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Round 4 SBEC MCC Borgan Forest Enduro

1st June 2008



‘The Galloway Forest Park Enduro’ Report by Euan McConnel

 1 June 2008

Borgan Forest Enduro, Newton Stewart

4th Round of SACU Scottish Enduro Championship

 Following a last minute non-event in 2007, local Enduro ‘has beens’ Brian McCleary, Andrew McConnell and Alan Murray once again set out an Enduro as only they know how. 

 This year, unlike last, the weather leading up to the Scottish Borders Enduro Club’s event was exceptional for the time of year.  The Forest was even dusty in places, a rarity for Galloway.  

 The Patrick’s, Rosie and Jimmy, took the entries up to the limit of 100 riders and with no points counting for the Sportsman class, the event was advertised as a ‘Tough Forest Enduro’.  


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Chatham Honda - lets go !

bo02.jpg (109992 bytes)

Smiling - at least we get away from the midges


bo04.jpg (97362 bytes)

Alex Austin on the pace

bo03.jpg (156365 bytes)

The "Blingmeister" -

Outblinged !!

 The lap length was over 15 miles with limited forest road work and challenging virgin trails and the event was to prove difficult in the hot, humid conditions. The Special Test was ‘Old School Enduro’ with a real variety of terrain. Starting under the countdown from Colin Hume and his partner, the riders blasted down a sweeping green lane followed by a long straight blast up an under construction fire road.   The rider’s adrenalin was really flowing by the time they entered the trees.  There were exposed tree roots, rocks, ruts, uphills, downhills and a stream crossing - the test was designed to separate the men from the boys.  Multi-tasking silver foxes, Tom Greenaway and Alan Bolton handled the end of the test after having scrutineered all the bikes earlier. 

 Reigning Scottish Champ Murray Thomson was first to walk the test on Saturday showing the younger lads that he meant business. Derek Little and Murray Thomson were first away in the morning, but on the last lap Richard Hay showed his fitness by passing all the other 13 experts to finish first. His test times reflected his speed on the going.  Murray was 2nd and Derek 3rd.

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Douglas Page enjoys a blast

bo06.jpg (87585 bytes)

Calum Paxton heads for the hills

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Peter Taylor on the going

 The Clubman A and E1 class was won by promising 16-year-old Frazer Norrie.  He is definitely one to look out for in the future. Duncan McCormick was 2nd overall and first in E3.  Adam Wark was 3rd overall. The E2 class was won by Douglas Page. Worth a mention, is local ace Billy ‘the Kid’ McGowan who finished 3rd in Clubman E3 and 14th overall.  

 Clubman B was won by Enduro newcomer Calum Hayes, who took to the terrain like a duck to water. William Beattie was 2nd and Gordon McGregor third. Ian Paterson revelled in the conditions and really appeared to be enjoying himself. He took the win in the over 40’s from the effervescent Sean Wooley in 2nd and Hugh O’Neil in third.

Three diehard sportsman completed the event against the beliefs of many that it was too difficult for sportsman calibre riders. Alan McCluskie won the class, showing that enduro spirit still exists in the lower classes. Stuart Ross was 2nd and John Pollock a well-deserved third.

 With previous events being quite tight on time, this event was run on a relaxed schedule by comparison. Discussion before the start was whether or not to include an Expert loop.  Erring on the side of caution and to the thanks of the riders, the organising trio omitted the loop. It was mentioned at the beginning that the organisers were going soft. The latter laps proved that old head’s know best as the deteriorating terrain took its toll on the lesser able riders. An attrition rate of just under 50% showed that the balance between Toughness and a Good Day’s Sport was just about right.

 Murray Thomson and Euan McConnell finished the day by riding the unused Expert loop with Allyn Scotland, Frazer Norrie and Neil Chatham. This coaching session will hopefully aid these promising young riders when they venture to the British Championships and beyond.

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There was mud too

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Daniel Palmer

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Findlay White in the woods

Thanks go out to all at Forest Enterprise, the Medics and everybody else who braved the midges to assist with the 6th running of the Galloway Forest Park Enduro.

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Hamish Patrick gets going in the test

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Followed off the line by Mark Ritchie

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Iain Martin avoids the ruts

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The happiest crew - the bus is back on its way

The Elgin Posse




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