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Welcome to Off Road Motorcycle Sport in Scotland (Enduros) 1999 - 2016

It's the 17th Anniversary of the enduro website - thanks to all my contributors - I can't do it without you !

Welcome to Scottish Enduros 2016.  This site was set up in 1999 as an introduction to the sport. It now contains information on events, results  who to contact and profiles of some of the top Scottish Riders.
The big event each year is the ISDE (in Spain 2016) and there will be several training and fund raising days over the season.  
New to the site ? - check the site map first for what's here

Please note that there is no right of access to Scottish forests for trail riding and that unauthorised use may endanger our sport. Ensure you have permission to ride before you go. For a good summary of rights in Scotland see John Rushworths 1999 article stored on this site ( this was pre Land Reform Act so is only a guide ) - click here.

Starting Enduros ? Click here for info on starting. Rules and regs for the sport are available on the SACU website www.sacu.co.uk

Reminder to all competitors throughout the season - all clubs have noise meters and will be testing . So keep it quiet .

    Any queries or info you wish to pass on - please contact me at webmaster @ scottishenduros . co . uk

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H and H

Bon Accord MC SBEC

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In an effort to improve the site I have joined the 21st Century - I am now on Twitter and will use it to notify of results - regs and any new Enduro stuff. Find me at http ://www.twitter.com/enduroinfo  I am also on facebook Scottish Enduros


Licences for 2017. 2016 Licences are valid until January 31st 2017.  Day licences will be available at all events during the season


1) Join a club. You need to be a club member to get a licence.
2) Get a licence application form from your club secretary and send in with a photo and fee to get a full licence valid from 1st Jan.

English Riders - all very welcome. All you need is your ACU race licence. Join an English club and get an ACU race licence. Accepted at all Scottish races . You do not need to get a Scottish licence to race in Scotland.

SACU OFFROAD SPEED Licence forms now available from your club secretary. Join a club and get your new licence for 2017. Valid from 1st Jan 2017 to 31st January 2018

ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes) ELRAT Membership forms 2017 now available. Join online at http://elrat.co.uk/membership-application-form  or download a form

Bon Accord 2017 forms - join online at http://www.bamcc.co.uk/membership.html

Elgin Endurance Club  - join online at www.elginenduranceclub.co.uk

Scottish Borders Enduro Club - join online at https://www.entrycentral.com/ssl/form/104681

 Melville MC 2016 membership forms - click here (awaiting 2017 forms)


   Next round of the Ecosse XC MC winter Hare and Hound Championship to be held at Tyninghame Links (near Dunbar) on Sunday 11th December. Click here to enter. Youth Race starts 9:30 Adult Race starts 11:30

Tyninghame Links is sign posted from the A198 Dunbar To North Berwick road then follow the arrows. Postcode EH42 1XW

SACU Enduro Survey 2016 - results

The recent Enduro Survey has now finished - click the link to view the responses which will help shape the future of events.

Click here

SACU Championships Points for 2016 now updated with Birkenhill results -  Check your points and email me if you have any queries.- webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk

Enduro Championship 2016 - Click here.      Hare and Hounds Championship 2016 - Click here .

(Please note no points awarded at Craiglash for Experts or over 40 - require 3 riders to start.)

Please check and let me know of any queries

Congratulations to our new SACU Enduro Champions for 2016

Expert   Andrew Bisset  2nd Ricky Mair  3rd Ben Thomson

Over 40  Mark Ritchie  2nd Peter Nixon 3rd Stewart Gilchrist

Clubman Ben Edwards  2nd Pat Cesari 3rd Andy Scaife and Alan Davidson and Kagen McKenzie  Ben promoted to Expert

Clubman B  Shaun Rennie  2nd Greg Gallacher  3rd James Barrack Shaun and Greg Promoted to Clubman

Sportsman  Thomas Malcolm  2nd Lindsay Barrie  3rd Niall McCallum Thomas, Lindsay and Niall promoted to Clubman B


  Congratulations to our new SACU Hare and Hounds Champions for 2016

Expert Andrew Bisset  2nd Ben Thomson  3rd Fraser Flockhart

Over 40  Kyle Deswert 2nd James Harvey 3rd Murray Thomson

Clubman Shaun Rennie  2nd Johnny Stewart  3rd Duane Whittaker Shaun promoted to Expert

