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Welcome to Off Road Motorcycle Sport in Scotland (Enduros) 1999 - 2015

It's the 16th Anniversary of the enduro website - thanks to all my contributors - I can't do it without you !

Welcome to Scottish Enduros 2015.  This site was set up in 1999 as an introduction to the sport. It now contains information on events, results  who to contact and profiles of some of the top Scottish Riders.
The big event each year is the ISDE (in Slovakia 2015) and there will be several training and fund raising days over the season.  
New to the site ? - check the site map first for what's here

Please note that there is no right of access to Scottish forests for trail riding and that unauthorised use may endanger our sport. Ensure you have permission to ride before you go. For a good summary of rights in Scotland see John Rushworths 1999 article stored on this site ( this was pre Land Reform Act so is only a guide ) - click here.

Starting Enduros ? Click here for info on starting. Rules and regs now available on CD - contact the SACU for a copy. Or download at the ACU (2015)  - Click here

Reminder to all competitors throughout the season - all clubs have noise meters and will be testing . So keep it quiet .

    Any queries or info you wish to pass on - please contact me at webmaster @ scottishenduros . co . uk

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H and H

Bon Accord MC SBEC

Elgin Endurance Club

www.Melvillemc.co.uk ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes)ELRAT
Melville Club Page

This space available for your advert - email me for details

Edinburgh's Premier garage and recovery service
: 0131 202 2339 
E: service@robert-brownlie.co.uk


In an effort to improve the site I have joined the 21st Century - I am now on Twitter and will use it to notify of results - regs and any new Enduro stuff. Find me at http ://www.twitter.com/enduroinfo

ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes)ELRAT Coaching day 18th April 2015 and ELRAT Practice Day 19th April 2015

18th April- Coaching day with an SACU Enduro Coach . A full days coaching on bike prep and basic bike skills. Ideal for riders new to the sport or just getting in to it. Only 8 places so get your application in asap. Click here for entry form

This is followed by an Enduro practice day on the 19th April. Similar to last year with a chance to get some time on the bike and also get an introduction to enduros. Aimed at new riders. Click here for an entry form. Up to 30 riders max

Some small hills, logs to cross, ditches and maybe some mud - ideal to practice your bike skills. Advice on hand from club members.


Only one week to go to the British Round at Lossiemouth.

Entries have closed and there is a full field for the event. Congratulations to EEC.

Click here for a link to the online programme



Here's a sneak preview of the intended front cover of the new look 2015 programmes for the BEC. (From Derrick Edmondson)The Elgin Endurance club organising rounds 1 + 2 graced by last years champion Tom Sagar. The season long BEC (From Derek Title sponsor is ourselves Edmondson Racing , Event sponsor HTW and last but not least the "Series " sponsors Metzeler, Putoline, Voltcom, Proseal and P3. The season opener is looking good so if you want your name in the programme, get your entry in fast !


Following on from the BEC there will be an ELRAT practice day near Stirling (Hopefully with coaching) then the Bon Accord 2 Day Enduro at Lumsden. Now we just need some sun and no more rain.


The first event of the year is the British Enduro Championship 2 Day event at Lossiemouth

Run by the Elgin Endurance Club - and a firm favourite in the calendar. This year it is all off road.


Barry is keeping up to date info on www.elginenduranceclub.com


SACU Championship Enduro dates for 2015.

After much discussion and to allow the ISDE riders time to enter the Scottish rounds the following dates are announced.

The 1st Enduro will be a British round at Lossie -all off road - so Scottish riders are encouraged to enter as well.

Bon Accord are having a 2 day event at Lumsden with some changes added after reviewing last years event .

http://www.scottishenduros.co.uk/99/images2007/acu.jpgElgin Endurance Club                        4/5 April  Lossiemouth  British Enduro Championship

Scottish Championship Enduro Dates for 2015  


Bon Accord                             25/26 April                          Lumsden

Melville MC                             27/28 Jun                             Selkirk

EEC                                        23 Aug                                  Monaughty

ELRAT                                     27 Sept                                 Griffin

 Scottish Hare and Hound Championship Dates for 2015

 SBEC                                      24 May                                 Glendearg

Melville MC                               7 Jun                                   West Linton

SBEC                                        20 Sep                                 Glendearg

EEC                                         25 Oct                              Elgin


  Enduro Regs for 2014 - up date

Changes to Enduro regs for 2014. (No changes to Hare and Hound Regs)

Return to one class for Experts . Sportsman class remains points scoring for 2015. There was a lot of discussion about the class with some newcomers worried about starting in a Championship class and some discussion on very fast times in the class. The top riders still get moved up to Clubman B at the end of the season.

