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SACU 2004 Championship ENDURO

Round 5 and 6 - Mellville MC - Broadmeadow Farm - Selkirk

31st July / 1st August  2004

The second of the Melville MC two day Scottish Championship events was held at Broadmeadow Farm near Selkirk. Dull but dry on Day one for Round 5 with light rain on the last lap - it then dawned misty and overcast on day two but the sun burned through to produce clear blue skies hot and dry conditions for Round 6.

Kenny Donaldson and his crew produced another excellent event which allowed riders to enjoy some fast open riding with great hills and some rocky climbs. The off cambers were extreme and hills seemed vertical - but the course was great fun with only a few soft boggy bits to trap the unwary. The hardest part was the test which caught out both Derek Little and Euan McConell in a deep rut with a hidden root. A hard test to judge speed on it was a twisting grassy test through the trees.

On the going the top riders were flat out over the bumps - with only their smiles bigger than the jumps. Euan McConnel - back on a bike for the first time this year was riding the new Sherco 450 - and seemed to be really enjoying the experience. And judging by the amount  of interest shown in it a few more riders could be on them soon.

There was a full class entry for the Experts with all the top riders. 3 Champions Richard Hay, Derek Little and the current Champ Murray Thomson were closely pursued by Crawford Carrick Anderson, Grant Smith and Euan McConnel.

Day 1 Saturday

In the Expert class Crawford Carrick-Anderson a very consistent performance in the test to get his second win of the year - closely followed by an on form Euan McConnel. The test was biased towards the rapid two strokes with lots of tight twist. The 4 strokes were great on the going but not so nimble in the test. Derek Little was third with a very fast ride to hold off Richard Hay .

In the Over 40 class Andrew Flockart showed his form as Champion to lead the pack with Ian Paterson close on his heels. Campbell Chatham is getting faster all year and came in third

Scott Maxwell emerged as top Clubman with just pushing Michael Lowrie in to runner up spot. Consistency is the name of the game here. With Paul Chatham still in his first year coming in 3rd.

Kevin Ostroznik put in a great ride to take top spot in the Sportsman closely followed by Mark Ritchie and Thomas Melrose.

Day 2 Saturday

With the course run in reverse and a brown line showing the way - the riders set off - knowing where they were going this time - but with all the jumps and hill completely different . Great fun again and an awesome course.

That man Carrick-Anderson does it again - now he has the winning habit. This time pushed hard by  Richard Hay and Murray Thomson.  Battle of the Champions ! Grant Smith well up with the leaders but a mistake in the final test dropped him down.

Andrew Flockhart lead the way again with Ian Paterson and  Campbell closely following in the over 40 class. Bill Brown beating Dougal Walker by only 1 second . Only 5 seconds separating the 4th to 6th.

Scott Maxwell agan lead the way in the clubman picking up valuable points for the championship. Paul Scott on his big Honda 450 claiming second and Paul Chatham again very consistent in third.

Allyn Scotland put in a fine turn of speed to take the Sportsman win with Iain Clark and Thomas Melrose following.

A couple of riders took a tumble on the Sunday with Jimmy Patrick and Malcolm Bisset doing their shoulders in. Euan McConnel had a high speed off and slightly (!!) bent his new bike before retiring on the Sunday.

Thanks to all the residents of Yarrowford who kept us all fed with tea and rolls over the two days and an entertaing evening in the local hall.

Results Saturday     Round 5    Expert C Carrick Anderson Clubman Scott Maxwell Over 40 A Flockhart Sport K Ostroznik

Results Sunday        Round 6    Expert C Carrick Anderson Clubman Scott Maxwell Over 40 A Flockhart Sport A Scotland

And an extra feature - Behind the Clock - a report by Rachel Patrick who was part of the timing team on Sunday. She knows who you all are !!

