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 newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) SACU 2013 HARE AND HOUND CHAMPIONSHIP

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There are 5 championship classes for 2013 - Expert, Clubman, Clubman 'B', Over 40 and Sportsman.

Points are awarded from 1st to 15th Place - 20,17,15,13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Standings  5 Rounds this year - no rounds dropped

Round 1 Melville Lochhouses
 9th Dec

Report and Results

Round 2 EEC  Elgin
 5th May


Round 3 Melville West Linton
 19th June
Report and Results
Round 4 SBEC Glendearg
 7th July
Report and Results

Round 5 SBEC Glendearg 2

22nd Sept
Report and Results

EEC Xmas Hare and Hound

The Loft - EEC Fun Day




Expert Class Champion Ryan Mclean  2nd Drew Harvey  3rd Dean Reid

Over 40 Champion Derek Little  2nd James Harvey  3rd Gavin Johnstone

Clubman Champion  Sean Henderson  2nd Mark Grice  3rd  Andrew Bissett Sean Henderson promoted to Expert (Can remain in class )

Clubman 'B' Champion  Ian Bissett  2nd Bill Bruce  3rd  William Beaty Ian Bissett promoted to Clubman (Can remain in class )

Sportsman Champion  Andrew Anderson  2nd Steve Anderson  3rd Phil Hewitt Andrew Anderson promoted to Clubman 'B' (Can remain in class )