Clubman B  Grant Aitchison 2nd Graeme Paxton 3rd Kenny Thomson Grant and Graeme promoted to Clubman

Sportsman  George Crawford 2nd Mark Hawley and Shaun Armstrong All promoted to Clubman B



Elgin Endurance Club - final  SACU Championship Hare and Hound Round for 2016. Round originally scheduled for 30th Oct but delayed due to land access and time to organise the course

Provisional Results (updated v2)-results2016\birkenhill hare and hound 2016 v2.pdf

Photos uploaded - click here

Aerial video footage of the event - https://vimeo.com/192464305

Won by Andrew Bisset who was flying on the day. With Ben Edwards being the main chaser.  Congratulations to the new Hare and Hound Champion Andrew Bisse.

In the over 40s Derek Little and Murray Thomson resiumed battle with a close fight all day. Derek just edging the win with James Harvey threatening in 3rd

Shaun Rennie took the Clubman win from Greg Gallacher - battle continues .With M Brown  slotting in for third Alan davidson in 4th (despite wrestling a tree)

Shaun Sangster led the way in the Clubman B class fighting off  Joe Barnes with Graeme Paxton speeding in to 3rd

Craig Houston led the Sportsman home ahead of C Andrews and Steven Gordon.

A great day with perfect conditions - just above (sometimes) zero - but enough wee frosty icy patches to make it interesting

Special mention to Quintin Stevens - his first event and he thought a 1983 Yamaha YZ 490 would be just the thing. We done on a good finish

Thanks to Barry and Kev for another great day at Birekenhill.


Well that is 2016 out of the way and another very successful  event for Team Scotland.

Now for 2017 - is starts again.



Riders wishing to be considered for the ISDE 2017 in France are requested to make themselves known to Charlie Mackenzie  at the SACU office (email on office@sacu.co.uk ) before 16 Dec 2016. Riders should be riding at expert level in British rounds and must be prepared to be mostly self-financing. A refundable deposit of £100 is required with each application. Please outline your recent results and experience.

Reserved race numbers for 2017 - Book your number for 2017

Expert            01 ->39  Over 40         40 ->99  Clubman   100->199 | Over 50 ( ?)   200 - 230|Club  B  231 - 299  Sportsmen   300 -> ….

1st November - Race Numbers open for any rider to reserve.

Click here for the 2017 Reserved No List. Email webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk to confirm or reserve your number. The numbers are reserved for Enduros - but can also be used for Hare and Hound - however Hare and Hound also has riders from Motocross who also have preferred numbers on their bikes and shirts. So first come gets the number if there is a proble.

Due to the high number of riders in certain classes the number range was extended this year and lead to split numbering for classes.

The proposed numbering for 2017 is below and will be discussed at the next Enduro Committee meeting on 10th Nov. This is to give a heads up that some class numbers may change for 2017.

Experts 1 - 39     Over 40 40 - 99    Clubman 100 - 199   Over 50 (may be an award only - TBC) 200 - 230    Clubman B 231 - 299

Sportsman with ladies included - 300 onwards


Yep, Team USA won, but RUST digs deeper into the real stories that made ISDE 2016…
Instant salvation? Can Rick Kemp atone for a lifetime of misdemeanours by trail riding the Pilgrims’ Way in just one day?
Is the true adventure bike a single-cylinder lightweight super-enduro? CCM think so, but can the GP450 really cut the mustard? From France to Chile, we travel the globe to find out!

Excellent off road magazine - free and online - 24th issue now out. ISDE report and more


The last  Enduro of the year Bon Accord Enduro on the 9th October - at Craiglash

Click here for Results - produced by Bill McGregor. Any queries contact Bill or send me an email.



Daily results can be found on the FIM website - there is also a phone app - or click here for an Internet app.


Final Position for Team Scotland - 4th in the World after 6 intense days . Fantastic result - getting better every year.

Congratulations to the whole team and their supporters - and all the sponsors.

Euan McConnel                                          Fraser Flockhart                    Frazer Norrie

The team and crew - Caroline Thomson putting in a big effort as Team Manger.