In Enduros - The Expert class - all rounds count for Championship. In all other classes no change - one round can be dropped if all rounds completed and there are more than 3 rounds.

I would also remind all riders that the Enduro Committee is a voluntary position and members are voted on at the AGM in February. New members are always welcome and there will be vacancies - so put your hand up.

Get your club forms for 2014 and then get your competition licence so you are ready for the new season.

ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes) ELRAT Membership forms 2015 now available for download - click here .

Melville MC membership forms for 2015 - click here

SBEC Membership form for 2015 - click here

  Bon Accord membership forms for click here

  Elgin Endurance Club membership forms for 2015 Click here

The new handbook for 2015 is now available on the ACU website. It can be downloaded in PDF format. Click here




The final event of the season was the SACU OFF ROAD SPEED Awards at Dunfermline.

Congratulations to all our Champions - well done on a hard fought season.

Nathan Maclean finally made it after a scenic tour of Dunfermline - and Ben Thomson had to limp on to the stage to collect his trophies and medals after a broken foot in practice. Thanks to all who managed to attend





Enduro race numbers for 2015.

Click here for the 2015 list of numbers reserved so far.

Reserve your Enduro race number now for 2015 - any 2014 numbers not claimed by 1st December may be reassigned

There have been a few comments over riders not getting to use their reserved number.

The numbers are reserved for Enduros - but can also be used for Hare and Hound - however Hare and Hound also has riders from Motocross who also have preferred numbers on their bikes and shirts. So first come gets the number if there is a problem.

Riders with a licence or applying for a day licence can now reserve a riding number for the season. Please submit your request for a number to webmaster @ scottishenduros .co . uk and I will keep an updated list.

The first 3 numbers are reserved for our Expert Champions - 1 - Frazer Norrie  2  - Fraser Flockhart 3 - Richard Hay

The class numbers are as below. If you do not have a licence then you can apply for a number as soon as the regs are published for an event and you wish to enter on a day licence.

Expert                 01 ->39  Over 40              40 ->99  Club                     100->149  Club  B               150->199  Sportsmen        200 -> .

  newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) Licences for 2015. 2014 Licences are valid until January 31st 2015.  Day licences will be available at all events during the season

1) Join a club. You need to be a club member to get a licence.
2) Get a licence application form from your club secretary and send in with a photo and fee to get a full licence valid from 1st Jan.

English and Irish Riders - all very welcome. All you need is your ACU/MCUI race licence. Join an English/Irish club and get an ACU race licence. Accepted at all Scottish races (and MCUI ones). You do not need to get a Scottish licence to race in Scotland.




If you find the sport is interesting and would like to ride or assist then contact a club as we are keen to attract new members to the sport.  There is an over 40's class and a Ladies award, so everyone  can get out and ride.

Enduros in Scotland are organised from March to October with events from the Borders to Inverness . All classes of rider are catered for with Expert, Clubman, Sportsman and over 40's classes.

To compete you  need to be a member of a club and either hold an SACU or ACU  licence - or can get a one day licence at the event. You need to send in an entry form prior to the event, entries are available on this site or from the host club. Events are published in  Trials & Motocross News. If you check the Calendar on this site the  dates and venues of events and training days are listed. The Contacts page has the addresses of the organising clubs.

The aim of Enduro Competition is to complete the course via several checkpoints in a set time. You may not check in early or late without penalty. Generally the top riders go "clean" and the event is then decided on the result of special test times. There will be one or two tests per lap of a moto-X or cross-country type. For the slower riders there is up to a one hour allowance over the set time for the course to achieve a finish.

Enduros are exactly what they say and even to finish is an achievement. So go on - try an event and get out on the hills. There is no other sport like it.

Please look round this site and if you need further information contact the relevant club or e-mail  webmaster @ scottishenduros . co .uk .

Finally, if you are tired of wet and muddy British events have a look at the holidays page. Desert riding or trail riding in Morrocco, Spain, France or Romania. Or the Desert Racing page for Dakar etc links

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