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Welcome to Off Road Motorcycle Sport in Scotland (Enduros) 1999 - 2014

It's the 15th Anniversary of the enduro website - thanks to all my contributors - I can't do it without you !

Welcome to Scottish Enduros 2014.  This site was set up in 1999 as an introduction to the sport. It now contains information on events, results  who to contact and profiles of some of the top Scottish Riders.
The big event each year is the ISDE (in Argentina 2014) and there will be several training and fund raising days over the season.  Download the Scottish   2014 Championship Calendar in pdf format and word format
New to the site ? - check the site map first for what's here

Please note that there is no right of access to Scottish forests for trail riding and that unauthorised use may endanger our sport. Ensure you have permission to ride before you go. For a good summary of rights in Scotland see John Rushworths 1999 article stored on this site ( this was pre Land Reform Act so is only a guide ) - click here.

Starting Enduros ? Click here for info on starting. Rules and regs now available on CD - contact the SACU for a copy. Or download at the ACU (2013)  - Click here

Reminder to all competitors throughout the season - all clubs have noise meters and will be testing . So keep it quiet .

    Any queries or info you wish to pass on - please contact me at webmaster @ scottishenduros . co . uk

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Bon Accord MC SBEC

Elgin Endurance Club

www.Melvillemc.co.uk ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes)ELRAT
Melville Club Page

This space available for your advert - email me for details

Edinburgh's Premier garage and recovery service
: 0131 202 2339 
E: service@robert-brownlie.co.uk

In an effort to improve the site I have joined the 21st Century - I am now on Twitter and will use it to notify of results - regs and any new Enduro stuff. Find me at http ://www.twitter.com/enduroinfo


The new season starts here - Fraser Flockhart collects his 2015 KTM from Gavin at Bikesport . He is competing on a 250 EXCf.

Looking forward to pre season testing before he starts the season with the BEC at Elgin Endurance Club in April.

After a successful season in 2014 with great results and podium finishes in the Sprint series he is recovered from his off at Griffin - and raring to go.



  Enduro Regs for 2014 - up date

Changes to Enduro regs for 2014. (No changes to Hare and Hound Regs)

Return to one class for Experts . Sportsman class remains points scoring for 2015. There was a lot of discussion about the class with some newcomers worried about starting in a Championship class and some discussion on very fast times in the class. The top riders still get moved up to Clubman B at the end of the season.

In Enduros the Expert class - all rounds count for Championship. In all other clases no change - one round can be dropped if all rounds completed and there are more than 3 rounds.

I would also remind all riders that the Enduro Committee is a voluntary position and members are voted on at the AGM in February. New members are always welcome and there will be vacancies - so put your hand up.

Note : to update on EEC events . Barry is hoping to run his normal Xmas Hare and Hound on the 28th December - he has some new ground and hopes to start preparation net week.

Check the EEC website for more details. Will put up any regs as soon as an event is confirmed.

The calendar for 2015 will be ready in 2 weeks. No Championship events before January (Melvile sorting a possible H&H and EEC has a waterlogged course and looking for a dry date)


The final event of the season was the SACU OFF ROAD SPEED Awards at Dunfermline.

Congratulations to all our Champions - well done on a hard fought season.

Nathan Maclean finally made it after a scenic tour of Dunfermline - and Ben Thomson had to limp on to the stage to collect his trophies and medals after a broken foot in practice. Thanks to all who managed to attend





Get your club forms for 2014 and then get your competition licence so you are ready for the new season.

ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes) ELRAT Membership forms 2015 now available for download - click here .

Melville MC membership forms for 2015 - click here

SBEC Membership form for 2015 - click here


Frazer Norrie - part of the 2014 European Enduro Team Champions 2014.

The team of Brad Freeman, Lee Sealy , Rob Johnson and Frazer Norrie recently won the 2014 European Enduro Junior Team Championship at the last round in the Czech Republic.

Frazer Norrie has been competing in the 2014 European Championship this year which saw him visiting many countries. The championship was contested on a variety of terrains which proved to be very challenging, from the Dust and rocks of Spain to the wet lush countryside of Romania.

