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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2007 Championship ENDURO

Round 5  Grampian MCC Iain McKenzie Enduro

5th August 2007


With a couple of events cancelled this year due to the extreme weather it was good to get back out into a forest enduro. Kevin Gaunt and his team had added new bits on to the familiar Elgin course - enough to make the ride interesting - before they started hacking time off the laps.

With the top riders in each class staying clean on time it showed the times were againspot on - even if quite a few of us out there struggled to stay on time. The experts raced round for 5 and 1/2 laps , clubman and over 40 4 1/2 and sportsmen on 3 laps.

The course started to cut up a bit towards the end with a few small swamps and an interesting excursion through head high bracken to make life interesting. The "slide of death" at the start proved tricky to stay feet up on in the first few laps then very slippy in late laps with riders adopting a feet down approach. But it was followed by a great uphill path taken at full speed.

The test was changed to avoid the deepening tractor tracks and cut through into some new forest before joining the old track and the bumpy end section. Then back into dark forest again.

Will little chance to get your breath back except at the checks riders were kept busy all day. The ladies on the check making sure that riders who were going to "call it a day" - were remotivated and sent back out again. Thanks ! at least I finished ( 45 minutes late ...)

In the Experts Murray Thomson continued his recent form and put in the fastest test of the day to take the win from Derek Little who was just behind him. No matter how fast he pushed Murray was just a wee bit faster. Withe the Championship still up for grabs they look like battling all the way to the end. Allyn Scotland continues to improve and finished in 3rd.

Neil Chatham resumed his winning ways and finished ahead of Colin Bryan ( 1st E3) and Adam Wark in the Clubman. Duncan McCormick finished in 4th and 2nd E3 to keep up the race for class honours. Murray Whitaker finished well up in 5th as he put his trials experience to good use.

Sean Wooley continues to dominate the over 40's with some very fast times - Ian Paterson took 2nd with some consistent times but one mistake . Cambell Chatham make a welcome return to the top with 3rd again - always a threat.

In the Sportsmen Liam Beatty pushed hard for the win over Roger Summer and Andy Gauld. Hamish Patrick really getting the hang of this now with a great 4th place.

Moray Niven battled his way round to take the Trials award - feet up all the way.

Thanks to the Grampian club for another great event . They now have a wee rest before starting to prepare ( hopefully) for the return of BEC competition to Scotland in 2008.

Thanks also to the Scottish Forestry Commission for the use of the land.

Thanks to Stewart Campbell for the pics . You have a new career there !
mon0701.jpg (225983 bytes)

Alex Austin on his Mickey Oates Kawasaki

Nice bike !

mon0702.jpg (184208 bytes)

John Little gives some advice on bike starting to Robbie Moir

mon0703.jpg (300211 bytes)

Just to prove the webmaster does ride .... (slowly)

mon0704.jpg (229401 bytes)

New Over 40 rider and former MXer Davy Hill gets up to speed

mon0705.jpg (253170 bytes)

Graeme Paxton enjoys the scenery


mon0706.jpg (248882 bytes)

Grampian congestion

mon0707.jpg (241770 bytes)

Cameron Davidson leads the way

mon0708.jpg (215155 bytes)

Don't fall off in front of the camera !!

mon0709.jpg (250234 bytes)

Bit of speed and over the ditch

mon0710.jpg (182100 bytes)

Ian Paterson keeps it tidy

mon0711.jpg (205396 bytes)

Andrew McConnel - does he ever get stressed ?

mon0712.jpg (218828 bytes)

Paul Chatham pushing hard

mon0713.jpg (200859 bytes)

Scott Maxwell on the pegs

mon0714.jpg (193906 bytes)

Mike Robertson tries out the "Slide of Death"


mon0715.jpg (261103 bytes)

Followed by Paul White

mon0716.jpg (269824 bytes)

Alan Stirling - "it's steeper than it looks !!"

mon0717.jpg (363203 bytes)

Cameron Davidson keeps the feet up


mon0718.jpg (199657 bytes)

This is when it was dry !

mon0719.jpg (249518 bytes)

Rik Parke - smiling all the way ...

mon0720.jpg (226701 bytes)

Gordon McGregor - kept going all day

mon0721.jpg (338652 bytes)

Stuart Clachan - steps up to Clubman - well done .

mon0722.jpg (282914 bytes)

Robbie Moir - on the going

mon0723.jpg (185091 bytes)

Ian Hedley 2nd E3


mon0724.jpg (270385 bytes)

Colin Bryan - winner E3


mon0725.jpg (225286 bytes)

Duncan McCormick 2nd E3


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