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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2010 Hare and Hound Championship

Round 5 Bon Accord MCC - Tinto Moto 30th May 2010

Results to be confirmed  - Click here Final results from Di Stuart Click here

This was the first Hare and Hound at Robbie Allan's new Tinto Moto Off Road Park. An excellent venue where there was a fast MX track to start - followed by some nice hills and then a blast across the very scenic moors back to some tricky off camber descents.

The weather stayed dry all day - with only a bit of dust on the MX track.

And another first for Scotland - Cheerleaders - entertained the riders before they started the race. All in - a great first race at Tinto

Won by Derek Little by 11 seconds over the day from Drew Harvey. Cambrian Timing brought up their transponder system to demo it - live results all day - and uploaded to the Internet . See full provisional results at www.live-times.co.uk . There were a couple of late riders not on transponders - wait for Di Stuart's official results later.

Experts Derek Little, Drew Harvey , Kagen McKenzie

Clubmen Fraser Flockhart, David McArthur , Liam Beaty

Clubman 'B' Roddy Clarke, Hamish Oag,  William Beaty

Over 40  Steven Currie Snr, Davie Hill, Alex Kirk

Sportsmen Alastair Wark, Ross Hilton, Lee Philip

Excellent pics available from www.tom-bone.com  Also Bill McGregor at  www.aslq88.dsl.pipex.com/tinto/index.html

More pics from www.tracksport-images.co.uk   (including one of me stuck in a bog ..)     

As usual this year Neil Hewitt was there taking video -. Check his website where you can buy videos of all the races this year . http://www.yellowhattv.com/ See a clip at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Aijj14mFJo  A donation from each video goes to the ISDE fund. 

Photos from Scottishenduros - pics and large posters always available

Orange County in from the sighting lap - past the transponder loop

What are they watching ?

Oops it's over there now ....

Derek eases a little stiffness


Ah Ha The CHEERLEADERS - well done girls - braving a strong wind and rough ground.

Andy Gray gets a good start

Rick leads the Clubmen

Pic from Bill McGregor - ta

A bit dusty in a crowd

Steven Currie Jnr -

Liam Beaty at speed

Hamish goes for the pass

Liam tries the MX track

Neil Simpson gets some air

Bill Bruce emerges from the clouds

Your video man Phil Hewitt on his new 450

Rob Farrell gets airborne

As kagen flies

Duane Whittaker powers on

SACU - keeps it all safe and well run.

The chase is on

David Macarthur keeps getting faster

Gordon - have you lost something ? .....didn't slow him down though.

Scott Miller looking good

Kyle Johnstone - presses on

Derek shows why he is still No 1

Davy Hill digs in - what scenery !

A beautiful track - Hamish keeps his eyes front

Keith Watt crests one of the big hills - great track.

Kagen still flying - pic from Campbell - ta !

Gordon - who needs a front mudguard .....

Fraser Flockhart wins the "roost of the day"  award