Frazer rode well at all events but found some more challenging than anything he had experienced before. After the four venue eight round championship Frazer finished 6th overall in the under 23 E2/E3 class.

At the start of the championship four of the junior riders were selected to compete for the junior team trophy with all there points being counted together. At the last round on Czech Republic the four man team of Brad Freeman, Lee Sealy, Rob Johnson and Frazer Norrie were crowned 2014 European Enduro Junior team champions.

It was a double success because as well as the juniors winning; the senior team of Tom Sagar, Steve Holcome, Jamie Lewis and Jack Rowland also won the 2014 European Enduro Senior team Championship.

Frazer is planning to contest the 2015 European Championship again with the intent of bettering his 2014 result using last yearsí experience to his advantage.

Frazer has recently competed in both the Weston beach race and the Skegness beach race.

Weston again proved to be tricky with Frazerís bike taking a mouthful of water in a flooded section and stopping. Frazer pushed his bike around the remainder of the lap back to the pits where he got it going again and continued on to finish 9th overall.

Skegness Beach race proved to be a very tough event, with the deep sand and the technical course Frazer found the going hard, after a very hard three hours Frazer finished second overall to Dan Thornhill and James Lassu in third.

Timing of Enduros for 2015

Over the past the three years the SACU break beam timing system has been in use - with results often being available on the day - or later that night.

We desperately need people to run the system and are looking for volunteers to learn how it runs (very simple) and to attend events during the season. Travel costs would be met for anyone willing to help out. Ideally 2 people or groups so that one person does not have to do it all year.

If you are interested contact me ( webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk) for more information. We intend to run a couple of training days to get folk up to speed on the kit. If you are interested in computers that would be ideal.

EEC Loft Hare and Hound

Results from Saturday 8th Nov. Click here

Video from the sidelines courtesy of Brian Smith > http://t.co/Atj7seroGu The on board is here from Tarik Melki> https://t.co/ydzHBYF20c

Looks like another great event from Elgin Endurance Club.

Enduro race numbers for 2015. (date for keeping last years number changed to 1st Dec - reserve it now !!)

Reserve your Enduro race number now for 2015. I'll start giving out numbers now - any 2014 numbers not claimed by 1st December may be reassigned if another rider wants them. Get your numbers in now.

There have been a few comments over riders not getting to use their reserved number.

The numbers are reserved for Enduros - but can also be used for Hare and Hound - however Hare and Hound also has riders from Motocross who also have preferred numbers on their bikes and shirts. So first come gets the number if there is a problem.

Riders with a licence or applying for a day licence can now reserve a riding number for the season. Please submit your request for a number to webmaster @ scottishenduros .co . uk and I will keep an updated list.

The first 3 numbers are reserved for our Expert Champions - 1 - Frazer Norrie  2  - Fraser Flockhart 3 - Richard Hay

The class numbers are as below. If you do not have a licence then you can apply for a number as soon as the regs are published for an event and you wish to enter on a day licence.

Expert                 01 ->39  Over 40              40 ->99  Club                     100->149  Club  B               150->199  Sportsmen        200 -> Ö.

Click here for the current list of 2014 Enduro Rider numbers allocated. Email me if you want a number. Numbers being booked already.

Click here for the 2015 list of numbers reserved so far. Book your 2014 number by Dec 2014 or it may be reassigned

New website worth following - www.fraserflockhartracing.co.uk. Good reports on his events this year and follow his preparation for 2015.


New Hare and Hound ! - Saturday November 8th 2014. Well done Barry and co for organising another fun event at the Loft - Elgin.

Click here for the regs - get them in now. Ideal for all riders - great practice and an introduction to off road riding.

And the owners of the Loft - Hi All, we are very much looking forward to welcoming EEC and their riders back to The Loft! Remember that tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cakes and yummy soup, burgers, pizza, sandwiches etc are available to eat in or take away during the event. See you soon"






Results for the last event on 19th October - Click here.  Well done to Allyn Scotland for the win on 32 laps - and Andrew Bisset for pushing him all the way.

