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Melville MC Pathhead 2 day - 24th/25th April 2010

Results Sat - Results Sun

neil flockhart.jpg (58501 bytes)As the first event of the year Pathhead sets the scene for the rest of the Championship - new riders moving up a class and new riders starting Enduro for the first time - giving them all a chance to see how they will fare for the rest of the year.

The Melville club had to put in an extra effort this year to make up for lost time due to the extreme winter and resultant waterlogged ground. They produced another testing event with enough technical sections to make it interesting and it got better as the course dried out.

Scottish Champion Derek Little lead the riders off to start the season followed by new experts David MacArthur, Ryan Bruce, Kegan McKenzie and James Harvey.  Along with young guns Neil Chatham and Fraser Norrie (away in Italy and the BEC Sprint)  the established riders should have an interesting season. The old battle of youth over experience should make for a great season.

The Clubman class also has an exciting season with Fraser Flockhart in his first season already showing his speed in the Hare and Hound Championship - John Allen and Ross Hamilton moving into Clubman along with established riders should produce a great year.

With backing from Close Motor Finance and Metzeler helping to fund the ISDE effort in Mexico we hope to send another well funded team. We need to raise a lot - any ideas welcome.

Full Report from Campbell  The Experts completed five laps on Saturday and four laps plus an extra test on Sunday. Double Scottish motocross champion Neil Flockhart won overall on Saturday with stunning times in the Expert class. Neil was about 20 seconds faster in each test as he tries to establish a name for himself in the build up to the rescheduled British Enduro Championship near Elgin in two weeks. More ...

Photos by Scottishenduros - prints or posters available.

Pics also available from Sandy Williamson - see email him your numer at

Saturday Pics

ecosse.jpg (23930 bytes)

Ecosse MX - for all your Enduro needs

pathhead 2010 sat 010.jpg (26007 bytes)

Grant Smith gets his well deserved Trevor Hay Trophy

pathhead 2010 sat 014.jpg (19743 bytes)

Melville Champs - and the new sponsor

pathhead 2010 sat 017.jpg (53361 bytes)

Mike models this years must have !

pathhead 2010 sat 019.jpg (46700 bytes)

Derek Little gets ready for another big year

pathhead 2010 sat 022.jpg (41244 bytes)

David Macarthur - young gun

pathhead 2010 sat 026.jpg (40706 bytes)

Kagen McKenzie - ready for an Expert year

pathhead 2010 sat 033.jpg (33289 bytes)

Need some lessons - phils your man.

pathhead 2010 sat 035.jpg (47488 bytes)

Andrew Bisset up to speed

pathhead 2010 sat 040.jpg (49888 bytes)

R Burns styling

pathhead 2010 sat 047.jpg (51553 bytes)

Ryan Bruce showing some speed

pathhead 2010 sat 053.jpg (42927 bytes)

Kagen on the going

pathhead 2010 sat 075.jpg (40063 bytes)

Dean Reid - still clean

pathhead 2010 sat 078.jpg (36791 bytes)

Rab Moir getting serious

pathhead 2010 sat 079.jpg (30659 bytes)

Neil Simpson - on the edge

pathhead 2010 sat 083.jpg (47878 bytes)

Daniel Boddington getting on in the dirt

pathhead 2010 sat 091.jpg (18189 bytes)

Nuff said

pathhead 2010 sat 112.jpg (28703 bytes)

Queue for the test

pathhead 2010 sat 111.jpg (44208 bytes)

Liam Lamb clears the ditch

Picture 099.jpg (15836 bytes)

The ride up the bridge - thanks to campbell for the pics

Picture 104.jpg (13832 bytes)

A bit damp in places


pathhead 2010 sat 117.jpg (38608 bytes)

Thanks girls - we do appreciate you !

Sunday Pics

pathhead 2010 sun 014.jpg (18222 bytes)

Orange County .......

pathhead 2010 sun 033.jpg (17868 bytes)

pathhead 2010 sun 017.jpg (46655 bytes)

Kenny reads the rules

pathhead 2010 sun 046.jpg (40893 bytes)

Brian Gilles starts out

pathhead 2010 sun 027.jpg (33635 bytes)

Who loves ya baby !

pathhead 2010 sun 045.jpg (45769 bytes)

Dean Barr on the ball

pathhead 2010 sun 041.jpg (35392 bytes)

Mike Robertson enjoys a day out

pathhead 2010 sun 087.jpg (43605 bytes)

Ian Paterson - back on form

pathhead 2010 sun 095.jpg (62273 bytes)

Neil Simpson - good position

pathhead 2010 sun 098.jpg (46264 bytes)

Peter Nixon

pathhead 2010 sun 100.jpg (52417 bytes)

The Blingmeister - now on KTM

pathhead 2010 sun 106.jpg (56637 bytes)

Brian Middleton on the slippy slope!

pathhead 2010 sun 135.jpg (43664 bytes)

Gerald Day keeps it tight

pathhead 2010 sun 141.jpg (56042 bytes)

Andy Gray grabs some air

pathhead 2010 sun 145.jpg (47906 bytes)

Fraser Flockhart earns his Air Miles

pathhead 2010 sun 147.jpg (22919 bytes)

Dunc - still flying on the 530pathhead 2010 sun 154.jpg (26209 bytes)


Craig Jagla looking good

pathhead 2010 sun 150.jpg (57148 bytes)

John Allen -tidy

pathhead 2010 sun 156.jpg (40027 bytes)

Neil Simpson flying

pathhead 2010 sun 162.jpg (48435 bytes)

Hamish Oag gets the speed on

pathhead 2010 sun 172.jpg (61273 bytes)

David Macarthur - testing times

pathhead 2010 sun 082.jpg (26659 bytes)

Alan Davidson gets down to business

pathhead 2010 sun 174.jpg (28376 bytes)

Ryan Bruce in control

pathhead 2010 sun 075.jpg (52828 bytes)

Alan Scotland - on the boil





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