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Fraser Flockhart - my first Expert season review

The season got off to a less than ideal start. Suffering from a broken leg and torn ligaments in January just a month prior to the start of the British Enduro Championship I was unable to compete at the first round at Muntjac, a track which I felt I could really excel at. After 2 months off the bike, building up strength in my leg and knee my first race back would be the 3rd and 4th of the Scottish Enduro Championship at Pathead which would also be my first race in experts after winning the Clubman Championship. I was happy with the way the 2 days went and after making a stupid mistake on the first test on Saturday I was unable to take the win. Sunday however I managed to stay on in all 4 timed tests and ended up joint 1st with Ricky Mair which I was happy with considering it was only my first race back and first race on the new bike! Read more ....... click here


Scots on the podium at Harwood Dale Extreme Enduro.

The latest Extreme event in the calendar was run last week at Harwood dale in Yorkshire. Two Scots travelled down to have a go - and both ended on the podium

In the Pro/expert class MXer Neil Flockhart put in a great show for 3rd. In the Over 40 class Gavin Johnston put in a magnificent performance for 2nd.

Well done to both riders (and their supporters)


Neil Chatham finishes 2011 on a High

 Neil Chatham set out in 2011 to re establish his reputation in the British Enduro Championships after his 2010 European adventure ended prematurely with a broken wrist in Slovakia. In 2011 Neil has won the Under 23 E1 class in the British Enduro Sprint series and followed that with a Gold medal at the ISDE in Finland, at the weekend he finished the season with his best result in the British Enduro Championship Class at the Natterjack Enduro, 10th Overall for the weekend combined.

More .. Click here


Red Bull Romaniacs - Well done to Gavin Johnstone who won the Expert class in the Prologue.

Congratulations to Gavin in 2nd place overall Expert.


Hobby Team Class - 11th place overall Alastair Crocket, Findlay White and Robbie Head. Keep the flag flying lads !

Neil Chatham takes ACU British Enduro Sprint Under 23 E1 Championship

 Neil Chatham persevered through the ACU British Enduro Sprint on his Drysdale Motorcycles KTM 125 and finally came out on top in the E1 Under 23 class. Consistency ruled as he finished every special test of every round in the Championship with no major incidents with the bike or rider.

 The final round in Wales proved an enjoyable weekend with glorious weather and a great track providing the perfect mixture of technical sections, a motocross track and enduro terrain. A second and third place in the E1 under 23 class was enough to clinch the overall for the year and sixth place overall in the under 23 category.

 The long drives were worth the effort in what has proved an excellent format to bring on the British Enduro talent. Each round has surpassed the last with the final round proving to be one of the best.

 ’m really excited to have won my first ever British title, Ashley rode so well all season and he was unlucky to have problems in the final round, but my consistent finishes were enough to secure the top spot.  I really would like to thank all my supporters, my bike, suspension and the whole set up was great.  I’d also like to thank my Dad, family & friends for all their support.

 I enjoyed my first full Enduro Sprint series, Jonty and the team are a great bunch and did a really good job running the events, everything appeared to go flawlessly and I enjoyed being a part of it.

 Neil is supported by; KTM, Drysdale Motorcycles, Fox, Metzeler, Shell Lubricants, Hardcore Racing and Jewelultra Diamondbrite.



Many thanks to the riders who helped out at Floors Castle at the weekend.  Very much appreciated
                     Davy Hill, Andy Gray, Dave Roberts and Steven Wain

BEC Harwood Dale - Scottish Riders report from Campbell.
                          Lots of Scots in the mix with some great results

Click here for Campbells Report -a must read.

Euan McConnel practises his speed skating ( but it was not really cold enough)

Allyn Scotland gets to grip in the trees

  BESC Report on Scottish riders in Dorset

The Scottish ‘three amigos’, Neil Chatham, Fraser Norrie and Allyn Scotland made the eight hour journey down to the British Enduro Sprint at Rogers Hill Raceway in Devon (add on another three hours for Frazer). The weather was glorious apart from a tropical thunder storm on Friday night although this would keep the dust down for the first half of Saturday.  More ... ( Pictures and report from Campbell Chatham)





GBXC 1st Round - Young Scot shines

On the weekend of the 13th March Ben Thomson and his family travelled down to Sweet Lamb in Wales for the 1st round of Fast Eddy's Great British Cross Country Championship

Sweet Lamb is renowned for it's Rally test complex and now  a fantastic Enduro complex with a combination of Moorland,Rocky Gully's and steep inclines and descents. Almost everything except the trees.