Report by ace reporter Brian Donald .

Elgin Endurance Club hosted its first of 2 hare and hound races at the East Grange Loft.

With the 2014 Scottish Championship Hare and Hound Championship and the EEC Scottish Enduro Championship having run their course, the later part of the year is normally a fairly bleak time for the hardy bunch that make up the Scottish Enduro riders fraternity. In addition there are very few opportunities for riders wishing to try out this our sport out with the highly competitive Scottish Championships which can be a bit daunting to some. With this in mind EEC, in addition to our 3 annual Scottish Championship Enduro rounds and Championship Hare and Hound event, has been striving to offer riders both old and new the opportunity to get out on their bikes in a less competitive setting. The proprietors of the Loft and their near neighbours were kind enough to allow us to hold an event last year and we are very grateful to be invited back. Click here for more

Winner Allyn Scotland lets rip


SACU EEC Enduro Championship Points Standing for 2014 -  Email me if you note any errors.

Final Enduro Points for 2014 Click here for updated Enduro Points. Please check your points. Updated with D Edgley in 'B'

Final Hare and Hounds for 2014 Click here for updated Hare and Hounds points.

Champions for 2015


Championship 1st Frazer Norrie 2nd Fraser Flockhart 3rd Richard Hay

Expert 1st Andrew Bisset 2nd Alastair Millar 3rd Sean Henderson

Over 40 1st Grant Smith 2nd James Harvey 3rd Mark Ritchie

Clubman 1st Ben Thomson 2nd Duncan Norrie 3rd Ian Bisset

Clubman B 1st Nathan McLean 2nd Hanish Oag 3rd Keith Watt

Sportsman 1st Steve Hughes 2nd Alan Stirling 3rd Dean McKay

Hare and Hounds

Expert 1st Allyn Scotland 2nd Andrew Bisset 3rd Ross Hamilton

Over 40 1st Grant Smith 2nd James Harvey 3rd Mark Ritchie

Clubman 1st Ben Thomson 2nd Graham Mechan 3rd Ian Bisset

Clubman B 1st Craig McCormick 2nd Hamish Oag 3rd Gordon McGregor

Sportsman 1st Steve Hughes 2nd Euan Davidson 3rd Thomas Malcolm

Team Enduro

Elgin Endurance Club


Congratulations to all the 2014 Champions and to all the clubs and riders who took part to make 2014 another great year.

  SACU Hare and Hound Championship  at Glendearg - final round of the season.

Final Results - click here

Well done to the SBEC for a great day out with lots of new parts and some old favourites on the course. Sun and then just a bit cooler as the race progressed.

Congratulations to Allyn Scotland on 12 laps closely followed by Ross Hamilton on 11 laps. Only Ben Thomson in the Clubman could match 12 laps on the day as well. A very impressive performance.

In the over 40's Grant Smith and Mark Ritchie continue their battle with Grant emerging victorious. James Harvey finished in 3rd after chasing hard all day.

Ben Thomson lead the Clubman all day and finished two laps clear of Johnny Stewart and Robert Ford.

In the 'B' s Rab Moir never stopped all day and took the win from  Andy Jones followed by Les Pole.

Steve Hughes put in a very fast performance in the Sportsman for 11 laps and the win - just ahead of Euan Davidson and Pat Cesari.

The lack of bogs meant riders kept going all day - just offs in the trees on the rooted course and a few slips on the new MX part of the course.

A great end to a long season that started with Lochhouses in 2013.

More photos - click here



SACU EEC Enduro Championship - Round 5 - final round of 2014 . Monaughty

Final results for Monaughty -click here Only change is Paul Smart has correct penalties added.

Torrential rain in the days leading up to to the event - including part of Hurricane Bertha made the forest a might tricky . Well done to Barry , Kev and the crew for getting the event to run. A tough one but worth finishing . And I am sure the water ran uphill in that Forest. The first pool causing a shock as it was deeper than most folk remembered - leading to some tidal waves as riders entered at speed.

Well done to Frazer Norrie for the win .

Read the report on the event here .

