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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) Elgin Endurance Club - 11th March  

4th Round of the SACU Hare and Hound Championship 2012

Regs are now ready for the 4th round - more details to follow. Click here for regs. 

Results for Sunday - click here

Great win for Drew Harvey on a quick day out. See the Yellowhat video for a look at the track - click here

Report from Team Scotland

Mixed fortunes for the Motocross Scotland team at the 4th round of the Scottish hare & hound champioship. Riders were blessed with near perfect conditions on Sunday which ment that the tough technical circuit set up by Johnny and the team held up really well. The race was flagged away 1030 with the experts and over 40's away together. Kagen McKenzie taking the holeshot and leading the first lap. Putting his local knowledge to good use and setting a fast pace from the off. He was followed closely by Allyn Scotland (Motocross Scotland) and the old wiley fox Murray Thomson (D3 KTM). Allyn passed Kegan after the first lap by doubling a tricky log section which other riders were going around and led for the next few laps untill a crash allowed Murray and Stevie Currie Jnr (motocross scotland) to go past. Stevie was soon challenging Murray for the lead. An aggressive move to try and take the lead around the outside on an alternate line caused what was later to be described by Murray as a "proper crash". Stevie hit a succession of tree stumps sending him and the bike cart wheeling through the air end over end and out of contention for the race win. This handed the lead back to Murray with Allyn 20 seconds or so further back in second, suffering slightly from arm pump due to his chest infection which he had leading up to the event. After an hour and a half Al's arm pump cleared and he started to push, noticing that he was taking time out of Murry he continued to push until he had an "Al Scotland moment" at one of the fastest parts of the course, a reasonably long uphill containg a big hole with a pallet over it on the left hand side. He was riding up the right hand side when his front wheel hit something, sending him in the direction of the pallet and the hole. His bike smashed through the pallet into the hole, with a spectacular over the bars dismount. Handing second place to Derek Little, Allyn remounted and tried to continue but was dazed and confused when riding around the rest of the lap and thought it best to pull into the pits and rest before making a decision to continue. Derek slowly worked away at Murrays lead the 2 changing positions just before an hour to go. Derek taking the win from Murray after a last push from Murray to try and close the gap. Both Motocross Scotland riders Allyn and Stevie continued on battered and bruised for a finnish. Ross Hamilton, Motocross Scotland's clubman rider gave himself a lot of work to do from the start. Getting a poor star and having to work his way throught the pack on what was mostly a single line track. He admitted he was also struggling slightly with the conditions. Putting a good steady race finishing in 5th in the clubman class. Still a contender for the championship. Motocross Scotland would like to thank Anne Reuter for the fantastic photos.

Neil Purdie was up taking pictures on Sunday - view his flicker pages here - click here