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Regulations 2016 - Scottish Enduro Championship

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2018 ACU Handbook - in pdf format - latest rules and regs . Click here to download a copy.



  Supplementary Regs for Enduro and Hare and Hound for 2018 (Changes in red). Know the rules - read the regs

SACU Enduro Regs 2018

SACU Hare and Hound Regs 2018

Note that for all Enduros and Hare and Hounds there will be no goggle Tear Offs allowed - but Roll offs will be permitted - as long as the rider removes any damaged roll offs.

Rules and Regs for 2016 onwards

The procedure in the past for riders stopped for a spot sound test was that riders were given a 10 minute delay allowance, and had to wait until this 10 minute delay allowance had expired before proceeding.

This was very unpopular with riders and organiserís as it often meant riders circulating well out of sequence, possibly being mixed up with other classes in Special Tests and so on.

For 2016, attention is drawn to the following, which in effect means that a rider receives no delay allowance at a spot sound test, and can proceed immediately it has taken place, but may if they desire, claim a 2 min time allowance at the next Time check. They do not have to do this, and may prefer to stay on original time. If the two minutes are claimed, all further times for the day will be plus two minutes. Below is an extract from the 2011 Standing Enduro Regulations:

Control of Exhaust Sound Level

NB Either the 2 Metre Max or RPM test method is acceptable at an event, however whichever system the sound tester adopts will be the only reading accepted and there will be no opportunity to ask for an alternative method of sound testing

There may be one or more sound level tests taken during the event at any point on the route, as close as practical following a time check or refuelling area. Any rider who is required to take this spot test may, if he requires, claim a delay time allowance of TWO minutes at the next check point. If these two minutes is claimed then all following check times for the day will be plus 2 minutes).


Note to all riders for 2018 - please ensure you have the correct number background for your class - KTM Orange does not count as a background!!   Expert - Red or green on all sides, Clubman and O-40 Yellow front, Sportsman Black front. . So now you will know you've been passed by a Sportsman !! It really helps the organisers on the course. BEC over 40 riders can use blue background with white numbers


Experts Clubman / B Over 40 / 50 Sportsman

And a reminder to all riders. You must stop at the start of each Special Test to allow the timekeepers to record your number and to set the timing gear. If you don't stop you could miss having a lap recorded. And ensure you follow the marked route. If you miss a corner you must go back and rejoin the course at the point you left it. Any riders found by the Clerk of the Course off the marked route risk disqualification.



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