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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2008 Championship ENDURO

Round 3 ELRAT MCC Shiplaw Enduro

18th May 2008


Been there and done it - got the T-shirt.  Shiplaw was a classic Scottish enduro ( despite the bobble hat brigade stealing the tape and arrows from half the course) - where the course was part of the event and the test was the hardest part. The course was built by Craig White and Stewart Blackadder - their first as Clerk of the course - but hopefully not their last.

With the top riders ready there was also an Expert loop to give them extra mileage while the Clubman and Sportsman took the road for the second half of the event. The first half of the course was mostly tunnels through the trees and a fairly fast blast in places - just a wee gully to get across then a big downhill to the road.

The second half of the course was uphill from the road and down to the test where it started to get tough. The bogs in the test started to cut up after the second lap and only the experts did all their tests as the last test was cut for most riders.

Then a blast back to the start with a few bogs to keep the riders fit. And all this in sunshine !

With Richard Hay back in Scottish events more regularly the other Experts have to push harder this year. Derek Little took his first win of the year to keep his title hopes on track. Richard lost points getting off the start line then had to push hard for the rest of the day to finish 2nd. Murray Thomson kept ahead of Grant Smith for 3rd by only 1 second over the day. Neil Chatham continues to develop with good times on a tough course.

In the Over 40's Ian Paterson took a good win in his home forest by 1 second from Sean Wooley.  Followed in 3rd by former Champ Ivan and Hugh O'Neill. Ex MXer Davy Hill getting to grips with Enduro in 5th

Frazer Norrie in his first season posted some impresive times to win the Clubman class and give the Experts a fright.  Douglas Page put in a great ride for second with Mark Ritchie in 3rd. Duncan McCormick enjoyed the event and had a great 4th.

In the Clubman 'B' Kenny Donladson had a good win from Joe Heron and Callum Hayes with Gordoin McGregor in 4th. The extra time on the schedule persuading some Sportsmen to move up for the extra lap.

Jamie Humpage found some great speed in the test for his first win in a difficult event. Billy Robinson had a good ride for 2nd ahead of Dirtbike-trax organiser John Francis.

fc.jpg (30517 bytes)Our thanks to Forestry Commission Scotland for their help in setting up the course and permission for the event.


Pics by Scottish Enduros

sh01.jpg (178655 bytes)

John Francis - Mr Dirtbike-Trax

sh02.jpg (130028 bytes)Daniel Palmer blasts the tunnels sh03.jpg (148169 bytes)

Followed by Gordon McGregor

sh04.jpg (151714 bytes)

The Road at 1/2 way

sh05.jpg (189959 bytes)

Back up the quarry into the forest

sh06.jpg (125310 bytes)

David Vass on the big hill

sh07.jpg (146980 bytes)

Stuart Jess keeps on going

sh08.jpg (125888 bytes)

Gav (wot not Husky?) at speed with no bits falling off

sh09.jpg (119395 bytes)

Pawel Reuter waits for the test

sh10.jpg (113964 bytes)

Quick break before the test

sh11.jpg (115585 bytes)

Lou and Rosie start you off

sh12.jpg (84432 bytes)

Steve and Tracey at the 'B' s

sh13.jpg (115612 bytes)

Remember this bit

sh14.jpg (140931 bytes)

He does - but he finished

sh15.jpg (166686 bytes)

Unknown warrior - gives the thumbs up

sh16.jpg (126785 bytes)

Grant Smith by the deer fence

sh17.jpg (157124 bytes)

Murray Thomson keeps feet up

sh18.jpg (132253 bytes)

Billy Robinson finds it tough in the test

sh19.jpg (108088 bytes)

And the man who built it

Craig White with Stewart Blackadder


sh20.jpg (102673 bytes)

And one from the Evil Snapper


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