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Round2/3  Melville MC Pathhead 2 DayEnduro

28th/29th  April 2007

Results  Sat SatE1 Sun SunE1

As I was stewarding for the event I was able to get out and have a good look round. Another fast event from the Melville club with Kenny Donaldson adding some new ground to the event for 07. Dry for a change and with only minor bogs - although a few folk managed to get stuck. The test was more flowing this year but still caught a few folk out. Murray Thomson getting caught out on the same corner each lap - not a sweeper - a hairpin ...

Grant Smith was trying a new clutch out - not enough grip - too much - never quite right - but still enough for 2nd. He must wonder what he has to do to win. His big kicker in the test showing how fast he was pushing.

Campbell Chatham gives us his report on the event ( thanks for your reports Campbell )

Day 1

The weather held out once again for the Scottish Enduro Championship, 150 riders entered on Saturday and the track was dry except for one area close to the finish that ensured the bikes were true dirt bikes. The course was quite technical and gradually wore out the riders as the day progressed. Bumpy ruts built up in the corners at the special test that ensured fatigue for all at the end of a hard day.

Most riders seemed to enjoy themselves as the sun shone on the event. Murray Thomson was surprised to win the Expert class on Saturday, he did not think he had got a rhythm going in the tests. Grant Smith was gutted to finish second by just one second as he had been riding like a man possessed all day, Ally Lauder finished third.

In the over 40 class 2006 Over 40 Scottish Champion Sean Wooley continued his domination and won once more with Ian Patterson just 10 seconds behind and Jim Lauder finished third.

In the Clubman class Neil Chatham won as Stuart Mowbray lost his time card costing him 60 points that dropped him to 6th equal at the finish. David Vass was looking strong and finished second with Ryan Bruce and Colin Byyan tied for third place.

In the Sportsman Class William Beaty won with Graeme Paxton second and Liam Beaty third. The big story for this class was Jennifer Wark making it to the finish for the first time. It just goes to show if you keep trying a result will come, congratulations from the Melville Motor Club.

Day 2

The event was delayed for 30 minutes as the ambulance broke down on the way to the event, another unit was arranged and the Enduro took place on another glorious day.

Derek Little was disappointed with his fourth place on Saturday and upped the pace on Sunday, taking the win in the Expert Class. Murray Thomson finished second, confirming him at the top of the Championship after three rounds. Grant Smith finished third on Sunday so that first win still eludes him, although with the top three riders as close as this it will not be long until he steps onto the top of the podium.

In the over 40 class Sean Wooley won with Ian Patterson second again with Alan Davidson tying for third with Douglas Page. Sean nearly blew it with a big crash on the first lap but he managed to hang on for the win.

Neil Chatham produced the most amazing result of the weekend. Neil also had a big crash on the first lap, he thought he had damaged ligaments in his shoulder but pushed on to the finish winning by 3 seconds. Following a visit to the hospital later it was discovered that he had fractured his upper arm. James Harvey finished second on his Honda and David Vass finished third.

Liam Beaty took the overall Sportsman win with James Anthony second and Gordon MacDonald third.

Kenny Donaldson designed a great track and the weather was very good which made a huge difference to this event. The O’Neill family is due a big ‘Thank You’ from the Melville Motor Club for their time, in the build up to the event and during the weekend, we could not have done it without you. Gordon Paterson and Harriet Forbes spent the two days at the start and finish to the special test and again they made it possible to run this event, Thank you.

Photos from Scottish Enduros - there are more from Angus Donald and Rosie Patrick - to follow ..

Pathhead07 01.jpg (219011 bytes)

Reuben - heads for the desert again - note the milk in the Rad - Ready for a brew

Pathhead07 02.jpg (246574 bytes)

Derek Little in the new Dynamic Equip colours.

