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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2008 Championship ENDURO

Round 10 Bon Accord MCC Lumsden Enduro

12 October 2008


The final round of the year and another tough one to finish on. With times fairly tight and the ground wet in places it was a good one to finish. It was also the Inter Club Enduro - where the battle was between Grampian and Melville for top honours.

The course followed a similar route to 2007 but had some new twists in it and quite a few wee bogs to stop the unwary. The test was changed with a muddy climb to start with and then a long rutted section before you got a chance at the flat out field section. A smile at the end is always guaranteed !

The Inter Club Event was won by Grampian - luckily for John Little - who bet his hat on it - or would have eaten it if they had lost ...

Always a popular event it was a great finish to another tough year of competition. Thanks to the Bob Accord Club again.

Photos  from Andrew Murdie - Brian Donald and Bill McGregor (See Bills gallery at  )

lums 08 01.jpg (118715 bytes)

Sandy Eccles gets the 185 Honda up to speed

lums 08 03.jpg (136360 bytes)

Davy Hill gets some air

lums 08 02.jpg (138211 bytes)

Cameron Davidson digs in

lums 08 04.jpg (85693 bytes)

Alan Davidson enjoys the scenery

lums 08 05.jpg (80371 bytes)

Frazer Norrie flies ove the logs

lums 08 06.jpg (95037 bytes)

Derek Little shows the way

lums 08 08.jpg (271410 bytes)

The easy way over the logs

lums 08 07.jpg (195776 bytes)

The hard  way .


Lums Derek and Murray 2.JPG (33833 bytes)

Murray and Derek start the day




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