Hello! Again this is my report for the Selkirk enduro.  Thankfully I got a suntan instead of a mud pack this time even though one rider was giving it a good go to cover me in soil and rocks….Paul Chatham!  I will think of a suitable retribution (maybe that’s too big a word for you bikers….Hehehe!!!)  Unfortunately there are no secrets of Murray Thomson’s to give away this time….sorry Charlie!!!    


 Going up to the special test was an experience in its self.  Gayle, Jamie and I rode in the boot of a land rover while Moria, James, Chris and their mate had comfy seats!  Let’s just say it was awfully bumpy!

 When we got to the start of the test, we let Moira and Jamie find the end.  In the heavy mist and without instructions (I may add) Gayle and I spent the morning building a double tent.  We built it rather well after our fifth try.

 Overall it was quite an uneventful day.  Except from when Gayle was singing the YMCA.  Little did she know that her mum, Moira, at the end of the test could hear it all.  I wondered why all the sheep ran off in the opposite direction!

 Saturday night, the village hall karaoke, was a different matter.  Apparently Neil, Jamie, Gayle and Fraser can do a great rendition of The Yellow Submarine.  


 Alec the farmer kindly took us up to the special test again.  It was less of a bumpy ride for Gayle and I got a seat this time but Jamie wasn’t so lucky and had to sit in the boot with Neil and Fraser.  Yet again Gayle and I had tents to build but we decided against it when the mist cleared.   While Jamie was directing the bikers Neil was building a bench with just some rope and two perfectly placed trees.  It was actually quite comfortable!

 On Crawford Carrick-Anderson’s last lap he got a bit close for comfort and ran over my toes.  His excuse was “I just wanted a cuddle”.  My excuse is plain and simple there wasn’t enough room for the both of us!!

  Rachel ‘the almighty special test starter’ Patrick

Thanks to Caroline Colin Betty and Chris for the Photos . Click to enlarge

Selkirk04 093.jpg (93681 bytes)

Jeff McCleary gets stuck in

Selkirk04 19.jpg (87810 bytes)
Just out for a wee spin - Euan tries the new Sherco
Selkirk04011.jpg (104029 bytes)

Sherco - and electric start - nice

Selkirk04006.jpg (75903 bytes)

The start - and the mist starts to lift

Selkirk04008.jpg (62537 bytes)

The latest 4 stroke - and it's not orange

Selkirk04015.jpg (82307 bytes)

Derek - relaxed and raring to go

Selkirk04016.jpg (112120 bytes)

Paul and Ed Rennie get to try the Scottish Experience ( Paul organises Otterburn)

Selkirk04028.jpg (81559 bytes)

The start

Selkirk04040.jpg (130087 bytes)

Findlay White in the woods

Selkirk04041.jpg (85222 bytes)

Paul Chatham heads for the hills

Selkirk04044.jpg (80948 bytes)

Murray Thomson leads the way

Selkirk04045.jpg (55872 bytes)

Reuben Welch pushes in the woods

Selkirk04054.jpg (83063 bytes)

Grant Smith at speed

Selkirk04070.jpg (34116 bytes)

The hills are alive with the sound of bikes!!

Selkirk04071.jpg (111574 bytes)

And the winner is - Crawford Carrick ASnderson

Selkirk04072.jpg (79420 bytes)

Grant gets down to business

Selkirk04075.jpg (85670 bytes)

Jeff still pushing

Selkirk04077.jpg (75432 bytes)

Euan McConnel stirs up the dust in the test

Selkirk04079.jpg (108815 bytes)

Ian Paterson on his way to 2nd

Selkirk04081.jpg (105245 bytes)

Paul Chatham finishing the test

Selkirk04086.jpg (80296 bytes)

Alan Lauder gets the revs up

Selkirk04087.jpg (89714 bytes)

Jim Lauder styles it

Selkirk04092.jpg (58912 bytes)

Derek Little shows his style

Selkirk04095.jpg (82286 bytes)

Richard Hay at top speed

selkirk04 1.jpg (85223 bytes)
Mark Ewing - 1st event
Selkirk0421.jpg (106112 bytes)

Colin McDonald and James Anthony start the day clean


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