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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2008 Championship ENDURO

Round 1 & 2 Melville MC Pathhead 2 Day Enduro

26 /27 April 2008

Results  Sat Sun

Pathspons.jpg (62585 bytes)  Report by Campbell Chatham

The Melville Motor Club had to work hard to ensure this event went ahead as the land around the start/finish area has been purchased to reinstate the Borders Rail link. Once the land agent was satisfied there was enough public liability insurance in place the event was allowed to go ahead. The club is hoping to run this event next year on a modified route as the farmer is keen to support the Melville Motor Club. 155 competitors set out on Saturday, the track was very wet resulting in a lap had being cut to ensure the course would stand up to another day of competition with another 155 entrants on Sunday.

Day 1

A new year has brought some new names to the top of the Scottish Enduro Championship with Scottish Motocrosser Neil Flockhart taking the overall in the Expert class on Saturday. The wet and slippery course suited his KTM 450 with Derek Little giving chase in second place on his KTM 125 and Grant Smith finished a determined third.

In the Over 40 class Leslie Winthrope took the win, he was using this event to keep fit as he is intending to ride at the famous Erzburg event. Scottish Over 40 Champion Sean Wooley could do nothing to bridge the gap finishing second with Iain Paterson revelling in the conditions taking the last step on the podium.

Stuart Mowbray won the Clubman Class and topped the E2 table with Enduro newcomer Fraser Norrie in second. This is a fantastic result for Fraser in his first Enduro winning the E1 Class. Gavin Henderson finished third and E3 honours went to Allan Linton in eight place.

There is a new class for 2008 with the introduction of the Clubman B category and the new Over 50 Cup within the same class. This class runs the same distance as the Clubman class with a little more time. Over 50 Cup winner William Beaty also won the Clubman B class overall. Event Organiser Kenny Donaldson finished second with Nick Ross third.

In the Sportsman class Alistair Wark won by just seven seconds over Alister Watson who was competing in only his second Enduro. James Watson (no relation) finished third just one second behind in this ever more competitive class.

Day 2

Richard Hay won the Expert class on day two following a disappointing day one with Grant Smith pushing him all the way. Derek Little finished third as everybody enjoyed the sunshine that dried out the course to ensure a full day for all.

Leslie Winthrope won the Over 40 class again chased home by Sean Wooley with G. Johnston in third.

Stuart Mowbray won the Clubman Class and E2 again on Sunday with Gavin Henderson second and James Harvey third, also taking the E1 class win. Fraser Norrie finished fourth Clubman and second E1 with Duncan McCormick taking the win in the E3 class finishing in 11th place overall.

The Over 50’s were battling it out again on Sunday in the Clubman B class with event organiser Kenny Donaldson winning overall and the Over 50 Cup. Calum Hayes finished second with Saturdays winner William Beaty third.

Alister Watson and Alastair Wark were inseparable on Sunday finishing first equal. James Watson finished just one second behind in third place. With the older riders moving up to the Clubman B and Over 50 cup the sportsman class is proving a great proving ground for the younger riders.

It would be a great pity to lose this event, with the support of the farmer and possibly gaining access to an additional forest it may be possible to continue at this venue. The Melville Motor Club would like to thank everyone who helped over the weekend. Photographs are available from Mike Biagi at



Photos from Scottish Enduros - Sunday

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The main sponsor

p1.jpg (93208 bytes)

Ecosse MX baragains

p2.jpg (87072 bytes)

Start em young ..

p3.jpg (73932 bytes)

Stars of the future

p4.jpg (123861 bytes)


p5.jpg (109790 bytes)

Gordon does his times - look at the concentration !

p6.jpg (116361 bytes)

They'll know I fell off in the test yesterday and you passed me on a 200 ......

p7.jpg (100552 bytes)

Team DEC - Derek, Fraser and Richard

p8.jpg (91051 bytes)

3,2,1 - Go

p9.jpg (99006 bytes)

Scott Maxwell gets a flyer

p10.jpg (103971 bytes)

Mad Max on the boil

p11.jpg (134912 bytes)

John Henderson keeps it clean

p12.jpg (120655 bytes)

Gerald Day on the KDX

p13.jpg (101035 bytes)

Alan Davidson kicks up a storm

p14.jpg (136235 bytes)

Ian Paterson - looking tidy

p15.jpg (124173 bytes)

Trials Ace Les Winthrop

p16.jpg (124514 bytes)

David Paterson from Elgin

p17.jpg (154759 bytes)

Iain Bell - focused

p18.jpg (167759 bytes)

ELRAT's Craig White

p19.jpg (139054 bytes)

Gavin Henderson pushes on

p20.jpg (104583 bytes)

Jim Laidler - back for day 2

p21.jpg (91425 bytes)

Stewart Gilchrist gets up the hill

p22.jpg (116550 bytes)

Gordon Mcgregor - on time ?

p23.jpg (127121 bytes)

Duane Whittaker styling

p24.jpg (131428 bytes)

Liam Matheson gets some air

p25.jpg (154981 bytes)

J Herbert on the big Berg

p26.jpg (175934 bytes)

Mark Catterson attacks

p27.jpg (167508 bytes)

Experts - on the attack

p28.jpg (133867 bytes)

Mark Ritchie - lookin good

p29.jpg (142445 bytes)

Davy Hill - looking for a win ...

p30.jpg (85755 bytes)

Alex Austin - real class

p31.jpg (136528 bytes)

Traffic Jam Enduro Style

p32.jpg (129805 bytes)

Grant Miller at the last corner

p33.jpg (155419 bytes)

Daniel Palmer - gets up the railway

p34.jpg (98861 bytes)

Hmm - don't like the look of this ...

p35.jpg (127895 bytes)

It is Steep over here !!

p36.jpg (121491 bytes)

The Hole

p37.jpg (108254 bytes)

Get the bike up - i'll follow

p38.jpg (94188 bytes)

Jake checks out the road crossing

p39.jpg (107277 bytes)

Mark - made it to the top !!!

p40.jpg (137689 bytes)

Andrew McConnell on the Gas ( Gas)

p41.jpg (136320 bytes)

Nicky in the trees

p42.jpg (139691 bytes)

John Little - wearing KTM's No Fear Range.


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