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Welcome to Off Road Motorcycle Sport in Scotland (Enduros) 1999 - 2017

It's the 19th Anniversary of the enduro website - thanks to all my contributors - I can't do it without you !

Welcome to Scottish Enduros 2018.  This site was set up in 1999 as an introduction to the sport. It now contains information on events, results  who to contact and profiles of some of the top Scottish Riders.
The big event each year is the ISDE (in CHILE in  2018) and there will be several training and fund raising days over the season.  
New to the site ? - check the site map first for what's here

Please note that there is no right of access to Scottish forests for trail riding and that unauthorised use may endanger our sport. Ensure you have permission to ride before you go. For a good summary of rights in Scotland see John Rushworths 1999 article stored on this site ( this was pre Land Reform Act so is only a guide ) - click here.

Starting Enduros ? Click here for info on starting. Rules and regs for the sport are available on the SACU website www.sacu.co.uk

Reminder to all competitors throughout the season - all clubs have noise meters and will be testing . So keep it quiet .

    Any queries or info you wish to pass on - please contact me at webmaster @ scottishenduros . co . uk

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Beginners start here - Beginners     Technique .   Some videos of events  Yellowhattv.com

Previous years results and reports - Enduro Results     Hare  and Hound  Results     ISDE   Scots AWA  ( Scots racing elsewhere )

Some general info Bike Holidays  ( other riders recommended)  Racing nos Pre cut nos and backgrounds

 Some info on rules and regs for the new year -   SACU Regs (being updated for 2018).   GB Enduros Enduronews.com

Want to get into  Desert Racing have a look at some previous riders advice.

Clubs Bon Accord MC

Web Elgin Endurance Club  FB Click here

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Melville Club Page

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In an effort to improve the site I have joined the 21st Century - I am now on Twitter and will use it to notify of results - regs and any new Enduro stuff. Find me at http ://www.twitter.com/enduroinfo  

Reserved race numbers for 2018 - Book your number for 2018 now

Expert    01 ->39  Over 40     40 ->99  Clubman   100->199 | Over 50 200 - 230 & 631 - 660|Club  B  231 - 299 & 661 -700  Sportsmen   300 -> .

Click here for the 2018 Reserved No List. Email webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk to confirm or reserve your number. The numbers are reserved for Enduros - but can also be used for Hare and Hound - however Hare and Hound also has riders from Motocross who also have preferred numbers on their bikes and shirts. So first come gets the number if there is a problem. Due to the high number of riders in certain classes the number range was extended this year and lead to split numbering for classes

Experts 1 - 39     Over 40 40 - 99    Clubman 100 - 199   Over 50  200 - 230 & 631 -660     Clubman B 231 - 299 & 661 - 700 Sportsman with ladies included - 300 onwards

Please note the minimum age entering Enduro is 16. For entering Hare and Hounds it is 15 for entry in the adult class if you have previous competition experience (eg MX) . The minimum age for entry in Youth events is 8.

bullet Click here for 2017 Hare and Hounds SACU Regs              
bullet Click here for 2017 Enduro SACU Regs

1st Dec. All numbers now available.

Please note the over 50 class will run Blue backgrounds with white letters


Upcoming events

Results for Ecossexc  Saturday Day/Night race and Sunday National https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1492779


First Championship Enduro Dirt Bike Evolution at Thirlestane , near Lauder - 11th March  Regs available on www.dirtbikeevolution.com  soon

  First Championship Hare and Hound - Ecosse XC at Tyninghame  25th March

ISDE 2018 - this will be run in Chile. Last time there was 11 years ago.

Any riders who may be considering entering the event in Chile should contact the SACU office to express an interest.

Email office@sacu.co.uk before the end of January

As in previous years this will be self funding and riders must be competing at Expert level in the British and Scottish Enduro Championships.



The dates for 2018 are now here. A full calendar of 12 Championship Enduro dates including 3 x 2 day weekends. There is also a British Championship event to be run by the new DirtBike Evolution Club. Plenty to keep you busy.