Elgin Endurance Club  Enduro on 21st August - Monaughty Forest.

Results for Sunday - click here V3. A Scaiffe retired. D Linton pointed out he had crashed in the test and not completed the course. M Robertson given his course penalties. Mark Bruce also took the wrong route on test - finished course but DQ.

Team result (subject to any Monaughty results change) Click here for file. (Updated as only 6 riders in Sportsman)

Congratulations to Elgin Endurance Club who take the Trophy by 2 points from ELRAT . A very close year with all teams putting up a great fight - good to see club spirit. Thanks to EEC for the use of their event.


3rd Round SACU Hare and Hound Championship 2016

SBEC Glendearg H&H 17th July 2016

Final  results UPDATED  - click here.  ( Will Douglas amended result . )

For beginners - please note you will be credited with a finish as long as you pass the flag after the three hour mark.

More photos - click here

Won by Andrew Bisset after a slow start on his new 2017 spec bike -but got up to speed as the bike settled in . Fraser Flockhart is back on a bike - bog standard - and lead the race until his subframe started coming loose. Quick fix and back on track for 2nd Ben Thomson chased down the leaders all day for a close 3rd. All on 13 laps

Kyle Deswert showed his speed in the Over 40's to keep ahead of Murray Thomson - back racing again - both on 12 laps. With Gavin Elliot in 3rd.

In Clubman Shaun Rennie kept his speed up for 11 laps - ahead of Duane Whittaker on 10 laps and Kagen McKenzie

Clubman B waswon by Ryan Paxton on 11 laps ahead of Grant Aithison and Graeme Paxton - both on 10 laps.

Sportsman is always competitive and Mark Hawley keep ahead of George Crawford - both on 10 laps with Will Douglas finishing in 3rd on 9 laps.

A great day out (who will forget the forest . . .) - many thanks to SBEC for all their effort - and a big thank you to John Little and his team - coming all the way from Elgin to do the scoring.

Winner  Andrew Bisset on the rocks 



SACU Enduro Championship 2016 - Melville MC Selkirk Enduro - 25th and 26th June.

Results -Saturday v2 - updated with comments.

Results - Sunday v2 - R Mair penalty points removed  - rest of results with comments. Those riders who missed the 1st test are given a finish at the end of the field.

Congratulations to Frazer Norrie on a great win in a tight and technical test -pushed hard by Andrew Bisset on both days.

Thanks to the team for organising a great blast over the hills and the off cambers through the trees. Big thanks to the landowner Alec for the use of such a great venue



2nd Round of the SACU Hare and Hound Championship - West Linton 12th June.

Results now finalised. Click here for Adults (note Sportsman results now sorted) Click here for Youths race. New timing person doing a great job at his first event - a steep learning curve.

Congratulations to Frazer Norrie for a great win - pushed hard by Andrew Bisset the only other rider on 10 laps. With Ben Thomson in 3rd on 9 laps.

A great event run by the new Ecosse XC club - under an ELRAT permit. Soon to be affiliated to the SACU. A lot of work went in to it - and also the training day on the Saturday which raised £350 for the ISDE Team. Big thank you to Stevie Palmer and his crew. There is a lot of work to setup an event . If you have time help the club by taking the course down after the event - many hands make light work.

And a big thank you to the SBEC who presented Fraser Flockhart with a cheque for £1000 to help him get started after having his bike and tools and spares stolen. Its great to see the riders come together and help a rider in need.

NOTE ON HELMETS - IMPORTANT. Check before you turn up at an event

Helmets will only pass scrutinering for racing if they carry an ACU gold or silver sticker attached. All helmets sold as suitable for "ACU competition" will have the stamp affixed by the dealer.

If your helmet does not have an ACU sticker attached contact the dealer to ask for the sticker. Helmets can be assessed by the ACU or SACU by posting in the helmet and paying a £15 certification fee - which includes return postage.

Check the regs in the 2016 ACU Handbook - https://www.acu.org.uk/Uploaded/1/Documents/2016%20Handbook/ACU%20HANDBOOK_2016.pdf page 89.


SBEC National Enduro - at Thirlestane 29th May 2016

Results - click here.

Another great National event on a lengthened course - designed to bring on newcomers and test old hands as well. A proper forest enduro with another great test up and down the hills.

