Scottish Enduros 2019 -




SACU EEC Enduro Championship - Round 5 - final round of 2014 . Monaughty

Final results for Monaughty -click here Only change is Paul Smart has correct penalties added.

Torrential rain in the days leading up to to the event - including part of Hurricane Bertha made the forest a might tricky . Well done to Barry , Kev and the crew for getting the event to run. A tough one but worth finishing . And I am sure the water ran uphill in that Forest. The first pool causing a shock as it was deeper than most folk remembered - leading to some tidal waves as riders entered at speed.

Well done to Frazer Norrie for the win .

Read the report on the event here .

Photos of the event are available from Jasperimage who was there all day taking pics. Click here for pics

Thanks to Jasperimage for the photo of Frazer in action



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