The Hare and Hound Championship now has 9 rounds and will extend throughout the year to be a 14 month season - finishing with a round on 2nd December.

Download the complete list here  as a PDF


SACU OFFROAD SPEED Licences for 2018. 2017 Licences are valid until January 31st 2018.  Day licences will be available at all events during the season

1) Join a club. You need to be a club member to get a licence.
2) Get a licence application form from your club secretary and send in with a photo and fee to get a full licence valid from 1st Jan.

English Riders - all very welcome. All you need is your ACU race licence. Join an English club and get an ACU race licence. Accepted at all Scottish races . You do not need to get a Scottish licence to race in Scotland.

The following clubs have their 2018 membership forms ready to go.

ELRAT LOGO - web.jpg (8255 bytes) ELRAT Membership forms 2018 now available. Join online at http://elrat.co.uk/membership-application-form  or download a form here  . Get online membership, online event entries , a club awards night. A friendly club looking for more helpers to set out a new forest. New range of club clothing on the way

Bon Accord 2018 forms - join online at http://www.bamcc.co.uk/membership.html

  Elgin Endurance Club  - join online at www.elginenduranceclub.co.uk

 DirtBike Evolution - join online here

Scottish Borders Enduro Club - download a form here  or join online http://elrat.co.uk/sbecmembership

   Ecosse XC - www.ecossexc.co.uk

ran  the first round of the 2018 SACU Hare and Hound Championship on 5th of November at Lauder

Final Full Results - Click Here


5th of November and lots of fireworks. A fantastic new championship venue set out by Steven Currie and his team for the 1st round of 2018 SACU H&H chanpionship. Adding on extra stubble fields for the existing wooded practice area produced a fast and flowing track - with some very rapid riders out racing today.

With electronic timing showing the positions as they day went out the leaders pushed hard. Andrew Bisset showed real grit when he ran out of fuel downhill from the pits - but pushed the bike in unassisted to refuel and then head off after the leaders.

With some new names on the results it looks like being a hard fought championship for 2018.

With sun all day the track stayed in perfect condition and was enjoyed by a large crowd of spectators.

Provisional results

Expert 1st place James Dent - 2nd Ryan Ireland  3rd Dean Reid

Over 40 James Harvey in 1st pushed hard by veteran rider Rickard McVicker with Ian Bisset in 3rd

Clubman 1st James Barrack 2nd Andrew Currie and David Scott in 3rd

Clubman B Car lHowes led them home followed by iain Henderson and Angus Bruce

Over 50 Andrew Maben looking to retain his title again this year . Duncan McCormick -always a threat in 2nd and Robbie Allan pushed hard for 3rd

Sportsman George McBeth pushed for the win with Carlton Timmins in 2nd and Matty Cameron in 3rd.

Many to thanks to the landwowner for such a fantastic venue - and well done to DirtBike Evolution on a great first championship event .


   More photos here


Point Standings for 2017. Please check your points - email me if you note an error.



Congratulations to our new H&H Champions for 2017.

Expert Champion Andrew Bisset. 2nd Place Dean Reid. 3rd Place Ben Thomson

Over 40 Champion Mark Ritchie. 2nd Place Ian Bisset. 3rd Place Craig Mackenzie

Clubman Champion Ben Mitchell. 2nd Place Ryan Paxton. 3rd Place Duane Whittaker.

Ben Mitchell and Ryan Paxton promoted to Expert Class

Over 50 Champion Andy Dean. 2nd Place Bill Bruce. 3rd Place Hugh O'Neill

Clubman "B" Champion Andrew Currie. 2nd Place Gareth Jamieson. 3rd Place Nial Patton

Andrew Currie and Gareth Jamieson promoted to Clubman Class

Sportsman Champion Angus Bruce. 2nd Place James Haddow. 3rd Place Mike Glass

Angus Bruce, James Haddow and Mike Glass promoted to Clubman "B" Class

Please check your points and let me know of any errors.  webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk


Congratulations to our new Enduro Champions for 2017.