Won by Ben Thomson from Duncan Norrie with Shaun Rennie in 3rd. Best wishes to Dean Reid who was flying in the test and pushing Ben hard - but a crash and damaged collarbone ended his day.

<- - Photo - Ben pushing hard in the test passing riders.

Sponsored by

- more photos click here

The new SWM gets its first taste of Scottish hills with Andy Minns

3rd Round Scottish Enduro Championship at Craiglash - 15th May 2016

Final Results ( Nicky Beavitt penalty for late start) - click here  (Any queries on the results contact webmaster @ scottishenduos co uk )

Well done to Fergus Lamb on a great win against a large field of experts. With Fraser Flockhart in 2nd and Fraser Norrie in 3rd

 A fantastic days ride in a very tough forest for all the riders. Drier than in past years .

The test was in great condition - with a lot of uphills and downhills - with the "leap of faith" at the start of the test. For a forest enduro it was fairly flowing

Thanks to Bon Accord for a great day out in the forest - especially Stuart Cooper - clerk of the course and his team for all their efforts.

Click here for more photos . Watch out the "evil snapper" was about . .. .





It is with great sadness I have to announce the loss of the Griffin Forest for Enduro use. The landowner has withdrawn permission to use the Forest as they are now entering a productive phase.

We have been there since 2005 when we had the run of the Forest North and South. The building of the windfarm meant we lost the south but were able to find new routes and challenges for the event. It has always been a challenging forest with many months of work building bridges and brashing routes. The use of Bing Maps air photos allow new routes to be found - and the route of the old test is still visible.

The cost of the ground also rose 6 fold over the 10 years and the club ran at a loss for 3 years to help keep the sport going during the recession. Last year finally saw us break even.

The Best Buried bike ever - John Pollock

Close contender Scott Maxwell

The best bike buried - ever award still goes to John Pollock at the first Griffin Enduro in 2005. Although several riders did try hard in later years - Scott Maxwell being a close contender.

But the main memory of Griffin is that it was one of the most scenic events in the calendar - for those who had the time to look going over the moors . Gone but not forgotten !

The club is looking for new ground - and any suggestions will be most welcome.


10th April  - Round 3- Tyninghame Links .

1st Round SACU Adult Hare and Hound Championship 2016

Another great event from SBEC with sun breaking through on a drying course. Won by Fraser Flockhart who was flying on the day despite a shoulder injury taking time to heal - Matthew Moffat in 2nd and Andrew Bisset in 3rd - all 3 on 13 laps . There were several visitors from down south up to have a go including Jane Daniels who was invited to give some youth and other riders the benefit of her experience on the Saturday and showing a lot of riders the way home today.

Full results published click here for Experts to Clubman B . Click here for Sportsman. Click here for full results

More photos click here

Fraser gets the power down

                            Jane Daniels at speed in the trees                             Alex Austin styling on the MX track

Saturday results click here - thanks to John Little for the hard work Updated to include 176,177 and 178 as finishers

Results for Sunday  v3- updated with missing riders. Click here. No 10 start penalty

Well done to Andrew Bisset on his Sunday race win - a difficult day with lots more Lossie sand. Including the "sting in the tail" with even more sand when you thought you had finished !

Saturday had a few problems due to the timekeeper being rushed to hospital - get well soon Bill. Thanks to EEC for another testing event - the rest of the year can only get easier.

Excellent photos on Elgin Endurance Club FB page.  Huntly Motorcycles and DC MX Images


Winner Andrew Bisset (c) DC MX Images


6th March  - Round 2- Tyninghame Links


Youths - summary click here      Full results click here

Adults - summary  click here      Full results click here

Another excellent event from SBEC . Fraser Flockhart had a good run after recovering from his shoulder injury to lead with 14 laps. Kyle Deswert put in the best over 40 for top spot with 13 laps just ahead of Grant Smith - back in the saddle again.  In the Clubman Pawel Reuter also managed 13 laps for the clubman win.

The H&H Championship start in April with Tyninghane no3 - thats the practice over - next time its for points .

The season starts here - SBEC is starting off with 3 rounds of Hare and Hounds at Tyninghame in East Lothian.