Photos of the event are available from Jasperimage who was there all day taking pics. Click here for pics

Thanks to Jasperimage for the photo of Frazer in action



ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes)

The SACU EEC Enduro Championship Enduro ELRAT Robert Brownlie Motor Engineers Griffin Enduro on 3rd August.

Click here for Results (Updated Sean Henderson down as finisher)

The results also show the first lap times for information only.

Won by Frazer Norrie with Ricky Mair in 2nd and Richard Hay in 3rd. Fraser Flockhart had a big off - best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Ryan Borthwick

Frazer Norrie

Ricky Mair

The most scenic Enduro ? - on top of the world !

The Stornoway Bus Boys hear more tall tales . . . .

The start on Sunday - and it was still dry !!

Rounds 9 and 10 July 2014

Well done to Fraser Flockhart in the Under 23 Class with 2 great places. 3rd on the Saturday and moving up to a well deserved 2nd on the The Sunday. Frazer Norrie close behind with 2 X  5th places

Full report - click here


SACU Team Enduro - won by Elgin Endurance Club - with Melville in 2nd and ELRAT in 3rd.

Click here for full results sheet. (Link now works)


Results for the SACU EEC  Championship Enduro run by Bon Acccord on 6th July

Click here for updated results - with no obvious errors this time. Championship class has 6 laps . Any queries let me know. (Allan Stirling added now)

A great event with most riders getting round the course - then the rain came. A bit of everything - new woods sections and moor crossings with a few hills and some wee bogs. An excellent test over 6 minutes long for the quick riders. Cutting up later .

Well done to Frazer Norrie on the win - just 2 seconds ahead of Fraser Flockhart after over 4 hours and 6 tests. Richard Hay on his home ground still a force consistent as always. But riding under a cloud as his fathers funeral was the next day - but Phil Hay would be glad Richard was out on the track.

In the over 40 class James Harvey took the win from Nicky Beavitt - showing a good turn of speed. With Mark Ritchie in 3rd making it worth the long trip up from Newcastle

The Expert class has been a good proving ground for young riders and some tight competition there. Andrew Bisset still impresses with the win over Alastair Miller

In Clubman young Ben Thomson continues to improve with a win and only dropping 1 minute on the course. Duncan Wright in second and Ian Bisset looking tidy in 3rd

Clubman B  saw Nathan McLean leading home Keith Watt and Hamish Oag and Colin Short the last finisher with the weather taking its toll.

Sportsman was hardest hit by the weather and tight times. Dean Mackay kept it clean for the win with Euan Davidson in 2nd and Alan Stirling in 3rd.

Best wishes to Gordon McGregor on a speedy recovery after damaging his shoulder

              Nicky Beavitt                                          James Harvey                                              Richard Hay                                          Ricky Mair


     SACU Hare and Hound Championship - Round 4 Melville MC West Linton

Click here for FINAL results - updated 18th June.

Video of the start from Campbell - click here - the usual chaos that is the sand !!

On a drying course the West Linton enduro proved more testing than in previous years due to heavy rain over the past week. The Melville club had done their usual great job of providing a course with everything. A wee bit of woods, some sand and lots of bogs and decent hills to get up.

The usual dash from the start line through the sand pit eagerly awaited by the crowds.

Congratulations to Neil Chatham for the win managing to get 1 more lap (9) in than all the other riders.Andrew Bisset in second showing great promise in his first year in the experts managing to pip Allyn Scotland with Sean Henderson also flying on 8 laps.

In the 0ver 40's David Salkeld crossed the border for the win beating the fastest old men out there - Grant Smith only just getting the 2nd place from James Harvey - a few seconds apart after 3 hours of racing

Ben Thomson taking 1st place from Graham Mechan in the Clubman - both on 8 laps. With Alex Austin picking up speed for 3rd.

Craig McCormick is enjoying the 'B' clas win a win on 7 laps leading home James Burns and Hamish Oag

Race winner Neil Chatham flies in the sand ( Thanks to Campbell for the pic)

In the Sportsmen (and ladies) Steve Hughes and Josef Westgarth riding fast for 7 laps with Euan Davidson coming home in 3rd on 6 laps. In the ladies Cairn Bell finishing well on 3 laps ahead of Tracey Currie on 2 laps.