Ben is 13 years old and lives in Hume near Kelso in the Scottish Borders,he was the only Scots kid at Sweet Lamb. A 2hr race with a dead engine start amongst another 120 adult riders not for the faint hearted.

The race consisted of classes,vets,youth 14-16 which Ben was in,sportsman and novice with the adult pro expert and clubman in the afternoon race.Ben had a very poor start last off the line but he fought back vigorously to finish a strong 4th in class and 63rd overall,not a bad result for his first GBXC.

16 year old Brad Freeman took the youth win and definitely one to watch in the future without a doubt t.

Ben and his family would like to thank Paul Edmonson and his team for putting on an excellent event and we hope to be back at the end of April for round 2 south Devon.

Ben would also like to thank his Mum for the sponsorship of his race Kits for this season as she is now an official dealer for Moose Racing Clothing here in the Scottish Borders. The Moose racing catalogue is available to download at She has a full range of stock available to order and  offers a mail order service if anyone is interested.


Round 3 and 4 - Monmouth.

Neil Chatham leads Under 23 E1 Class

 Full report on Scottish Riders - click here

Neill Chatham, Fraser Norrie, Allyn Scotland, Alastair Millar, Steven Currie

Great results from all in  a fast and sunny test.

Beautiful sunshine welcomed everyone and it never faded all weekend. There was a heated debate about whether the farm near Monmouth where the British Enduro Sprint was run was in Wales or England, the weather was not typical for either at this time of year. The course was fast and open, taped out grass slopes with steep hill climbs and a couple of technical rocky streams to test the unwary.

more ...






Muntjac Report from Campbell Chatham. BEC Round 1 (Photos from Campbell)

Scottish Riders report from the Muntjac


 At the Muntjac this year there was the largest entry of Scottish riders at a British Championship event south of the border for many years. There were too many to mention all of them but it is a great reflection on Scottish Enduros that so many riders have travelled down to see how they compare with the best riders in the country and presently some of the British competitors are the best in the World. All the Scottish riders who made the long trip to Thetford should be congratulated for their efforts.

Ricky Mair was top Scot finishing 4th E1/4 and 12th Overall, Ricky was as spectacular as ever in this event that he really enjoys and he has sharpened his skill winning the Scottish MX2 Motocross Championship in 2010. Once again he was mixing it with the established names in British Enduros.

 Neil Chatham finished 3rd E1/2, 5th Under 23 and 17th overall, although it could have been so different if a risky fuel strategy had not paid off. Neil decided to run the two tight laps without refuelling in an attempt to pull himself up the result table as time lost in the tests can be made up if you can minimise the time lost on the last lap. The strategy worked and Neil finished the lap with just a tea cup full of petrol in his tank, it did not matter as he had made it, just!

 Fraser Norrie set a great time on his first special test and pushed all day, Frazer rode his Husqvarna with gritty determination and a maturity that belies his 18 years. Supported by his granddad and Graeme Barron he finished 4th E1/2, 8th Under 23 and 25th Overall which is a great performance for his first outing in the Championship class.

Richard Hay returned to the British Championship for the first time since injuring his arm, lesser riders would have ridden in a lower class but he opted for the toughest Championship class and finished in an incredible 27th place overall.

Allyn Scotland finished as top Scot in the Expert class following a mixed bag of luck and there is no bigger critic of Allyn than himself. Allyn was just ten seconds behind his countrymen in the Championship class but he thought he should have done better. On the last lap Allyn came upon an injured rider and stopped to assist, the organisers gave him his lost time back finishing 5th E2 and 8th Expert Overall.

Brothers Drew and James Harvey travelled down with Rab Farrell and they were all looking forward to a tough but enjoyable weekend. Unfortunately Rab’s bike packed up within a few yards of the start spoiling his day, but typical Rab, never one to let these thing get him down, threw himself into supporting the Scottish riders in the parc ferme. Drew finished 8th E3 and 37th Overall Expert and James finished 12th in the Veteran class, both of them admitted that it was a really tough event especially the tight final lap.

 Hamish Patrick saved his best till last in the Clubman class, after setting reasonable test times he really ‘pulled the pin’ on the final lap lifting himself up to 2nd E1/2 and 8th Overall Clubman. Reports from other riders suggested that he was picking really smooth lines through the trees in his usual relaxed style finishing top Scot in the Clubman class. Liam Lamb finished 4th E1/2 and 20th overall Clubman, despite riding last year Liam found the last lap really hard work and needed hydrated at the finish followed by a bag of chips to get some colour back into his cheeks. Liam was satisfied with his fourth place in the E1/2 and he is looking forward to competing in more British events this year. Dean Reid was one of the most disappointed riders as he had made it up to 2nd E1/2 and 7th Overall Clubman after the special tests. During the last lap he just hit a brick wall psychologically and found he could not hold onto the bike with fatigue. ‘The last lap seemed to go on forever’ he commented after he finished in 8th E1/2 and 35th Overall Clubman, although he has vowed to return next year to make amends. Nail Paton was entered last year but broke his arm in the Hare and Hound the week before the event and he was determined to finish this year as he had mechanical problems in 2009 and failed to finish. This year he made it to the finish although well down the order in 59th place.

