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  Hare and Hounds at Lauder on Sunday 17th September

Dirtbike Evolution MCC

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A great day out at Lauder after a lot of hard work put in by Steven Currie and the team at Dirtbike Evolution.

Some great racing all day and some tight finishes.

Andrew Bisset put in a great effort despite being the only Expert out - but turned up and supported the club. Riders need to ride events if clubs put them on or clubs will just stop doing them.

It costs a lot of time and money to setup and run an event - all you have to do is turn up and support the clubs. Or if you don't want to race then get involved in organising events and keep the sport going.

Enduro sport is run by volunteers - no one makes money out of it. So if you don't get involved there may soon be no events to ride.

Steven and Natalie at DBE have announced that this was their last event as it takes too much time and they are not getting any younger. See their full release here.

Sad to see such a great club not running any more events after some great Scottish Championship events and a superb British round.

But there was some great racing on the day. In Clubman class Robbie Davidson took the win from Alex Pringle despite his best efforts. Cai Hewitt had a horrible start when his bike wouldn't start - but never gave up and charged hard for 3rd to get as many points as possible.

In Over 40's Andrew Currie was flying all day to take the win one lap ahead of James Harvey with Gavin Johnston in 3rd.

Chris Gallagher smiled his way all day to the win in Clubman B ahead of stylish Alister Barr and Gavin Donald.

Andrew Flockhart lead the Over 50 class home ahead of a tight battle between Graeme Paxton ( on the Ex Steven Currie Gas Gas ) just 0.2 of a second ahead of Mike Rigg in 3rd

In Sportsman Jed Burn was the happy winner with Kyle Currie in 2nd and Mark Wilson in 3rd

In the super competitive Sportsman Vets class Steven Clark finished the day on top ahead of Jon Denison with Gerry Day in 3rd.

Thanks to DirtBike Evolution for a great day out - and 5 years of great events.



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Steven Currie sets the riders away

Andrew Bisset sets off on lap 2 - solo Expert but doing his bit to support the club

Richard McClounie on his way

Robbie Davidson motors on to the win

Pushed hard all day by Alex Pringle

With Cai Hewitt chasing after a disaster on the start line

Richard Cowan looking stylish

James Knowles keeps feet up

The chase is on - all day

The evil snapper is always where you don't want him . . . .

Pete Nixon on top form

Andrew Donnachie on the Green Machine

Lee Dickson caught this slide  and looked good doing it.

Sandy Bankier on the boil

Lee Halliday pushing hard

Arran Park on the move

Jon Denison looking tidy

David Purves gets to grips with the course

Robbie Davidson gets some traction

Steven Todd powers away

Andrew McKie roosting

Alex still motoring

Rhys Whyment impressive on the day.

The Legend - Gavin Johnston pushed hard all day.

But James Harvey was too fast for him.

Alister Barr showing some style

Richard Cowan in action

James Knowles motoring hard


Alan Crozier looking stylish

Ed Mills on the pegs

Mike Chaplin on the electric motor - "the future" ? Did well balancing power and battery level all day.

Lee Halliday still motoring

Mark Bruce at speed

JJ Burgess - the "Wheelie King" of Lauder

Nathan Murray - still clean .

Cai still in the hunt.

Chris Gallagher still smiling

Gavin Donald

Andrew Flockhart - hard charging all day

Adam Russell on the gas

James Knowles spots the camera

Grzegorz Nowak pushes hard all day

Kyle Currie Max Effort

Graeme Paxton looking quick all day

Cof C Steven Currie checks out his track . Great event - thanks Steven

Alex Pringle still pushing

Gavin Johnston in flight

Neil Dawson looked quick all day

David Purves gets the elbows up

Graeme slide on by

Pete Nixon great style and control

Scott Douglas looks relaxed

Matthew Hailey uses all the course

Richard McLeod - having fun.

Billy Campbell on course

Marco Martinelli power through

Steven Clark in top speed action

John Weir drifts through

Gary Fair keeps eyes on the track

Andrew kept looking smoooth all day/

Ed Mills in the trees

Robbie on the stubble field

Alex chases

Thomas Malcolm gets the leg out

Andrew gets horizontal in the field

Closely followed by Ian Bisset .

The beautiful Scottish borders. What a venue

Angus Hamilton pushes on

Gordon Harrison looks relaxed

Bill Bruce - whoops it up.

And great food from "Trailer Trash". The Scotsman Burger was awesome.

Mike Chaplin - Electric Man - happy after finishing..Well Done