Adult Coaching Session 13.00 Saturday 24th August at Tain MX track.

A 3 hour coaching session will be available on a first come first served basis for up to 20 riders, on Saturday. The 2 trainers are Andrew Bissett current  H&H  Champion and former Enduro Champion, and Ricky Mair former Enduro, H&H and MX champion.

Andrew will concentrate on ditch crossing, bogs( if we can find one) and crossing logs. Ricky will coach on sand riding, berms and woops. The pupils will spend half the session with each trainer.

The cost is 20 per rider and should be booked and paid with Caroline with the entry.

The club would like to thank both trainers for their time and patience in this and they are doing this on a no-charge basis to help the new club become established.

If there is sufficient interest there could be a youth session but interest must be declared to Caroline ASAP.