Pathhead07 03.jpg (142876 bytes)

Red Bull Enduromaniacs - Liz and dave discuss tactics

Pathhead07 04.jpg (235770 bytes)

Allan Paynton gets up up

Pathhead07 05.jpg (146748 bytes)

Dax Edgely keeps it tight in the trees

Pathhead07 06.jpg (143701 bytes)

Clerk of the Course Shuggy and a Gilhooley keep an eye on the test

Pathhead07 07.jpg (252597 bytes)

Grant Smith gets a kicker - flying in the test


Pathhead07 08.jpg (184301 bytes)

Gavin Douglas - improving expert

Pathhead07 09.jpg (164187 bytes)

That's the way - dead engine and push.

Pathhead07 10.jpg (239065 bytes)

Murray Thomson and "his" corner 

Pathhead07 11.jpg (183388 bytes)

Ally Lauder gives it some wellie

Pathhead07 12.jpg (200812 bytes)

Scott Maxwell kicks up the dirt


Pathhead07 13.jpg (217480 bytes)

Iain Bell at speed in the test.


Pathhead07 14.jpg (97077 bytes)

Only the lonely ...... Gordon did a great job in the test. But .... we need more helpers - so get out and volunteer.

Pathhead07 15.jpg (101028 bytes)

Harriet saw them all home - all alone again. We really need your help - so give a hand at any event - you will be most welcome

Pathhead07 16.jpg (190454 bytes)

John Pollock blasts away from Steven Fortheath at the end of the test


Pathhead07 17.jpg (148443 bytes)

Steve Vitty approaches the 'B's"


Pathhead07 18.jpg (154273 bytes)

Andrew McConnel relieved to be finished. Watch out back there - that's an electric fence !!

Pathhead07 19.jpg (201818 bytes)

John Henderson styling

Pathhead07 20.jpg (244788 bytes)

Duncan Wright and Liam Beatty in the fields

Pathhead07 21.jpg (211164 bytes)

James Henderson gets up the bank with some body english.


Pathhead07 22.jpg (153212 bytes)

Bon Accord boys at play

Pathhead07 23.jpg (166433 bytes)

Bling Meister Ramsay blasts the test

Pathhead07 24.jpg (148764 bytes)

Duncan McCormick at speed - before wheel problems forced him out

Pathhead07 25.jpg (199748 bytes)

Rab Moir - the flying cameraman.

Pathhead07 26.jpg (151614 bytes)

Dave Donald gives it his all

Pathhead07 27.jpg (201968 bytes)

Bill Brown ( limping ) says " Thats the "ba%t**d" "

Pathhead07 28.jpg (216598 bytes)

Great wheely - but who are you ?

Pathhead07 29.jpg (120599 bytes)

Concentration as they study Day One Results


Pathhead07 30.jpg (122257 bytes)

Sean " The Eyes Have It " Wooley - Over 40 Champ and looking good again.

Pics by Rosie Patrick and Angus Donald ( Evil snappers)

Angus Pathhead 2007 006.jpg (255317 bytes)

And the experts are off

Angus Pathhead 2007 023.jpg (219102 bytes)

Damn !  I dropped my 50p here

Angus Pathhead 2007 038.jpg (300201 bytes)

Keep the weight over the front wheel

Angus Pathhead 2007 041.jpg (214667 bytes)

Just like that

Angus Pathhead 2007 214.jpg (263679 bytes)

Don't fall off in front of the camera ....

Angus Pathhead 2007 133.jpg (179725 bytes)

Even the top riders fall off ...

Rosie Pathhead Sun 011.jpg (279630 bytes)

The mud slide to start

Rosie Pathhead Sun 017.jpg (280405 bytes)

But keep moving

Rosie Pathhead Sun 039.jpg (306576 bytes)

Giving it stick in the trees

Rosie Pathhead Sun 041.jpg (166087 bytes)

And on the moor

Rosie Pathhead Sun 061.jpg (172953 bytes)

and just anywhere

Rosie Pathhead Sun 067.jpg (290327 bytes)

Style ... a one handed wave.


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