Thanks to Melville for another great day out

Best wishes to Willie Beatty and Niall Paton Snr -who both get the Allyn Scotland AIR MILES award. It's not the airtime that hurts - it's the high speed landing. Here's to a quick recovery.

PS - As I was riding no photos - if you took some please send me a few for the website .

  SACU Hare and Hound Championship  at Glendearg.

Thunder in the Glen

Scottish Borders Enduro Club hosted the 3rd round of the Scottish H&H Championship at Glendearg farm in the hills above Galashiels . About an hour before the start the heavens opened with torrential rain & thunder & lightening so it was going to be a wet track the 70 riders had to negotiate. The rain eased & the race started at 11am with Experts leading the way.

In the Expert class Allyn Scotland took an early lead & never looked out of shape all day . Al was in front from start to finish on his trusty KTM. A well deserved win, Andrew Bisset rode perfect all day in his first year in Experts to take 2nd. Ross Hamilton rode steady to get 3rd

Over 4Os class was a close race between the fastest old men in Scotland, Grant Smith making a comeback to Enduro took off after the first hour to secure the win  , Mark one hip Ritchie took 2nd place ahead of Mr Steady James Harvey in 3rd .

Clubman class was won by 16yr old local lad Ben Thomson who took 3rd overall from all the riders.  Duncan Norrie rode a great race to take 2nd place with Graham Mechan in 3rd place.

Clubman B was won by a good ride from Craig McCormick. 2nd place was taken by Veteran racer Willie Beaty with Hamish Oag taking a solid 3rd place.

Sportsman class is the biggest class with riders at novice level or a couple of years riding under their belt .  Conditions can be quite testing for the riders but it makes them better in the long run before they move up a class.

The winner of the Sportsman was Craig Mackay. 2nd place was Thomas Malcolm with Chris Spellman in 3rd.

Big Thank you to all Riders ,Marshals , Timekeepers & the Medics

Thanks to our Sponsors RJT Excavations.

Thanks to Tom & Ben Douglas from Glendearg Farm

Click here for full results

More photos - click here

Alex Austin - back in action

It was wet out there !

Winner Allyn Scotland


EEC Lossiemouth Enduro.

A great start to the season for the SACU EEC Enduro Championship 2014 . 2 days of blistering sunshine in the forest at Lossiemouth. Well done to Kev and Barry plus their helpers for another weekend of relentless racing (and stumps). And the bikes came out cleaner than they started - that's the Lossie powerwash.

The young guns are now pushing faster than ever with Fraser Flockhart showing some very fast pace in the new test - still some sand there of course. On day one beating Neil Chatham with Frazer Norrie just in third by 1 second. On day 2 Fraser won again but Neil and Frazer upped their game so the margin was only 6 seconds. Frazer Norrie taking 2nd place with Neil in third.

It looks like being a close season.

Results - Day 1 version 3 Updates should include all riders now and correct timecard penalties. Alan Copland now down as dnf

Results - Day 2 version 2

Report from local reporter (and ace timekeeper Brian Donald + Colette) - Click here

Sandy Eccles was out taking great photos - click here

Ben Thomson gets going

Hamish Oag flies

Lindsay Rae keeps it tidy

Frazer Norrie at speed

Derek Little testing

Kagen Mckenzie style

One disappointment was Ricky Mair damaging his shoulder at the TOUGH ONE in Wales and not being abe to compete on the Sunday. Best wishes to Ricky for a speedy recovery.

Great news for the 2014 season. The Elgin Endurance Club has offered to sponsor the SACU Enduro Championship for 2014. This is a club putting something back into the sport and will helps the clubs putting on rounds with some of the costs.

The 2014 Championship will be known as - The SACU Elgin Endurance Club Enduro Championship 2014.  If a club has a local sponsor for a round then the round would also have the local sponsor name - eg ELRAT Robert Brownlie Motor Engineers Griffin Enduro

The Enduro Committee has  clarified points for this season's Enduros.

