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SACU 2004 Championship ENDURO

Round 7 - Grampian MCC Iain McKenzie Memorial Enduro

Monaughty Forest

15th August 2004

Results for Iain McKenzie Memorial Enduro - click here

After another week of torrential rain and landslides closing the main A9 road to Inverness riders arrived at Elgin wondering what kind of course we would find. But while the rest of the country was under water the NE was enjoying a heatwave. !

The course was similar to last years with some new rides thrown in and an extra lap. As last year the times were easy to start and then getting tighter as the day went on. A very enjoyable course and testing over the 4 1/2 hours. A mixture of heather rides and forest tracks it was testing once the check times tightened up. The Experts having to continually pass the slower sportsman several times which proved difficult in the tests.

The test itself was the same as last year with a new section added in - and lots of stumps. The webmaster coming off on a stump on the first test and sustaining a puncture . Only one puncture that ws soon fixed at the first check - unlike Crawford Carrick-Anderson whose pace was blistering as was his tire changing - well it had to be with three punctures on the day. His wife was heard phoning up for Mousses after the 2nd one !.

Thanks to all the organisers for a very fast and enjoyable day - same again next year please - I will try and finish that one.

Having pushed hard all year and had a 3rd place Derek Little was rewarded with his first win of the year on the big Ride On 450 Yamaha.  The top three experts were very close with Murray Thomson and Ricky Mair tying for 2nd.  Consistency was the name of the game in a very tricky test.   Chris Buchan came in 4th and is another of the fast improving young guns pushing the top riders. Chris Hay was looking good for a top placing until he threw a chain and jammed up the sprocket - ending his day pushing back to the pits - hope you have better luck in Poland !

In the Clubman class Rab Moir and Paul Chatham battled it out all day but could not be separated at the end - tying for 1st place. Scot Maxwell claimed 3rd to keep his title hopes alive at the top of the table.

Over 40 rider Andrew Flockhart claimed another win over Ian Paterson to maintain his lead at the top of the points and looks like he is going to retain his title . Campbell Chatham ( Mr 3rd place - his words ) came in third in his first full season back in competition. Almost there and ready to make a move if any of the toip riders make a mistake.

Euan Syme - ISDE team manager was out for a quick ride in the forest - keeping an eye on Chris Hay but getting in some fairly quick times.

The Sportsmen had a large entry here with a lot of new riders out for the first time. A good event to start in as it has easy times for them. Robert Harper on the new Honda 250 four stroke pushing for the win over Colin Armitage and Billy Macgregor.

The Ladies contest was down to Liz Millet and April Marr with Liz's experience proving the winner. Problems with her carb on the wee KTM 125 meant she needed a quick carb rebuild. But meant she was overflowing fuel all the way round and needed topped up to finish. Get your 4 stroke out Liz - you know it makes sense !!

Ian Bell continues to amaze with another finish on his special KX/KDX 200. No mud here for Ian - just a good day in the forest.

Stan Peterson was back in the Clubmen after breaking his leg here last year and happily finished in 10th - always a tricky day when youride the same course. Good to have you back Stan

Photos from Betty  & Fiona - wives of riders 73 and 74 and photos of the test from Mark Ewing . Many thanks

Click photos to enlarge

Monaughty04015.jpg (120920 bytes)

Rab Moir - Clubman Winner and Stan Peterson

Monaughty04009.jpg (91311 bytes)

Ready for the off

Monaughty04017.jpg (94945 bytes)

At least one of you smile !!

Monaughty04020.jpg (123900 bytes)

April Marr gets ready

Monaughty04027.jpg (86230 bytes)

Ian Bell sets off for the test

Monaughty04028.jpg (101863 bytes)

Paul Carlyle in action

Monaughty04029.jpg (108892 bytes)

April starts the course

Monaughty04032.jpg (100535 bytes)

1st check and a wee wait

Monaughty04035.jpg (119034 bytes)

Unless you need to change a tire !!

mon0410.jpg (128245 bytes)

The test - is in there somewhere

mon041.jpg (81910 bytes)

Chris Buchan flying in the test

mon042.jpg (72456 bytes)

Richard Ramsay hangs off

mon0411.jpg (95925 bytes)

Someone is going for it  !

mon048.jpg (91054 bytes)

Dougal Walker catches Paul Carlyle in the test.

mon046.jpg (94859 bytes)

Murray Thomson at speed

mon045.jpg (101231 bytes)

George MacGowan tries a new route

mon043.jpg (79516 bytes)

James Anthony in control

mon049.jpg (83023 bytes)

Campbell Chatham at the "b's"

Monaughty04052.jpg (87168 bytes)

Winner - Derek Little

mon047.jpg (99137 bytes)

Mike Robertson keeps it in tight

Monaughty04037.jpg (96403 bytes)

Sean Wooley - on the going

Monaughty04042.jpg (93640 bytes)

Nicky Beavitt pushes on

Monaughty04034.jpg (98148 bytes)

Alan Davidson leaves the 1st check

Monaughty04044.jpg (131656 bytes)

Liz Millet - up on the pegs

Monaughty04058.jpg (66636 bytes)

Ricky Mair gets some speed up

Monaughty04060.jpg (123498 bytes)

Colin McDonald on the going


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