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Round 5 and 6  Melville MC Selkirk 2 Day Enduro

12 /13 July 2008

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  The Metzeler Melville Motor Club Selkirk SEC 2 day in Yarrowford Selkirk Report

 The 4th and 5th rounds of the Scottish Enduro Championship was run by the Melville Motor Club on the 12th and 13th July at Yarrowford Selkirk. 120 riders were entered for each day of this extremely popular event. A late cancelation by 2007 Scottish Enduro Champion Murray Thomson for medical reasons meant the win was open to any of the Expert riders at the top of the Championship.

 Kenny Donaldson had marked the course leading up to the event to ensure everyone could make it round following a deluge of rain. The course consists of 25 miles of open moorland with natural jumps and fantastic views for the top of the hills. This year the special test was a taped motocross track with jumps over the forest road with many turns and adverse cambers. The Experts completed four laps, Clubman and over 40 3 laps, and the Sportsman 2 laps plus a second run round the special test.

 On day one Grant Smith finished on top in the Expert Class with his charging style keeping him ahead of Derek Little in second. Scott Maxwell finished third, his best result so far in the Expert Class on his KTM four stroke.

 The Clubman Class was won by Fraser Norrie, at 16 years old he is looking very good for the Championship with special test times that were right up with the Experts. Tim Sleigh chased Fraser all day and finished a very close second. James Harvey finished third, packed up his bike and headed down to the GBXC to race on Sunday. Davie Hill enjoyed the course and won the Over 40 class ahead of Sean Wooley and Alex Kirk. The Clubman B class and over 50 cup was won by event organiser Kenny Donaldson who set some really quick times in the tests. Calum Hayes and William Beaty finished second and third respectively.

 Alister Watson is another young rider who is performing really well and he won the Sportsman Class with special test times that would have seen him in the top five in the Clubman Class. Paul Reuter finished second just 9 seconds behind making this one of the most competitive sportsman championships so far, Ross McCulloch finished third.

 On Saturday night the competitors were invited to the Village Hall by the local residents for a buffet and cheap drink which is always welcome after a hard day on the bikes. There was a video of the 1982 and 1983 Scottish enduros shown to celebrate 25 years of the Scottish Championship. Derek Little saw footage of his Dad Johnny leading him round while marshalling on his CR80. Campbell Chatham is going to convert the video to DVD and make it available for the riders.

 Day two started with glorious sunshine, perfect conditions to dry out the course and the worst wet forest section was cut out making the track even more enjoyable. Derek Little overhauled Grant Smith to take the win in the Expert Class and Neil Chatham finished third, another best performance so far for a young Scottish rider.

 The positions in the Over 40 class were repeated on Sunday with Davie Hill once again taking the top spot followed by Sean Wooley second and Alex Kirk third.

Tim Sleighs’ hard chasing riding style finally paid off on Sunday in the Clubman Class beating Fraser Norrie into second place. Fraser had a ‘big off’ out on the course and this de-tuned him for the rest of the day. Adam Wark upped his pace on Sunday and finished third, not quite matching his pace of last year.

 Kenny Donaldson won again on Sunday in the Clubman B class taking the over 50 cup with Roger Summers second and Gordon McGregor third.

 It was all change in the Sportsman class with Paul Reuter taking a very deserved win with James Watson second and Bill Taylor third.  Saturdays’ winner in the Sportsman class Alister Watson had a disasterous last special test dropping him right down the order.

 It was great to see so many young Scottish riders performing well at this event with the new classes giving everybody the chance to shine. The Championship needs a new crop of talent to challenge the established competitors.

 The farm is owned by Alex Telford and he has welcomed this event for 5 years now and the Melville Motor Club is extremely grateful to him. This enjoyable event would not have been possible without the hard work of Hugh and Valerie O‘Neill and their family plus all the helpers over the weekend, I am sure all the riders would like me to pass on their appreciation.

 For those individuals unable to ride at this event there will be another oportunity in September. The next Scottish Enduro Championship round is at Lossie Forest near Elgin on the 3rd August.

And of course we can't forget No 190 Alan Buchanan on the "Monster of the Moors" 950 KTM Adventure. He managed a full lap of the course - including the hills and bogs - respect is due.

There are a few videos as well - worth a view

And more pics of the event - from Andrew Murdie .


Pics by Jose Vega Lozano, Tracy Thomson , Simon Greensill and Scottishenduros. Great pics
E-mail if you want bigger pics - or posters etc printed.
sl0801.jpg (123505 bytes)

Stu Cambell powers the test

sl0802.jpg (178666 bytes)

Flying Michael O'Reilly

sl0803.jpg (183590 bytes)

Followed by Scott Maxwell

sl0804.jpg (219175 bytes)

Dean Reid flys

sl0805.jpg (211231 bytes)

Derek Little keeps it tidy

sl0806.jpg (188147 bytes)

Scott McVittie styling

sl0807.jpg (116847 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt at speed

sl0809.jpg (87378 bytes)

Experts tea party

sl0808.jpg (137533 bytes)

Murray takes a relaxed view of events

sl0810.jpg (166096 bytes)

Ian Martin flying on Saturday

sl0811.jpg (184542 bytes)

Neil Chatham exits the river

sl0813.jpg (178082 bytes)

I'm sure neutrals in there ....

sl0814.jpg (158404 bytes)

Dave Donald - back from the desert

sl0815.jpg (183858 bytes)

KTM 950 and pilot Alan Buchanan

sl0816.jpg (137866 bytes)

Davie Hill Over 40 winner. New bike - new gear and a win !

sl0817.jpg (142270 bytes)

Frazer Norrie - Clubman winner saturday

sl0818.jpg (173961 bytes)

Iain Bell gets the power down

sl0819.jpg (142427 bytes)

Kenny Donaldson - thanks for a great course

sl0820.jpg (183168 bytes)

Dax Edgley - looking good

sl0821.jpg (149238 bytes)

The Evil Snapper strikes again

sl0822.jpg (148892 bytes)

And the hills go on

sl0823.jpg (140299 bytes)

Steven Currie - yes it is that steep - all the way.

sl0824.jpg (197359 bytes)

Down one hill and up the next

sl0825.jpg (100794 bytes)

The race is on Gordon Macdonald Vs Dean Paterson

sl0826.jpg (139923 bytes)

Campbell shows how to keep it up in the over 40's

sl0827.jpg (144937 bytes)

Rob Justice styling for the camera !

sl0828.jpg (206342 bytes)

All the way up there ? .....

sl0829.jpg (86131 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt exits the test


sl0832.jpg (142007 bytes)

As Grant starts it


sl0831.jpg (115703 bytes)

The riders briefing - don't they look worried

sl0812.jpg (85825 bytes)

Working out the times - hardest part of the day ?

sl0830.jpg (196229 bytes)

Changng a mousse - technique is all you need. Plus about 6 levers - a mousse board - lots of grunt - and lots of advice.



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