Expert Champion Fergus Lamb. 2nd place Andrew Bisset. 3rd place Stuart Mack

Over 40 Champion Steven Currie Snr. 2nd place Nicky Beavitt. 3rd Mark Ritchie

Clubman Champion Ross Hamilton. 2nd place Ben Mitchell. 3rd place Steven Anderson.

Ross Hamilton promoted to Expert Class

Over 50 Champion Andrew Maben. 2nd place Russel Thomson. 3rd place Neil McGregor

Clubman B Champion Andrew Currie. 2nd place Gareth Jamieson. 3rd place Niall McCallum

Andrew Currie promoted to Clubman Class

Sportsman Champion Max Hamilton. 2nd place Danny Conroy. 3rd place Bill Taylor

Max Hamilton, Danny Conroy and Bill Taylor promoted to Clubman "B" Class.

 Please check your points and let me know of any errors.  webmaster @ scottishenduros.co.uk

Over 50 Class

Due to the success of the Over 50 class with high interest shown at all rounds it has been awarded full Championship status for 2017. This means Clubman B will not have any Over 50 riders now. Caroline Thomson has generously offered to put up the trophy for the new Over 50 class.



Advice for securing bikes - chain them to the floor or a wall in a garage or secure shed. Remove wheel spindles so the bike can't be pushed away. If in an outside shed use a baby monitor so you can hear if anyone is in the shed. Alarm your bike store. Keep helmets separate so they cant use them to ride away.

When selling a bike - before you show the buyer the bike photograph them and their vehicle. Take a photo of their driving licence.

Remove a wheelspindle and disconnect the spark plug before they arrive. Do not give any documents until cheque or cash is paid into bank. If the buyer objects - say goodbye.

If possible ask your local police station if you could sell the bike at their premises - crooks will not want to be at a Police Station.

NOTE ON HELMETS - IMPORTANT. Check before you turn up at an event

Helmets will only pass scrutinering for racing if they carry an ACU gold or silver sticker attached. All helmets sold as suitable for "ACU competition" will have the stamp affixed by the dealer.

If your helmet does not have an ACU sticker attached contact the dealer to ask for the sticker. Helmets can be assessed by the ACU or SACU by posting in the helmet and paying a 15 certification fee - which includes return postage.

Check the regs in the 2016 ACU Handbook - https://www.acu.org.uk/Uploaded/1/Documents/2016%20Handbook/ACU%20HANDBOOK_2016.pdf page 89.


If you want more riding - the North East of England Championship rounds are well worth doing . Enduro and XC. See http://www.enduro-neec.org.uk/ for more info and a calendar.




If you find the sport is interesting and would like to ride or assist then contact a club as we are keen to attract new members to the sport.  There is an over 40's class and a Ladies award, so everyone  can get out and ride.

Enduros in Scotland are organised from March to October with events from the Borders to Inverness . All classes of rider are catered for with Expert, Clubman, Sportsman and over 40's classes.

To compete you  need to be a member of a club and either hold an SACU or ACU  licence - or can get a one day licence at the event. You need to send in an entry form prior to the event, entries are available on this site or from the host club. Events are published in  Trials & Motocross News. If you check the Calendar on this site the  dates and venues of events and training days are listed. The Contacts page has the addresses of the organising clubs.

The aim of Enduro Competition is to complete the course via several checkpoints in a set time. You may not check in early or late without penalty. Generally the top riders go "clean" and the event is then decided on the result of special test times. There will be one or two tests per lap of a moto-X or cross-country type. For the slower riders there is up to a one hour allowance over the set time for the course to achieve a finish.

Enduros are exactly what they say and even to finish is an achievement. So go on - try an event and get out on the hills. There is no other sport like it.

Please look round this site and if you need further information contact the relevant club or e-mail  webmaster @ scottishenduros . co .uk .

Finally, if you are tired of wet and muddy British events have a look at the holidays page. Desert riding or trail riding in Morrocco, Spain, France or Romania. Or the Desert Racing page for Dakar etc links

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