Scottish Enduros 2022 -



Highland Enduro Club Lossiemouth Championship Enduro 16th/17th April 2022

The Highland Club ran a very popular Enduro over the Easter weekend with over 100 riders making the long journey to Lossiemouth.  The course was as testing as always with tight times on the Saturday for all classes. Times on the Sunday were eased for all except the Experts.


  Results for Saturday -

  Results for Sunday -

Fraser flying

Saturday's event was won by Expert Fraser Flockhart ahead of Andrew Bisset with Ben Thomson finishing in third. Ricky Mair made a welcome return to the forest finishing in 4th. Local expert Kagen McKenzie was 5th with Jack Kitching in 5th.

On Sunday the top three remained the same with Fraser leading them home again. Kagen McKenzie finished in 4th with Greg Gallacher just behind in 5th

Due to storm Arwen there were a large number of trees down which meant a lot of rerouting of the course and a new test for 2022.

The test started with a fast blast through the sand then into the tight forest for the second half of the timed section . As always there was no resting on the course with nearly 5 hours of riding. The top riders managed to stay clean on time despite the tight times.

There was also an incentive for Clubman B riders to push hard in the test as there was bottle of single Malt up for the rider with the fastest single test time on  the Sunday. Presented by Allan Macdonald and won by David MacGillvray it certainly added to the riders motivation.

Allan Macdonald presents David MacGillvray with his trophy

Thanks to FLS for the use of the land and to the Highland Club for putting on another great event.


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Ben Thomson and Kagen McKenzie prepare to lead off the 2022 season


Followed by Ricky Mair , Fraser Flockhart and Jack Kitching

David Simm

Grzegarz Nowak

David Macgillvray leads Max Hamilton

Thomas Malcolm puts the left foot out .. . . .

Alasdair Duncan


Robert Graham

Allan Macdonald

Taylor Mair

Ross Stuart

John Kerwin

Mike Glass

Stephen Palmer


Simon Nutter

Paul Smart

Cameron Rutherford

Wojceich Pilich

Richard McLeod

Jonathon Young

Jake Reid

David Simm

Taylor Mair

Alasdair Anderson

Alan McVittie

Pierce walker

Allan Macdonald

John Kerwin

Kagen McKenzie

Andrew Bissett

Fraser Flockhart

Gerry Day

Ricky Mair

Jack Kitching

James Goodall

James Bissett

Nathan Cooke

Robert Gardiner

Graham Mechan

Scenic Lossiemouth

Chris Beecroft

Ben Thomson grabs some air

Followed in formation by Rick Mair

Then Andrew Bisset

And Fraser Flockhart

Allan Macdonald keeps it tidy

Mitchell Brown looking smooth

James Burns

James Goodall at speed

The Time Check team - can't do it without you. Big thank you !!

Kagen keeps charging

Greg Gallacher

The chase is on

Mitchell plows on

James Burns

Douglas Goodwill

Ian Bisset

James Harvey

Gavin Johnston

Alan Davidson

Pierce Walker

Richard Copsey

Vince Harker

Nick Walter

Alan Strachan


Gerry Day

Waiting on their minute at the first time check

Bill Bruce

Alan Bonner

Kagen on the boil

Nathan Cooke

Gavin Johnston

Ian Bisset


Neil G Alexander

Kevin Brooks

Robbie Davidson

Phil Hewitt

Ben Thomson



Will Trigg

Thomas Malcolm still smiling after 2 days. Star