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Round 9 Bon Accord MCC Lumsden Enduro

29th October 2006


As the final round of the SACU Enduro Championship the Bon Accord club put in an extreme effort despite torrential rain and gale force winds to set up a 20 mile course worthy of a champion. With 2 championships to decide ( the Clubman having been won by Michael Lowrie with one round to go) the Experts and Over 40's were looking forward to a challenge to decide the eventual winner.

Using a very large area of farmland with some nice bogs and slippy hills - and plenty of rocks - the course stayed passable all day for the Experts 5 laps , Clubman's 4 and Sportsman's 3. The day the clocks went back meant a 10:00 am start at a cold and windy venue. But things soon hotted up as the riders got going. New Clerk of the Course Ken Whittaker and his crew had spent all year looking for a suitable venue and hope to run here again next year. Great course Ken ! They even had to pay the council to block off the road for the event - that's where your entry fees go.

Starting with some gentle trails it soon got rocky and a few bogs developed. Listen to the marshals - go right - not left - there be bogs ! The only stones to cause a major problem were just after the stamp check - where Paul Chatham got some big air - and a broken collar bone. Best wishes for a fast recovery. And a small stone which took off at least 10 chains - see pics below. Very gently but firmly bent the chainguide and pushed the chain off - 15 minutes lost! ( Including the webmasters too!)

There were some fast trails on farm tracks - but lots of wee stones as well - so take it easy was the word for the day. And then on to the test. What can I say.

Dave wanted the longest straight in a Scottish Enduro - and he certainly got it. The top riders even changed gearing to make the most of the wide open stubble field. Not so much flying as rocketing along. But the start of the test was a classic muddy field with some deep ruts and hills to stop you .  Then a wee bit of forest to finish off with before doing it all again.

And so for the final results of the year. Derek Little won the event with some very quick times including fastest time of the day - 20 points - and second place in the championship. Murray Thomson decided to change his gearing at a time check and nearly lost a minute - but just made it with his LAA and finished in second place - enough to give him his second Scottish Expert title - well done Murray !. Dougie Kerr maintained his excellent form on his return to the sport finishing in 3rd and 3rd in the Championship.

Gavin Douglas was well pleased with his 4th place - his highest finish since moving up to the Experts.

In the Over 40's the winner was Sean Wooley - again proving his durability over the year with 6 wins to take the event and the Championship. Ian Paterson must wonder what he has to do to win the title - despite a rear wheel which broke up as the bolts came out - he still managed to finish but lost 3 minutes on time. Alex Kirk another ex Over 40 Champ showed his speed to finish 2nd with Kenny Donaldson in 3rd. The over 40's is a very popular class - experts are training hard at 39 to have a go when they turn 40 - certainly not a Gentleman Racers class !

Happiest rider on the day was Neil Chatham recording his first outright Clubman win beating the new Champion Michael Lowrie and hard riding Paul Scott. In his first season of riding and still just 16 he looks to have the speed to take a title or two in the future. A fast family! But also a happy rider was Paul Mason - who has tried to finish a Bon Accord event since they restarted in 2000 - and finally made it with three minutes to spare. True Enduro spirit - way to go.

There are a lot of quick riders in Clubman all pushing for the win - 2007 looks like being another very fast year.

In Sportsman Michael Houston (Snr) took the win ahead of Simon Widdicombe and Dean Mackay. Allan Poynton took a nasty tumble injuring his chest and having to retire.

And finally Murray Macniven stood up all day on his Trials bike and event managed to beat some pukka Enduro bikes. Just an average day at the Scottish .....

Another great event to finish another exciting year of racing. I hope all the riders had fun and a challenge. Remember - finish first - then go for the win.

Many thanks to Mr Barliss - the laird for the use of his farm and to Di Stuart, Janet and Ken Whittaker and all the marshals from Bon Accord. We'll be back next year ......

Photos by Alex Donald and Scottishenduros. E-mail if you want a better copy or a poster up to A0

bon0626.jpg (241982 bytes)

Ready to go - and no rain

bon0600.jpg (208671 bytes)

Sign on for adventure

bon0601.jpg (251367 bytes)

All checked

bon0602.jpg (211740 bytes)

Over 40's wait for the clock

bon0603.jpg (954651 bytes)

The course

bon0604.jpg (933525 bytes)

Acres of ground to ride in

bon0605.jpg (239101 bytes)

Hugh O'Neill and those grids !

bon0606.jpg (269339 bytes)

Ready for the test

bon0607.jpg (293927 bytes)

Steve Irvin style

bon0608.jpg (205806 bytes)

Gotta roost !

bon0609.jpg (177381 bytes)

Rab Moir - see the movie

bon0610.jpg (271600 bytes)

Michael Lowrie - Champion Style

bon0611.jpg (1036710 bytes)

The Test - Nuff said ... Weeeeeeeeee

bon0612.jpg (181501 bytes)

Dougie Kerr on the big banger

bon0613.jpg (247367 bytes)

Dougie Meek - chain off

bon0614.jpg (222551 bytes)

And two more chains off

bon0615.jpg (217853 bytes)

The cause !

bon0616.jpg (241653 bytes)

Start of the day

bon0628.jpg (283304 bytes)

Ivan prepares for the test.

bon0618.jpg (490509 bytes)

Bruce Venter gets the power on

bon0619.jpg (695912 bytes)

New Champion Murray kicks up the dirt

bon0621.jpg (179904 bytes)

Paul Scott - hard charging

bon0622.jpg (204054 bytes)

Brian Donald - looking good.

bon0623.jpg (205440 bytes)

No Brian - the other way ......

bon0624.jpg (198701 bytes)

And don't fall off in front of your son with a camera !!

bon06120.jpg (355262 bytes)

The evil snapper strikes - down but not out - Alan Davidson

bon0617.jpg (220685 bytes)

Happy man Paul Mason - a finish - at last

bon0627.jpg (215693 bytes)

Overall winner - Derek Little takes a breather


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