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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2006 Championship ENDURO

Round 8 Melville MC Selkirk  Enduro

15th October 2006

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Over 110 riders lined up on the day for the rescheduled Melville MC enduro at Yarrowford. The previous attempt having been postponed due to low cloud (see the pics below). The weather was much kinder but the ground was to prove very slippy - particularly in the off camber test on the hill side near the start.

seloct01.jpg (325371 bytes)Surprise on the day and MOST EMBARRASSED RIDER was Derek Little who turned out on a KTM - yes an orange bike - to try and win the event and boost his title challenge. With his own Yamaha unavailable on the day Richard Hay lent him his 125 which has proved very successful for him all year. It did the trick and allowed him to win the event from Murray Thomson - currently the Expert leader - but only after some very fast racing from them both and a very determined challenge from Dougie Kerr.

The course was a modified Selkirk lap with some new hills and a few boggy, slippy bits thrown in as well. Keeping moving was the order of the day and following the arrows - not previous tracks. Kenny Donaldson and his team produced another very enjoyable event which pushed the top riders hard - and showed newer riders how a course changes with the weather. Due to a delayed start and the course cutting up the number of laps was reduced for most classes to ensure everyone was in before it got dark.

Expert riders were pushed hard to maintain clean sheets and a few suffered time penalties at the end of the day. Minor mechanical problems sidelined Paul Chatham with a wayward Mousse who has not had the luckiest of seasons so far. Gavin Douglas continues to improve in the class - but was caught on film as he failed to negotiate the final corner of the lap ( thanks to the Evil Snapper for that !). Allyn Scotland has ridden a lot of BEC events and done very well and it was good to see him riding back in Scotland again.

In the over Over 40's class Sean Wooley continued his success this year with another win despite being held up in the test - Ian Paterson continues to be right on his heels keeping Sean Honest all year. With the title still up for grabs there is all to race for in the final round up at Lumsden. Kenny Donaldson managed a great 3rd place with two very consistent tests.

Michael Lowrie had to buy a new bike for this race but it proved worthwhile as he finished in 2nd place behind a very pleased Paul Scott ( who was desperate for another lap) to be the first Champion of 2006. His points lead is now to far for Keith Reid who has pursued him all year but finished in 6th place. Neil Chatham continues to improve in his first season of racing and finished a fine 3rd. Robbie Head obviously liked the wide open motorways up on the hills and let rip to finish an excellent 4th.  Adam Wark was Out of Time at the end of the event but showed true Enduro spirit by keeping going all day - well done. Rab Moir will soon show us how it is done as he carried the helmet cam for his first lap and will be seen on the DVD being sorted by Stu Young and Monster Orange.

Allan Linton produced a fast test on the slippy course to take the Sportsman Class ahead of Steven Gray and Allan McCluskie.  Allan Poynton of the new Moffat Club and one of our Senior riders pushed hard all day for an excellent 5th place. The length of the lap and the conditions proved a little to demanding as the course cut up on the second lap and quite a few sportsmen incurred time penalties - but only a few DNF'd.

Always a popular event the course changes as the year goes on - so far we have avoided heavy rain - I hope 2007 continues the same.

Many thanks to the farmer and the the people of Yarrowford for making us so welcome in their village once again.

Photos from Angus Donald - Allyn Scotlands dad and the Webmaster
seloct00.jpg (215331 bytes)

Clerk of the Course gives the riders a few hints

seloct02.jpg (172562 bytes)

Derek and Murray - friendly rivalry

seloct05.jpg (280791 bytes)

New KTM canine operated sidestand

seloct06.jpg (252798 bytes)

Allyn Scotland and Kenneth Whiteford prepare

seloct07.jpg (181586 bytes)

Mike Robertson shows how to take the test

seloct08.jpg (179872 bytes)

Other riders tried other lines ........

seloct09.jpg (134162 bytes)

A popular line it seems ......

seloct10.jpg (264740 bytes)

John Anderson puts all his effort in to keep going .

seloct11.jpg (163372 bytes)

Dougie pursued Derek all day

seloct12.jpg (313109 bytes)

Kenneth tries the wide line

seloct13.jpg (183378 bytes)

Alex Austin finds the water splash

seloct14.jpg (300047 bytes)

Iain Laing spots the camera - and just misses me !!

seloct16.jpg (147066 bytes)

The test - not a flat field ..

seloct15.jpg (146491 bytes)

Melville Motorway Co was here

seloct17.jpg (175416 bytes)

Alex Haddow keeps the front down on the big hills

seloct18.jpg (239751 bytes)

Geoff Pennycook sports the latest headgear in CAMOUFLAGE colours - very nifty.

seloct19.jpg (90877 bytes)

Iain Bell goes for it in the test

seloct20.jpg (157528 bytes)

Alex Austin keeps a tight line

seloct21.jpg (121858 bytes)

Neil Chatham flies to 3rd place

seloct22.jpg (144012 bytes)

Murray gets the power down

seloct23.jpg (236349 bytes)

Gavin doesn't quite make the last corner - I didn't lie - I didn't take the picture !!

And in case you forgot why it was postponed .......

sel0601.jpg (197834 bytes)

Can't see the hills - no racing

sel0602.jpg (320444 bytes)

  But riders were prepared to race in rain

sel0603.jpg (95729 bytes)

And in case you wondered about the chap airlifted out in July .......


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