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This page is to give you a guide as to what is on the site and where to find things.

A couple of points on the site. Most photos are thumbnails - small pics - click on them to get a bigger and better quality picture. A lot of items are HYPERLINKED. This means you click on the item to link to the relevant page. Looks like this .

If you want to suggest improvements - let me know.

SACU                 The home page for contacting the SACU. List of officials. Enduro committee reports - where available.
Contacts            List of clubs in Scotland and contacts. Links to other useful sites
Calendar             Details of Scottish Events and other British dates. Some rallies
Regulations        Details of events and regs available to download  in Word and PDF format
Results               Results of events when notified - usually the Tuesday following
Rider Profiles    Brief profile of some of the well known and not so well known. Send me your details if you want on the page
ISDE                   Usually has details of this years ISDE and events to support it. Report on the event
Technique        How to ride at speed off road.What you need to do on the day - time cards etc. Questions ? - let me know.
Moto Aventures    Desert riding in Morocco. See the photos then ride it
Shop Window    List of shops I know about - If I don't use them I don't write about them!
Scots Awa         New page with details of any Scots based rider and their results in ACU and World Competition
For Sale             Have a guess !
ACU Rules        Important extracts from the ACU handbook. New rules for this year. READ IT - it is important
Bike Tests       
Reports by real riders and how they set up their machine.
Services          Recommended by riders - good service and worth using.
Product Tests   
Tests of new accessories or essential items by local riders. Have you a favourite product - let me know
            A new page for organisers of events. Will contain all you need to know to set up an event. If I forget something - let me know.


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