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 newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) SACU 2012 HARE AND HOUND CHAMPIONSHIP

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There are 5 championship classes for 2011 - Expert, Clubman, Clubman 'B', Over 40 and Sportsman.

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Standings  6 Rounds this year - no rounds dropped

Round 1 Melville Lochhouses
 4th Dec

Report and Results

Round 2 ERMCC Tain
 5th Feb

Report and Results

Round 3 Melville Lochhouses
 19th Feb

Report and Results

Round 4 EEC  Elgin
 11 th March

Report and Results

Round 5 Melville West Linton
 10 th June

Report and Results

Round 6 SBEC Ashkirk
 7th Oct

Report and Results

Hare and Hound Champions for 2012


 1 Drew Harvey                      2 Dean Reid                3 Steven Currie Jnr

 Over 40

 1 Derek Litle                          2 James Harvey           3 Steven Currie Snr


 1 Liston Bell  (EXP)              2 Chris Gallagher        3 Ross Hamilton

 Clubman B

 1 Graham Mechan (Club)      2 David Paton             3 Mark Grice


 1 Allan Milligan                     2 Sandy Eccles            3 Michael Craig

Photographs from the Awards Ceremony can be purchased from Blooming Lens Photography.

All images can be viewed at Awards Ceremony Photographs and to obtain details of prices and place an order

please email Lauren with the image number(s).