championship class beating some well established names. Richard Hay 17th place and Derek Little 25th - both on Yamaha WR 450's for the first time.

In the Expert class Ricky Mair continued where he left off last year with a 2nd place after 2 days- riding Husquvarna this year.  Murray Thomson (11th), Sean Wooley (17th), Nicky Beavitt (39th), Ian Harkes(40th), Martin Pennycook (50th).

Alastair Lauder won the Clubman class.

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