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Enduro Championship - Reserved race numbers for 2024 - Book your number for 2024 

Email charlie@scottishenduros.co.uk to book your 2024 race no.


Click here for the 2024 Reserved No List.( Open to all riders after 1st Jan 2024)

Existing riders can rebook their 2023 no before 1st Jan 2024. After 1st Jan 2024 all riders can book nos


If you need to change class or havenít got your number organised - now is the time to get sorted

Email charlie @ scottishenduros.co.uk to confirm or reserve your number. The numbers are reserved for Enduros - but can also be used for Hare and Hound - however Hare and Hounds also has riders from Motocross who also have preferred numbers on their bikes and shirts. So first come gets the number if there is a problem. Due to the high number of riders in certain classes the number range was extended and lead to split numbering for classes

Classes and riding Nos.

Expert Class 01 - 29

Expert B Class . Runs on Expert laps but extra time allowance 30 - 39

Over 40 Class.  Runs on Clubman Laps and times 40 -99

Clubman 100 -199

Over 50 class . Runs on Clubman B Laps and times 200 - 230

Clubman B 231 - 299 & 661 -700

Sportsman and Over 50 Vets. Runs on Sportsman laps and times 300 onwards

Ladies Class. Runs on Sportsman times. 300 onwards

Number backgrounds

Expert A   01 ->29  Expert B 30-39 

Over 40     40 ->99                          

Clubman   100->199                       

Over 50 200 - 230 & 631 - 660       

Club  B  231 - 299 & 661 -700        

Sportsmen + Over 50 Vets   300 -> Ö.                  

Please note the minimum age entering Enduro is 16. For entering Hare and Hounds it is 15 for entry in the adult class if you have previous competition experience (eg MX) . The minimum age for entry in Youth events is 8.


Note for entrants to all events

Please ensure your riding numbers are clear and distinct.

White nos on a yellow background are hard to read as you fly past a check 27   . As are black or white on orange   27 

White on white or black on black with the numbers outlined are also hard to read

And numbers very close together are hard to read.

Please use the correct colour background and numbers

Green or red background with white nos - Expert

Yellow background with black nos - clubman classes

Blue background with white nos Over 40 Clubman /Over 50 Clubman

Black background with white nos Sportsman classes.

Please help the timing people - Thanks  :-)