"Following discussion a revision of the Standing Regs was approved . The minimum number of rounds for a championship shall be 3. In a championship season the number of rounds to count will be the total number of rounds that ran minus one. This means riders can drop their worst round if they do all the available events."  This means riders who cannot get to every round through work etc are still in with a chance for the championship.

Yorkshire Enduros for those whole like to travel . More details at www.dirtbike-action.co.uk

The Putoline Yorkshire 2 Day Enduro BEC ROUNDS 3/4 - 3/4th May Helmsley North Yorkshire
Dirtbike action welcomeís you to rounds 3and 4 of the British Enduro Championship using the fantastic Duncombe park estate. This is the North of Englandís premier enduro offering a lap of 25 miles which features 3 stunning valleys which are only used 1 a year for this event. This year we have changed the route to allow vehicular access to both special tests. Test 1 is a short extreme test located near the start. Test 2 is about 1.5 km away from the start and is a flowing XC test of around 8 minutes duration. As usual all the classes are catered for Championship, Expert, Clubman ,040 , 050, ladies and a non-championship sportsman class which is open to all sportsman riders and local level clubman riders who want to try a BEC round. Camping is available from Thursday 1st May.
This year we have a new title sponsor for the event Putoline oils who have generously supplied miles of tape from this event. Entries are now open go to www.dirtbike-action,co.uk  and enter online there is a limit of 170 riders the first round run by midwest racing was full so donít miss out. 

One day sunday ntries are now available  phone 07557665647
 Final instructions and numbers will be posted on the dirtbike action site Sunday 27th April if you need more info phone john on 0755766564

17/18TH MAY k2 rally round of the Big bike rally challenge 2014
New date for 2014 the rally moves forward in to may, we go in Wark , pundershaw for a new special. The K2 offers the longest lap in uk ralling ; we are doubling the specials to 2 per lap , after spending the winter training new timimg crew and using them successfully at the Helmsley enduro where the riders enjoyed 2 test per lap, the course is reversed this year which adds to the challenge.
The K2 is a real adventure as it weaves through the mighty Kielder forestry complex. One of the great things about the K2 rally are the hard based forestry trails, there will be no getting stuck no matter what the weather throws at us. The special tests are suitable for big rally bikes, trail bikes and enduro machines no pushing just ride!
For the enduro bikes we have 3 optional enduro loops per lap, there is no requirement to do them but they add a bit of spice!
Refuelling is taken care off by Dirtbike action, each morning the 2 refuelling vans set off to 2 refuelling locations all you have to do is get your fuel to the vans before 9am each morning.
The campsite based at keilder organic meats farm and is only a short walk to the tourist town of bellingham. Regular competitors will know how good the award winning organic catering is. The campsite will be open from Thursday 15th may.
The tourist town of Bellingham is only a short walk from the campsite offering pubs, a petrol station, and a supermarket donít forget the organic farm shop at the campsite with a wonderful array of home grown meats. to enter www.dirtbike-action.co.uk  or for more info phone 07557665647

4 Scottish Riders headed south to Great Ayton for round 1 of the NEXC championship

3 from SBEC & 1 from ELRAT

The Misty weather soon moved away to reveal some pretty steep hills in an area that has been used for many years as a scramble track , 

Youths raced in the Morning in a 2 hr race then at 11.30am the adult race started with Sportsman & O50s at 12pm

Top rider Graeme Jarvis was on the start line using it as a practice day after being injured 

The race was over open ground & through open woodland with some Very steep hill climbs & drop offs which were testing on the slippery ground , the lap was only about 3 miles in length so once the Sportsman class started it was a busy track but made it more enjoyable picking your way through the carnage on the hills

 Peter Nixon rode in the Over 40s finishing in 10th place on 17 laps probably the hardest class of the day

Sean Henderson was in Clubman E1 & was last off the line & nearly had a big crash before the first corner but picked his way through the field & Won E1 with 20 laps , 2 laps clear of 2nd place & putting in some fast lap times

