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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2009 Championship ENDURO

Round  10 Bon Accord MC Craiglash Enduro

4th October 2009

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A new venue for the end of season race ( apart from rescheduled Griffin) saw us up at Banchory in fantastic scenery and dry weather. Arriving in strong winds the day dawned dry and sunny in a quarry - nice hard standing to camp on.

ba0901.jpg (41638 bytes)  With a shortish lap for the first year here the course was called "technical" on several occasions by the organisers and those who had walked the test. This meant rocks , slippy tracks , rocks , a couple of bogs , rocks and finally a few rocks to finish with. The test also included "Collar Bone Alley" - to warn the riders if they came off.

Neil Chatham put in  a tough ride to beat Frazer Norrie with Allyn Scotland in third.

Full report from Campbell Chatham

Pics by Sarah Innes , Morris and Angus Donald

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Mike Robertson

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013.JPG (116856 bytes)

017.JPG (142525 bytes)

Robbie Head

019.JPG (144080 bytes)

Kagen McKenzie


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Yes the webmaster does ride events ( and finished )

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Allyn Scotland

ba0904.jpg (60397 bytes)

Davie Paterson picks it up

ba0905.jpg (68164 bytes)

Then gives it a blast

ba0906.jpg (46258 bytes)

Damned Evil Snapper strikes again

ba0907.jpg (59920 bytes)

David Vass on the pace

ba0908.jpg (69353 bytes)

Frazer chases Murray

ba0910.jpg (58206 bytes)

James Harvey

ba0911.jpg (58670 bytes)

Is that a 50p in there ?

ba0912.jpg (80621 bytes)

Matt takes the dry line

ba0913.jpg (76293 bytes)

Big Dave gives it a handfull

ba0914.jpg (51348 bytes)

Murray catches up follows Bruce Venter

ba0915.jpg (51778 bytes)

Neil Chatham

ba0916.jpg (34364 bytes)
ba0917.jpg (61350 bytes)

Niall Paton


ba0918.jpg (70807 bytes)

Any route .....

ba0919.jpg (82049 bytes)

Brebu Pizza Boys

ba0920.jpg (24647 bytes)

And the Orkney Bus Crew Trophy Presentation

ba0921.jpg (25063 bytes)

The start crew

ba0922.jpg (48609 bytes)

ba0923.jpg (30629 bytes)


ba0924.jpg (60079 bytes)

Looks like a good route

ba0926.jpg (40021 bytes)

The wet but safe route

ba0927.jpg (43204 bytes)

Brian Middletton

ba0935.jpg (36729 bytes)

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