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Round 9  Bon Accord MCC Lumsden Enduro

14th October 2007


Sun shining - dry course and keen riders - the perfect day.  With the championships already decided it was time to play at the final round of the year. A great course set out by the Bon Accord club including a "special" test proved an enjoyable end to an exciting season.

Murray Whittaker asked if he could put some "extras" into the test - and so Scotland got it's first "Extreme Test" - starting with a big drop off and then some fast cross country followed by the Log Run - or the Chicken Run . Then into the big open fields and wide open to the end - superb and great fun.

This was also the venue for the first SACU Team Enduro - 2 riders in each class from each club. Best 6 to count. So even with bust ribs ( Stuart Clachan) you carry on to get points for your club.


Photos by Tracey Thomson, Angus Donald and James Anthony - the best this year - thanks.

Also pictures avaialable from e-mail with your No.

lums0701.jpg (295129 bytes)

The Log Man clears the final one - upright

lums0702.jpg (122180 bytes)

Your choice

lums0703.jpg (504761 bytes)

Alex Austin gets focussed

lums0704.jpg (559924 bytes)

Grant Miller - makes a BEE line

lums0705.jpg (511229 bytes)

Craig White powers it

lums0706.jpg (478169 bytes)

Richard Hay - play time

lums0707.jpg (539738 bytes)

Gordon Mcgregor - set out the course then play time

lums0708.jpg (379534 bytes)

Hugh O'neill going for it

lums0709.jpg (338190 bytes)

John Pollock keeps it low


lums0710.jpg (434810 bytes)

Stuart Clachan - well hard Team member - riding with bust ribs to finish - awesome

lums0711.jpg (384337 bytes)

Ian Paterson roosts up a storm

lums0712.jpg (462149 bytes)

Stuart Blackadder - looking good on KTM

lums0713.jpg (301801 bytes)

Hamish Patrick - trials experience feet up

lums0714.jpg (384689 bytes)

Jeff McCleary enjoys his day out

lums0720.jpg (326526 bytes)

Neil Chatham flies in the Experts

lums0716.jpg (256099 bytes)

Bill Bruce logs on ..


lums0717.jpg (304462 bytes)

Paul Mason - up .....

lums0718.jpg (384558 bytes)

and over ....

lums0719.jpg (296740 bytes)

Dougie Aitken - tour guide takes it safe.

lums0721.jpg (303588 bytes)

And the winner of the long jump .....

lums0722.jpg (288916 bytes)

but Andrew Plunkett keeps going for ELRAT points

lums0723.jpg (378053 bytes)

Webmaster looking good ....

lums0724.jpg (360011 bytes)

OOPS ( don't you just hate photographers)

lums0725.jpg (302526 bytes)

Richard Hay keeps the speed up

lums0726.jpg (224745 bytes)

Stewart Campbell hurries the big Kwak

lums0727.jpg (426480 bytes)

And SACU Steward Jim enjoys a lap.

lums0728.jpg (358897 bytes)

Smile - it's not raining .

lums0730.jpg (420391 bytes)

Did he save it -.....

lums0731.jpg (285730 bytes)

Don't be daft .... but he did carry on. David Smith FMX Enduro Style

lums0732.jpg (369391 bytes)

And Gav grabs some air.

Bill's pics - email him for more with your No.
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