14th Feb - Round 1- Tyninghame Links

A great day out - dry and sunny with over 120 riders. Junior race for 1 1/2 hours before the main event - giving new young riders a taste of XC sport.

Main event started at 11:30 in a massive special test type field to warm up the riders before they headed for the woods. Thanks to Stevie Palmer (Adventuromania) for organising such a great days racing and the SBEC and Caroline Thomson (ELRAT) for all the effort that goes into such a big event. And a big thank you to Mr Dale the Landowner for allowing the race on such fantastic ground.

Full results and more photos on Tuesday (check the scottish enduro riders FB group for info)

Results - Summary Adults - click here . Full results - click here

    Summary Youths - click here. Full youth results - click here

Experts won by Ryan Mclean - back from injury and flying. Andrew Bisset in 2nd with Ben Thomson in 3rd

Over 40's won by Kyle Deswert who kept up with the experts on 12 laps. Ahead of the Hipster Mark Ritchie and Gavin Elliot

Clubman won by Pawel Reuter with Jack hall in 2nd with Gary Turner in 3rd

Clubman B was another tight race with Gareth Jamieson managing 11 laps . just ahead of 2nd place Bill Bruce on 10 laps and Graeme Paxton (injury free !) also on 10 laps.

In the Sportsman it was tight on 10 laps withJonathin Hughes taking the win folowed by Shaun Rennie and Brad Craggs.

There was also a new addition for the stars of the future - a youth race.

65's won by Jack Fletcher with Ryan Lowes in 2nd and Christina Palmer in 3rd

85's won by Angus Bruce - looking very smooth all day ahead of James Haddow and Kyle Haddow.

  More photographs - click here


Ryan Maclean


Please also add an ICE no to your entry. This is In Case of Emergency - very important so we know who to call if you get injured or lost. Do not put in your own mobile - but a number we can call to get you some help. And that does not mean 999 !!

Full details of Hare and Hound Championship for 2016 rounds soon.

Rules and regs for the sport now available - ACU Handbook  - Click here

SACU Enduro and H&H Supplementary regs. - Click here

New regs for 2016 - No helmet mounted cameras allowed - but can be bike mounted. This has come from the FIM the world governing body and been endorsed by the ACU and the SACU. Purely as a safety measure - your helmet is there to protect your head. Also there will be more information on procedures following concussion - a very dangerous injury - its not the first knock that injures you - but the second if you don't give your head time to heal - usually about 3 weeks.

If you want more riding - the North East of England Championship rounds are well worth doing . Enduro and XC. See http://www.enduro-neec.org.uk/ for more info and a calendar.

Enduro Illustrated no 12 is now available on line

Click here to view online

Budget rally bikes and a lot more





Trail Bike Magazine is back ! - it's now online and free !!

Click here to view online .

Great bike review of new Yamaha WR250

  Issue no 3 now out .




If you find the sport is interesting and would like to ride or assist then contact a club as we are keen to attract new members to the sport.  There is an over 40's class and a Ladies award, so everyone  can get out and ride.

Enduros in Scotland are organised from March to October with events from the Borders to Inverness . All classes of rider are catered for with Expert, Clubman, Sportsman and over 40's classes.

To compete you  need to be a member of a club and either hold an SACU or ACU  licence - or can get a one day licence at the event. You need to send in an entry form prior to the event, entries are available on this site or from the host club. Events are published in  Trials & Motocross News. If you check the Calendar on this site the  dates and venues of events and training days are listed. The Contacts page has the addresses of the organising clubs.

The aim of Enduro Competition is to complete the course via several checkpoints in a set time. You may not check in early or late without penalty. Generally the top riders go "clean" and the event is then decided on the result of special test times. There will be one or two tests per lap of a moto-X or cross-country type. For the slower riders there is up to a one hour allowance over the set time for the course to achieve a finish.

Enduros are exactly what they say and even to finish is an achievement. So go on - try an event and get out on the hills. There is no other sport like it.

Please look round this site and if you need further information contact the relevant club or e-mail  webmaster @ scottishenduros . co .uk .

Finally, if you are tired of wet and muddy British events have a look at the holidays page. Desert riding or trail riding in Morrocco, Spain, France or Romania. Or the Desert Racing page for Dakar etc links

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