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newsacusml.jpg (9809 bytes) 2009 Championship ENDURO

Round 1/2 Grampian MC Lossiemouth Enduro

11th/12th April 2009

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Another tough one from Kevin Gauld and his team. 6 Hours riding with no rest on the course. Times were slack ( so I was informed although they suited me fine ! ) so were tightened for the Sunday. With Richard Hay and Euan McConnel turning out for the first round along with returning Ricky Mair and new boy Frazer Norrie - it was going to be an interesting weekend. Young guns Allyn Scotland and Neil Chatham were also up for it and faced some international competition in the form of Morgan Rosell from Sweden.

Defending Champion Derek Little lead the riders off on a reverse course starting with a short run to the test ( timed on all laps) . Then the fun started - with some fast and furious racing along the beach to Lossie. Finishing with "Hamburger Hill " at the end of the test.

Then on to check 2 and a long run through the forest - no rest here and lots of stumps to catch you out. Check 3 was a nice run back to the start - but also racing over the "Dragon's Spine" - fast is good - but any mistake and you are well off in the bushes.

Full report with results by Campbell Chatham - click here

Brian Donald has also done a great riders eye view of the event . Click here for his report


Thanks to all the photographers for the excellent pics. Ian Main , Sarah Innes , Allyn's Dad and a few from the Webmaster

Ally Lauder 1.jpg (32708 bytes)

Ally Lauder gets some air.

allyn Scotland1.jpg (24384 bytes)

Allyn Scotland roosts the test

Andy Gray 1.jpg (26755 bytes)

Andy Gray at speed.

caspar  hassall 1.jpg (17169 bytes)

Caspar Hassall beats " The Hill"

d paterson a calum hayes 1.jpg (37682 bytes)

Dave Paterson and Calum Hayes get going

Davie Hill 1.jpg (18897 bytes)

Davy Hill gets busy on the beach

derek  2 1.jpg (18564 bytes)

Derek Little styling

Drew Harvey 1.jpg (18215 bytes)

Drew Harvey testing times

Duncan McCormick 1.jpg (34188 bytes)

Duncan McCormick - E3 Champ

Ed Edel 1.jpg (17008 bytes)

Edward Edel beats "The Hill"

Euan McConnell 1.jpg (22094 bytes)

Euan McConnell shows the way.

frazer norrie 1.jpg (15945 bytes)

Frazer Norrie in the test

gavin johnston 1.jpg (35329 bytes)

Gavin Johnstone ( not as bad as the Tough One  ? )

Hamburger hill 1.jpg (36171 bytes)

"Hamburger Hill"

John Pollock 1.jpg (18827 bytes)

John Pollock - feet up all the way

Kagen McKenzie 1.jpg (28145 bytes)

Kagen McKenzie pushes

Keith Watt 1.jpg (23922 bytes)

Keith Watt - on an "easy " part of the course

Iain Martin 1.jpg (41162 bytes)

Iain Martin leaves trhe beach

Ian Bisset 1.jpg (32184 bytes)

Iain Bisset

Jamie reid 1.jpg (40887 bytes)

Jamie Reid gets it on

Mark Ritchie 1.jpg (17905 bytes)

Mark Ritchie E2 Champ - powers on.

Morgan 1.jpg (17003 bytes)

Morgan Rosell on "The Hill"

neil - fyi 1.jpg (25604 bytes)

Neil Chatham flying in the test

Morgan Rosell 1.jpg (30112 bytes)

Morgan roosts a bit of the test

Niall Patton 1.jpg (25766 bytes)

Neil Patton looking good

ricky 2 1.jpg (20373 bytes)

Ricky Mair aka "SPEEDY "up to speed

SPEEDY.jpg (28164 bytes)

Ricky Mair 1.jpg (25402 bytes)

ross hamilton 1.jpg (24891 bytes)

Ross Hamilton - still going strong

Ryan Bruce 1.jpg (36172 bytes)

Ryan Bruce - stylish

Sean Wooley 1.jpg (28267 bytes)

Sean Wooley - Over 40 Champ

seumas clyde 1.jpg (19645 bytes)

Seumas Clyde - nice technique

steven currie 1.jpg (29534 bytes)

Steven Currie gets the stones flying

Stuart Livingston 1.jpg (33725 bytes)

Stuart Livingston looking good.

Stuart Ross 1.jpg (43615 bytes)

Stuart Ross - at speed and pushing

webmaster 1.jpg (21582 bytes)

And the webmaster was there too ...

XX 1.jpg (17839 bytes)

Martin Kirk looking settled.

Morgan gets his award 1.jpg (33227 bytes)

Morgan gets his award

expert relax 1.jpg (22663 bytes)

Still smiling after 6 hours

experts 1.jpg (17330 bytes)

At least they broke sweat

da foot.jpg (16401 bytes)

An example of "Lossie Foot" - courtesy of Murray Thomson


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