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Melville MC West Linton Hare and Hound 2009


Report by Campbell Chatham Click here

Another great event - with a fun hill climb on the Saturday. Thanks to the farmer for the Hog Roast in the evening.

Video of Hill Climb from Rab Moir Click here.   Rab's video of the Hare and Hound  Click here for video 1     click here for video 2

Pics by Scottishenduros.

wl02a.jpg (31641 bytes)

Murray tries the Ian Bell starting method

wl03a.jpg (22198 bytes)

And they are off !!

wl04a.jpg (18984 bytes)

The starting hill

wl06.jpg (29374 bytes)

Rogers summers gets some air

wl07.jpg (25256 bytes)

Stewart Gilchrist flying

wl08.jpg (31599 bytes)

Jim Dodds high flier

wl09.jpg (28883 bytes)

Jim Baxter


wl10.jpg (28071 bytes)

Peter Clark finds it steep

wl11.jpg (41145 bytes)

Grant Gray on the hill

wl12.jpg (29912 bytes)

Alex Austin on the boil

wl13.jpg (33066 bytes)

Hamish Patrick at speed

wl14.jpg (34488 bytes)

Neil Simpson styling

wl15.jpg (40278 bytes)

Bob Jack in the gully

wl16.jpg (40933 bytes)

Stewart Gilchrist

wl17.jpg (25857 bytes)

No bogs this year

wl18.jpg (24776 bytes)

Paul White pushing

wl19.jpg (20581 bytes)

Phil Macintosh

wl20.jpg (18837 bytes)

Stuart Ross gets it on

wl21.jpg (18078 bytes)

Michael Rathbone gets it up

wl22.jpg (20307 bytes)

Murray as usual - at speed

wl23.jpg (18940 bytes)

Steven Currie Jnr moving on

wl24.jpg (19176 bytes)

Mike Dunn passing Rod Mitchell

wl25.jpg (18704 bytes)

Allyn Scotland in the quarry

wl26.jpg (19321 bytes)

Steven moving faster !

wl27.jpg (19283 bytes)

At last the finish !


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