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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2007 Championship ENDURO

Round 4  Melville MC Selkirk 2 DayEnduro

28th/29th  April 2007

Results  Sat

With the weather holding on the Saturday it was a still a tough event with some long laps and tricky tests to keep the riders busy all day. By the end of the event several sections had to be cut out to ensure riders could get round and the land didn't get destroyed. Clerk of the Course Hugh O'Neill kept riders moving with course changes and made sure everyone got home. There were a few dead bikes but Johnny Flockhart and his quad did a taxi service across the moors delivering them back to the start.

One rider had a shocking day as he had his bike trapped under an electric fence - a live one - I know as I helped move the bike. Advice for next year stay away from the fences at Selkirk.

The Melville club under the direction of Kenny Donaldson had put in a lot of new sections on the course after a lot of hard work and made a very enjoyable course. The rain of recent months made some parts tricky but most riders got through. There were quite a few retirals and Out of Times - but at least the event was able to go ahead.

In the Experts Grant Smith claimed his first victory just beating Murray Thomson on a very tricky test. Mark Godfrey came in third with Derek Little having to take 4th after an off in the test.

Sean Wooley had to pull the stops out in the over 40's to beat Andrew Flockhart and Ian Paterson - but his test times were just too quick and improving once he got to grips with the test. The Championship is a long one and needs concentration in every round.

Stuart Mowbrey pulled off a great win in Clubman to push Neil Chatham into 2nd for the first time this season and keep the championship  open. Gavin Henderson and Duncan McCormick battled it out for 3rd and 4th.

In Sportsman class the first thing was to finish and Liam Beaty managed to keep going to take the win over Iain Bell and Dougie Meek. A tough race for Sportsmen with a lot of retirals - sure to change the points there. The more experienced riders getting the better of the course.

With constant rain overnight the decison was made to postpone the Sunday race to save the course (and the riders). It is hoped to run the next event at Selkirk as a 2 day ( weather permitting)

Thanks to all the helpers at Melville MC for another tough round - your hard work is much appreicated

selk0701.jpg (134345 bytes)

The Smiths - and another trials rider goes racing ....

selk0702.jpg (173054 bytes)

James Anthony enjoys a day in the woods

selk0703.jpg (230714 bytes)

Ross Hamilton shows one way through a bog.

selk0704.jpg (109761 bytes)

Neil Douglas shows another ...

selk0706.jpg (100837 bytes)

Liam Lamb and Dax Edgely find another downhill

selk0711.jpg (199463 bytes)

Clerk of the Course Hugh O'Neill amongst the scenery

selk0707.jpg (250984 bytes)

Derek Little pushes on

selk0708.jpg (186922 bytes)

Allyn Scotland powers it

selk0709.jpg (181454 bytes)

Paul Chatham keeps the speed up

selk0712.jpg (253457 bytes)

Craig White starts the test ar speed

selk0713.jpg (184461 bytes)

2 burgers and a quick test time please .......

selk0714.jpg (269350 bytes)

Grant Smith gets stuck in

selk0715.jpg (343218 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt focuses on the track

selk0716.jpg (375958 bytes)

Murray Thomsom gives it max revs

selk0717.jpg (392471 bytes)

Mark Cotterson cuts it tight

selk0718.jpg (260232 bytes)

Malky Bissett gives it full body lean

selko0710.jpg (224958 bytes)

Ross Hamilton enjoys the open moors .



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