Lindsay Rae was in Clubman E2 & after some repairs to the carburetor getting pulled out of its housing after getting tangled with another rider . finished 4th on 17 laps

Willie Beaty was in the O50s class , Willie brayed on for 2 1/2 hrs with a sore hand to finish 4th on 14 laps

 Great day out & a good bit of training on some big hills

Just a bit steep there

Sean H - still No1


North England Enduro Championship Rd1

4 riders from the Scottish Borders Enduro Club made the trip south to Helmsley for round 1 of the North England Enduro Championship

The sun was out & the start line was full 170 riders , some top british riders were also up for the day getting a ride around as the next BEC round is at Helmsley in May

The course had 2 tests the 1st test was about 5 minutes long a flowing test with lots of turns through the trees , the 2nd was just over 2 minutes this test had plenty of logs & tree roots to contend with

The rest of the going was mostly in the trees with some pretty hard going over tree roots , brash , river beds & a few hill climbs but enjoyable to ride

 Mark Ritchie & Peter Nixon were in the O40s class , Mark had a Mechanical failure on his 2nd lap & had to push his bike back to the pits with his dodgy hip . Peter rode pretty well only dropping 4 minutes on his last lap (tight check) & finished 20th 

 Ben Thomson was in Clubman E1 & after 3 weekend on the trot racing at Elgin & BEC , Ben finished 2nd in E1 16 seconds off the winner , he was 6th overall in Clubman out of 65 riders , 

Lindsay Rae was in Clubman E2 probably the hardest class to race in & finished 13th , getting slightly lost on lap 1 & wrestling with a tree on lap 2 ( tree won ) , enjoyed his day out though 

We never got a chance to sample the Burger Van but the Milkshake on the way home helped ease the pain


The new handbook for 2014 is now available on the SACU website. It can be downloaded in PDF format. Click here

Get your club forms for 2014 and then get your competition licence so you are ready for the new season.

Scottish Borders 2014 - Membership form - click here .

   Melville MC 2014 - Membership form   - click here .

Elgin Endurance Club Membership forms 2014 now available for download - click here .

Bon Accord MCC Membership forms 2013 - click here


  newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) Licences for 2014. 2013 Licences are valid until January 31st 2014. New licence forms will be out in December. Day licences will be available at all events during the season

1) Join a club. You need to be a club member to get a licence.
2) Get a licence application form from your club secretary and send in with a photo and fee to get a full licence valid from 1st Jan.

English and Irish Riders - all very welcome. All you need is your ACU/MCUI race licence. Join an English/Irish club and get an ACU race licence. Accepted at all Scottish races (and MCUI ones). You do not need to get a Scottish licence to race in Scotland.

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If you find the sport is interesting and would like to ride or assist then contact a club as we are keen to attract new members to the sport.  There is an over 40's class and a Ladies award, so everyone  can get out and ride.

Enduros in Scotland are organised from March to October with events from the Borders to Inverness . All classes of rider are catered for with Expert, Clubman, Sportsman and over 40's classes.

To compete you  need to be a member of a club and either hold an SACU or ACU  licence - or can get a one day licence at the event. You need to send in an entry form prior to the event, entries are available on this site or from the host club. Events are published in  Trials & Motocross News. If you check the Calendar on this site the  dates and venues of events and training days are listed. The Contacts page has the addresses of the organising clubs.

The aim of Enduro Competition is to complete the course via several checkpoints in a set time. You may not check in early or late without penalty. Generally the top riders go "clean" and the event is then decided on the result of special test times. There will be one or two tests per lap of a moto-X or cross-country type. For the slower riders there is up to a one hour allowance over the set time for the course to achieve a finish.

Enduros are exactly what they say and even to finish is an achievement. So go on - try an event and get out on the hills. There is no other sport like it.

Please look round this site and if you need further information contact the relevant club or e-mail  webmaster @ scottishenduros . co .uk .

Finally, if you are tired of wet and muddy British events have a look at the holidays page. Desert riding or trail riding in Morrocco, Spain, France or Romania. Or the Desert Racing page for Dakar etc links

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