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SACU 2004 Championship ENDURO

Round 8 - Melville MC - JIM AIM Motorcycles Newton Stewart Enduro

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Penningham Forest

29th August 2004

Results for Melville Newton Stewart Enduro - click here

Brian McLeary and Andrew McConnel put in a lot of work over the summer to set up a testing forest Enduro for the 50 riders who travelled to the SW near Newton Stewart. A very tight and tiring course it proved too much for a lot of the Clubmen and Sportsmen and there were quite a few retirements. But the rest of the field pushed on to complete the event. The times were about right with most of the riders staying tight on time - but the Experts were pushed to get in - particularly as the heavens opened in the last half hour of the event and soaked them on their last lap.

JIM AIM Motorcycles sponsored the event and helped replace all the tape and markers lost in the caravan fire last year. Much appreciated by the club.

Murray Thomson and Grant Smith started the day and swapped places right up to the first corner ( 50 yards away form the start) with neither rider wishing to lead. The course was a single track to start with lots of puddles ( which could swallow a bike !!) and tree roots - so care was needed on the course.

The test was a cross country type with tight corners and care needed over the roots. A very technical test it started with a blast from the launch point on the hill , quick scoot up the forest road and then straight along narrow forest tracks and into the trees. With all tests to count there was all to play for from the start,

Crawford Carrick-Anderson pushed hard in his usual flying style and managed to head off Derek Little for the win despite dropping 20 seconds on the last test.   Murray Thomson was always there and kept up for third with Grant Smith in 4th

Andrew Flockhart came one step closer to retaining his title with a win in the over 40's followed by Ian Paterson and ex Champ Alex Kirk. Still a very tight class with a lot of very competitive riders .

In the Clubmen Paul Scott took the win with a very controlled and consistent ride - closely followed by Paul Chatham - still only in his first year of competition but looking very rapid.Ian Sheddon - in one of his rare rides ( more normally seen feet up in the SSDT)  put his trials experience to good use with a 3rd place.

Sportsman Kevin Ostroznik again led the Sportsman home beating Thomas Melrose from Dalkeith. Michael Grindley came in third after driving up from Kendal with Graeme Crawford the only other finisher in the class.

Judging from the laughter in the pits at the final check the Experts had a great time - or was it just hysteria !. Crawford and Murray must have enjoyed it as they swapped bikes and went out for an extra lap to finish.

Many thanks to Brian and Andrew for all their hard work and to Jim Aim for helping the event go ahead

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The Organisers

Andrew and Brian

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The Start

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Give that man a coconut -

thanks Stu - and I did put it on the website

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Derek - all clean - and still smiling ( he hasn't seen the course yet !)

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Grant - not the rock - to aid mounting the bike

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Heading off

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Kenny Donaldson sets out

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View from the pits

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John Goodliffe from Harrogate

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Bill Brown

NewtonStewart04025.jpg (61156 bytes)

Paul Chatham gets under way

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Gary Buckett gets some speed up

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Iain Clark in the test

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Thomas Melrose flying

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Paul Kirkwood contemplates the rest of the course after the test

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Shaun Bland from Keswick

NewtonStewart04031.jpg (80981 bytes)

William McGowan - a real trials course today

Newton2.jpg (121471 bytes) NewtonStewart04044.jpg (73660 bytes)

Clubman winner Paul Scott

NewtonStewart04052.jpg (80857 bytes)

And Sportsman winner Kevin Ostroznik

NewtonStewart04042.jpg (103118 bytes)

Ian Paterson gives it some stick

NewtonStewart04055.jpg (97140 bytes)

Martin Bell from across the border - meets Rachel - ace test starter

NewtonStewart04059.jpg (133262 bytes)

Stuart Edgar - he finished - and with a broken shoulder - respect!!

NewtonStewart0432.jpg (97104 bytes)

Colin Bryan gets squirrely in the test

NewtonStewart04054.jpg (118057 bytes)

Martin Bell takes a brether

NewtonStewart0441.jpg (75687 bytes)

Over 40 winner Andy Flockhart shows his style.


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Crawford Carrick Anderson as he starts the test

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