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  SACU 2018 ENDURO Championship

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There are 6 championship classes for 2018 - Expert, Clubman, Clubman 'B', Over 40 , Over 50 and Sportsman.

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Click here  for points Standings 2018

Round 1 and 2 EEC Lossiemouth

31st Mar / 1st April

Report and Results

Round  3 DirtBike Evolution Woodheads

22nd April

Report and Results

Round 4 Bon Accord Craiglash

20th May

Report and Results

BEC @  DirtBike Evolution - Thirlestane

26/27th May

Report and Results

Round 5  ELRAT MCC Glen Devon

3rd June


Round 6 Melville MC Heriot
23rd June
Round 7 Melville MC Heriot
24th June

Round 8 DirtBike Evolution Woodheads

5th August

Report and Results

Round 9 DirtBike Evolution Woodheads

6th August

Report and Results

Round  10 Elgin Endurance Club Monaughty

19th August


Round 11 Bon Accord Drumtochty

23rd September

Report and Results

Inter Club Team Enduro - Drumtochty

23rd July




Congratulations to all our new 2018 Champions after a long and hard fought season

  2018 Enduro Champions Championship points click here

Expert Class  Fraser Flockhart  2nd  Andrew Bisset  3rd Mitchell Brown

Over 40    Ian Bisset 2nd Alan Davidson   3rd Mark Ritchie

Clubman  Sean Mackay   2nd Jamie Black   3rd  Ben McLuskey  Sean Mackay promoted to Expert Class

Over 50   Andrew Maben  David Hill  Phil Hewitt

Clubman B  Alistair McGowan  2nd Max Hamilton   3rd Angus Bruce  All promoted to  Clubman Class

Sportsman  Sandy Milne  2nd George McBeth  3rd Craig Fisher  All promoted to  Clubman B Class