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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2009 Championship ENDURO

Round 3/4 Melville MC Pathhead Enduro

25th/26th April 2009

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Report from Campbell click here

Stuart Clachan and the track - test and hill at Pathhead

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For video of the event see from Mike Biagi

film.jpg (1558 bytes)Contact Mike at and drop him a note to see if he has any pics of you.

With the sun shining brightly the riders set off for one of the best Pathhead enduros - a flowing course - fairly dry and a superb special test. 150 riders on the Saturday and 120 on the Sunday saw some very close racing in all classes - and with the new special right beside the paddock spectators got a good view of the Experts on the pace.


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And of course an evil snapper pic - courtesy of the Scotlands

A great weekends racing - and all in Sun. Well done to the Melville for a top event. We also had Morgan Rosell from Sweden competing in the Experts again - he thinks it is always sunny in Scotland !! And he was flying again

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Photos by Scottishenduros.
path01.jpg (23521 bytes)

Riders briefing in the sun

path02.jpg (19809 bytes)

Murray and Derek contemplate


path03.jpg (38598 bytes)

Grant Smith - showing off ...

path04.jpg (45875 bytes)

Martin Pennycook 1st lap

path05.jpg (14849 bytes)

Davie Hill at speed

path08.jpg (18674 bytes)

Calum Hayes enjoys Clubman

path06.jpg (28415 bytes)

Alex Austin keeping it tidy

path07.jpg (28818 bytes)

Graeme Paxton in the test

path09.jpg (43499 bytes)

Liam Beatty gets it on

path10.jpg (53707 bytes)

Neil Simpson on the pegs

path11.jpg (44413 bytes)

James Harvey relaxed

path13.jpg (28447 bytes)

Adam O'Neill lookin good

path12.jpg (22996 bytes)

Nice save

path14.jpg (35397 bytes)

Hamish Patrick - looking smooth

path15.jpg (26575 bytes)

Rab Moir - video master

path16.jpg (33324 bytes)

Mark Grice on TM

path47jpg.jpg (44905 bytes)

Gavin Douglas - team TM

path17.jpg (41108 bytes)

Dave Ramsay - High

path18.jpg (41192 bytes)

Dax Edgley - Cos i'm worth it - higher

path19.jpg (39211 bytes)

Yogi - lucky he kept the weight back

path20.jpg (37621 bytes)

While Gordon shows how it should be done

path21.jpg (29738 bytes)

Brian Middleton grabs some air miles


path22.jpg (36963 bytes)

Scott McVittie flys

path23.jpg (26082 bytes)

Homer Houston gets the elbows up

path24.jpg (25718 bytes)

Colin Armitage fires on

path25.jpg (46677 bytes)

D Whittaker comes in for landing

path27.jpg (34817 bytes)

Gavin Waugh speeds in the test

path278jpg.jpg (39187 bytes)

Grant Smith - flies like a bee

path29.jpg (29947 bytes)

Lands like a .....

path30.jpg (45625 bytes)

Fraser Norrie tries to keep it down

path31.jpg (43292 bytes)

Morgan Rosell flies the flag for Sweden

path32.jpg (51767 bytes)

Alan Marks looks for a landing spot

path33.jpg (49163 bytes)

Richard Hay on course

path34.jpg (43193 bytes)

Allyn Scotland pushes hard

path35.jpg (34586 bytes)

Gavin Johnstone keeps it low

path36.jpg (30043 bytes)

Mark Ritchie testing

path37.jpg (28448 bytes)

M Rathbone spots the camera

path38.jpg (40258 bytes)

Ian Hedley flies through the test

path39.jpg (33114 bytes)

Graeme Paxton - still flying

path40.jpg (24449 bytes)

Michael McLoud on the great Honda XR - classic ride

path41.jpg (37414 bytes)

Champion Derek Liitle at speed

path42.jpg (40561 bytes)

Mark Godfrey

path43.jpg (54260 bytes)

Ricky Mair

path44.jpg (42203 bytes)

The test - just above the start

path45.jpg (20266 bytes)

Sean Wooley pushes hard

path46.jpg (26533 bytes)

Findlay White cracking on


path47.jpg (28509 bytes)

Stuart Livingston crests a testing hill

path48.jpg (25901 bytes)

Kagen McKenzie flying

path49.jpg (30453 bytes)

Ian Little takes a tight line

path50.jpg (31612 bytes)

Derek still pushing

path51.jpg (27732 bytes)

Mark Godfrey on the pace

path52.jpg (30262 bytes)

Finally a big thank you to our test team for a great day.


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