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It's the 25th Anniversary of the Enduro website - 1999 - 2024.

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Welcome to Scottish Enduros 2024.  This site was set up in 1999 by Charlie Mackenzie as an introduction to the sport. It contains information on events, results  and who to contact.
Please note that there is no right of access to Scottish forests for trail riding and that unauthorised use may endanger our sport. Ensure you have permission to ride before you go.

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Rules and Regs for 2024.

The ACU Handbook for 2024 can be found here. https://www.acu.org.uk/ridersmembers/acu-library.aspx

The SACU Enduro Regs for 2024 here. downloads2024\Enduro Standing Regs 2024 Ver 1.4_KM.pdf

The SACU Hare and Hounds Regs for 2024 here. downloads2024\Hare and Hound Standing Regs 2024 Ver 1.2_KM.pdf


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2024 Reserved Riding Numbers

Enduro Riding Nos - now available for 2024. Scottishenduros has agreed to host the Enduro riding nos. again for 2024

Existing number holders can reserve their number again before 1st Jan 2024. After that all numbers are available

Click here for the number booking page and full details .


Membership forms for 2024

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Latest News


19th Feb 2024

Photos from February CEC practice day at Kilsyth. More photos here - CEC Practice Feb 2024

An excellent track giving riders 20 - 40 minutes a lap depending on speed. Lots of wee hills and big stubble fields to get up to speed on.

16th Feb 2024

  Scottish Borders practice day - 10th March 2024 - entries now available .

Enter here - https://elrat.co.uk/sbec

Check out their FB page for more details https://www.facebook.com/p/Scottish-Borders-Enduro-Club-100068948263444/

A proper Enduro loop to get some practice on. Ideal for all riders and good to get some early practice in.

23rd January 2023

Watch out - thieves in action in Perthshire.  Apparently there is a gang doing the rounds breaking into garages.

This looks like a targeted theft so lock up your bikes - remove wheel spindles & keep them out of sight. Ground anchors are good as they are noisy to deal with.

This is a KTM 250 ECX -F that has been stolen - please pass any info on to the Police.

 21st December 2023

Enduro and H&H dates for 2024 now out .The news you have all been waiting for.

Download a PDF here

A full season of racing to keep you busy. If you are not riding why not help out the clubs as they need volunteers.

13th December 2023.

  A new Enduro Club in the central region of Scotland has been formed. Starting off as a practice and training club.

Full details at https://phonephil.com/central-enduro-club-cec

1st December 2023

    Enduro Riding Nos - now available for 2024. Scottishenduros has agreed to host the Enduro riding nos. again for 2024

After 1st Jan 2024 all numbers are available

Click here for the number booking page and full details .

27th October 2023

With the final round cancelled the 2023 Hare and Hounds Championship is now complete

Update to Clubman B Class - Alister Barr 2nd with 2 X 2nd places

Final standings here with any dropped rounds accounted for. results2023\Hare and hounds champ 2023 ver1 .pdf

Another close and exciting season with some classes down to the last round.  It is great to see the young guns progressing through the classes and fighting all the way.

In other classes there were some close battles all year as some of the more senior riders continue to chase titles.

Thank you to to all the clubs for their efforts in putting on events during the season in theses testing times.

Congratulations to all the new Champions for 2023.

Our new Champions for 2023 in Hare and Hounds

Expert Class

1st Andrew Bisset 2nd Sam Boyd 3rd Equal Ben Thomson and Ricky Mair

Over 40 Class

1st James Harvey 2nd Ian Bisset 3rd Owen Gourlay

Clubman Class

1st Robbie Davidson 2nd Alex Pringle 3rd Cai Hewitt

Clubman B Class

1st Chris Gallagher  2nd Alister Barr 3rd Richard Cowan (Updated 27/10/23)

Over 50 Class

1st Andrew Flockhart 2nd Neil Dawson 3rd Peter Nixon

Sportsman Class

1st Kyle Currie 2nd Jed Burn 3rd Billy Campbell

Sportsman Vets Class

1st Steven Clark 2nd Bill Bruce 3rd Alan Strachan

10th September 2023

Provisional Final Enduro Championship Points Standings for 2023

Click here for the points table .