Alastair Millar was 2nd Scot in Clubman 4th E3 and 15th overall, after a clutch lever problem on the first test he was 10th fastest on the second test, only to pick up 2 minutes on the 3rd lap and 13 minutes on the last, possibly due to not stopping between laps for a drink and fuel, he had a egg cup full of fuel left!

 Saving the best till last once again Murray Thomson posted a cracking performance in the Veteran Class. Sand is not Murray’s favourite terrain and the 2010 British Veteran Expert Champion was probably the only person praying for rain on the day, it was not to be and Murray charged around the last lap to finish 2nd Overall Veteran.

 The Diss MCC Muntjac Enduro is one of the highlights of the year on the Enduro Calander, really well organised and the track stood up well despite the rain leading up to the event. Thank you to the team that organised the event and well done to all the Scottish riders who travelled down to take part.

Dean Reid

Hamish Patrick

Fraser Norrie

Neil Chatham fuel strategy result, just!

 Neil Chatham returned to the British Enduro Championship having competed in the World and European Championship last year. Neil had been out of the scene for seven months following a broken wrist in Poland while competing for the UEM Promotional Enduro Team. A plate with eight screws in his wrist has seen a long road back to full fitness.

 Neil started cautiously at the Muntjac and built his speed as his confidence came back. Neil rode the first two laps without refuelling his KTM XC tank, this was a test for the final two laps to see if his Drysdale Motorcycles KTM 125 would make it to the finish of the final lap with enough fuel. Neil set off on his last lap without refuelling and without looking at the tank, he just rode as fast as he could.

 Neil made it home at the end of the last two laps with less than a tea cup of fuel remaining, but enough to get him to the finish dropping just four minutes and pulling his result up from 23rd after the tests to finish 3rd E1/2, 5th under 23 and 17th overall. See attached photograph, it could have been so different if he had not made it, Neil was ready in his mind to push the bike to the finish if he had not made the check at the end of the lap and luckily he did not have to resort to walking the bike to the final check.

 ‘I love it when a plan comes together, my dad suggested the strategy and I decided to go for it, I never looked at the tank until the last few minutes of the second lap and I had to back it off a little and I have never been so relieved to see the final check’.

 This is Neil’s best result at a British Championship and it is all the more satisfying as there was a full entry.

 Thanks to KTM (UK), Drysdale Motorcycles, Metzeler, Shell Lubricants and Fox.

 The next event is the British Enduro Sprint and Neil’s confidence is back to show what he is capable of in the British scene once more. 

Scottish riders at 1st BESC


Drysdale Motorcycles KTM debut for Neil Chatham

Neil Chatham made his Drysdale Motorcycles KTM debut at the ACU British Enduro Sprint at the weekend. Neil has been out of action since breaking his wrist in Slovakia back in June last year riding for the UEM Promotional Enduro Team.

Neil was out to get two days competition under his belt before the Muntjac Enduro in two weeks. The first test started with a blistering time on his run beating many of the established names although his lack of competition saw him slip down the order as the day progressed.

‘This was just what I needed, a tough test of my fitness before the Muntjac. I am really feeling it with such a long time out of action. I have been training and riding as much as possible but there is nothing like a proper competition. I had a couple of big crashes that cost me but I will be more controlled at the Muntjac. I have had the KTM 125 since October and I am really getting to know it now and I can’t wait to ride it at the Muntjac. I cant thank Thomas and Alan at Drysdales enough for their support and helping get the bike ready’

Neil finished 3rd E1 and 8th overall Under 23 on Saturday and 3rd E1 and 11th Overall under 23 on Sunday.

Fraser Norrie on Dennis Irvine Husqvarna at BESC

Fraser Norrie finished both days at the Enduro Sprint and had a similar up and down days to Neil, he badly bruised his finger on Saturday when he hit a tree but he also showed some serious speed and was able to register some top times. Fraser was riding really well on the Husqvarna and it never missed a beat. The event was cut short on Sunday due to the heavy rain that never stopped all day. You can see the report and full results on Enduro News.

Fraser finished 6th under 19 on both days.


Results     Day 1  Day 2





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