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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2008 Championship ENDURO

Round 9 Melville MC Yarrowford Enduro - II

21st Sept 2008


Click here for Campbells report on the event. And here for a brief first test on the new BMW 450

Another great event - and it even stayed dry all day

Some pics for you to enjoy. As usual these are reduced in size. Let me know if you want a full size one . Also posters from A4 up A0 are available.

ya01.jpg (85077 bytes)

Kenny gives the riders their orders

ya02.jpg (187223 bytes)

Just think Frazer - in 20 years you can have a race tuned body like this too...

ya03.jpg (116969 bytes)

Flat battery - need some friends

ya04.jpg (202946 bytes)

Stephen Forteath sets off

ya06.jpg (108787 bytes)

Drew Harvey shows the right way to go fast downhill

ya07.jpg (113945 bytes)

Paul Chatham gets it on

ya09.jpg (113613 bytes)

Scott Maxwell - great 2nd place

ya10.jpg (179008 bytes)

Matt Betts gets the power on

ya11.jpg (170934 bytes)

James Watson off camber

ya12.jpg (184073 bytes)

Rodger Summers

ya13.jpg (149439 bytes)

Bears in the woods ...

ya14.jpg (80845 bytes)

The scenic route

ya15.jpg (194372 bytes)

Brian Donald in action

ya16.jpg (119388 bytes)

Steven Calvey gets some air

ya17.jpg (153283 bytes)

Over 40 Champ Sean

ya18.jpg (164307 bytes)

Steven Currie takes it steady

ya19.jpg (148346 bytes)

Bill Bruce roosts

ya20.jpg (151028 bytes)

Andrew tramps on

ya21.jpg (178059 bytes)

John Henderson on the pace

ya22.jpg (192560 bytes)

Ross Mcneil - starting out

ya23.jpg (176121 bytes)

Davy Hill - improving with age

ya24.jpg (150744 bytes)

There's always one - Andy Gray !

ya25.jpg (91276 bytes)

Class act - Frazer Norrie and Tim Sleigh

ya26.jpg (172769 bytes)

Frazer saves the front tire

ya27.jpg (164975 bytes)

And into the trees

ya28.jpg (90404 bytes)

Stewart Campbell at speed

ya29.jpg (94494 bytes)

Calum Hayes

ya278.jpg (107478 bytes)

Taking the wall

ya31.jpg (113666 bytes)

Michael Rathbone in the test

ya32.jpg (127708 bytes)

Donald Cameron flying

ya33.jpg (161076 bytes)

Stewart Walker - keep on truckin'

ya34.jpg (139061 bytes)

Bill Taylor tests his air brakes

ya35.jpg (182037 bytes)

Rodger Summers in the test

  ya36.jpg (112951 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt returns the BMW - with mud


And some pics fromm Simon Greensill - many thanks

ya45.jpg (167171 bytes) ya40.jpg (197280 bytes)

Alan Scotland in the test

ya42.jpg (166824 bytes)

Gavin Douglas - good 5th place

ya41.jpg (133958 bytes)

Ian Main roosting

ya44.jpg (122896 bytes)

And of course the Evil Snapper strikes

ya43.jpg (173193 bytes)

Chatting in the test - over a jump !!


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