After an exciting season long contest the Champions are finally decided. In several classes the battle went down to the final round .

During the season it was hard work separating the class winners are they were often only seconds apart after 5 hours racing and numerous special tests.

Thanks to all the clubs who made a massive effort over the year to organise and set out fantastic courses for riders to compete over.

Thank you to all the riders who took part and supported the Championship.

And congratulations to all the Champions for 2023.

Scottish Enduro Champions 2023

Expert Class

1st Andrew Bisset 2nd Sam Boyd 3rd Ben Thomson

Expert B Class

1st Calum Hill 2nd Alastair Millar 3rd = Steven Craig and Ryan Paxton

Over 40 Class

1st James Harvey 2nd Darren Cousins 3rd Ian Bisset

Clubman Class

1st Robbie Davidson 2nd Cai Hewitt 3rd David MacGillivray

Clubman B Class

1st Gavin Donald 2nd Alister Barr 3rd Thomas Malcolm

Clubman Over 50 Class

1st Robbie Allan 2nd Neil Dawson 3rd Andrew Flockhart

Sportsman Class

1st Derri Forde 2nd Tom Massey 3rd Neil H Alexander

Sportsman Over 50 Class

1st Phil Hewitt 2nd Bill Bruce 3rd Steven Clarke

Advice for securing bikes

Chain them to the floor or a wall in a garage or secure shed.

Remove wheel spindles so the bike can't be pushed away.

If in an outside shed use a baby monitor so you can hear if anyone is in the shed.

Alarm your bike store.

Keep helmets separate so they cant use them to ride away.

Avoid having bike specific stickers on your vehicle if it is parked at your house.  

When selling a bike - before you show the buyer the bike photograph them and their vehicle. Take a photo of their driving licence.

Remove a wheel spindle and disconnect the spark plug before they arrive.

Do not give any documents until cheque or cash is paid into bank. If the buyer objects - say goodbye.

If possible ask your local police station if you could sell the bike at their premises - crooks will not want to be at a Police Station.

At events - Safety advice. Check your vehicles for trackers before you leave. Watch out for any vehicles following you.

At events photograph any suspicious people or vehicle taking an interest in bikes.


NOTE ON HELMETS - IMPORTANT. Check before you turn up at an event


Helmets will only pass scrutineering for racing if they carry an ACU gold sticker attached. (All helmets sold as suitable for "ACU competition" will have the stamp affixed by the dealer.

If your helmet does not have an ACU sticker attached contact the dealer to ask for the sticker. Helmets can be assessed by the ACU or SACU by posting in the helmet and paying a 15 certification fee - which includes return postage.

Helmet or body mounted cameras are prohibited. Cameras may be mounted on the motorcycle.


If you want more riding - the North East of England Championship rounds are well worth doing . Enduro and XC. See http://www.enduro-neec.org.uk/ for more info and a calendar.


If you find the sport is interesting and would like to ride or assist then contact a club as we are keen to attract new members to the sport.  There is an over 40's class and a Ladies award, so everyone  can get out and ride.

Enduros in Scotland are organised from March to October with events from the Borders to Inverness . All classes of rider are catered for with Expert, Clubman, Sportsman and over 40's classes.

To compete you  need to be a member of a club and either hold an SACU or ACU  licence - or can get a one day licence at the event. You need to send in an entry form prior to the event, entries are available on this site or from the host club.

The aim of Enduro Competition is to complete the course via several checkpoints in a set time. You may not check in early or late without penalty. Generally the top riders go "clean" and the event is then decided on the result of special test times. There will be one or two tests per lap of a Moto-X or cross-country type. For the slower riders there is up to a one hour allowance over the set time for the course to achieve a finish.

Enduros are exactly what they say and even to finish is an achievement. So go on - try an event and get out on the hills. There is no other sport like it.

Please look round this site and if you need further information contact the relevant club or e-mail  webmaster @ scottishenduros . co .uk .


The views expressed on this site are those of the webmaster unless stated otherwise. Information posted on this site is posted in good faith but the webmaster cannot be held responsible for inaccurate content supplied.

All content is copyright  (c) Scottish Enduros. Please contact the webmaster Charlie Mackenzie if you wish to reproduce the content.

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