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SACU Hare and Hound Championship 2015

Melville MC West Linton 7th June 2015

After the previous days horrendous wind and rain it was a great day out at the popular East Lothian Track. Stevie Gilhooley and the crew put in a massive amount of work to rebuild a track after the storm force gales. With parts of the track run in reverse it was a new look to an old favourite.

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Young gun and experienced Rider. Good to see Neil Chatham and Trevor Hay

Stevie points out the way to go

Over 40's - scary bunch.


All clean and well behaved . . .

They are ready for  hours of fun

And they are off

Andrew Bisset gets the holeshot

Clubman B get going

Downhill on the front wheel

1989 was a good year for Hondas

In the distance you can just see the bog. .

So who ate all the pies then ?

Drop off

Fly off

Flying high

Lets get going

Andrew flies

The chase is on ..

Now we have a race


Right lets get going - UP - OVER - Damn - At last a marshall ! :-)  (At least the Evil Snapper can't see me ?)

A Freeride in mid air

Neil C flying

Border raider coming in to land

Rab on the way up

Getting some air time

Spot the Motocrosser

Rab Moir on the way down

Keeping it up all day

Mike - too bright for the camera

The chase is on

That's all folk !!


One last high flyer