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New Product Tests
Reports on new kit by riders in Scotland.

New product for KTM riders - a quick adjust idle screw - produced by a local rider and recommended by all who have used them.

Allows you to quickly adjust the bike from idle to warmed up - even with gloves on. Also useful for increasing idle in special test to prevent stalling ( Tip from Richard Hay)

Click here to go to the web page for full details and how to order.

superspoutsml.jpg (50089 bytes)The latest must have item for enduros. I have seen it in action and it works. The Superspout fills your tank then stops without any spill - and it is much quicker than a funnel. Check out the website Only 9.99

2004 - Devol Radiator Guards ( Available from Dirtbike Depot - speak to Roy Kerr) -

These have to be the next best thing to buy after a decent bash plate. The radiators on my Yamaha seem to suffer badly due to the number of times I "lay it down". Having had to send them away once for repair I was keen to keep them in good shape on my new bike. These guards were supplied by Roy Kerr of Dirt Bike Depot but are also available from Ride on Racing in Glasgow.

They fit over the radiator and replace the plastic deflectors. The radiator is about an inch away from the front of the guard and is well protected. They protect against stones and sticks and offer good protection in a crash. The protector may deform but the Radiator stays in one piece. Occasionally I take them off - straighten them and put them back on. Mud is easily cleaned off at a wet event and the guard has never been blocked yet. They also seem to offer good air flow.

Best to buy them when your bike is new - before you bend your Rad. My Number One product for this year!

rad1.jpg (51666 bytes)

Out of the box - all the bits you need

20 minutes to fit

rad6.jpg (63103 bytes)

My original rad deflectors

rad5.jpg (111721 bytes)

The new guards in place

rad3.jpg (58086 bytes)

Mind the gap - stops any damage

rad7.jpg (95598 bytes)

My new Guards

rad4.jpg (74320 bytes)

The finished product.

2003 - Trailtech Sidestand - (Available from Ride On Motorcycles Glasgow 0141 423 2773)

Designed to replace the original stand on the WR's and to fit onto a YZ where there is no stand (Also available for the CR450 Honda as well). The original Yamaha stand is very strong but sticks out and catches on your boots and in ruts. This one tucks well out of the way and is much lighter. Manufactured for Aircraft quality aluminium it is designed to take the weight of the bike and rider even when starting the bike.
I fitted it in 10 minutes with the supplied high tensile bolts. It doesn't use the sidestand bracket but the subframe bolt and chain guide bolt.
On the track it is well tucked up and never got in the way.Easy to use - it seems to hold the bike stable and is easy to fold out - no straps etc to tie it up. It does what it says on the box. It was the one thing which annoyed me about the WR250 and although pricey at around 80 it is worth it if stops me catching on it all the time.

Click photos to enlarge

stand1.jpg (41002 bytes)
Out of the box
stand2.jpg (54706 bytes)
The original Yamaha Stand
stand3.jpg (122681 bytes)
Fitted and well tucked up
stand4.jpg (39433 bytes)
Nothing to catch

For more details and pricing contact Roy Kerr at Dirt Bike Depot  on 01642 554534 or -- Please mention Scottish Enduros.

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