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Withdrawal of SACU ISDE Team from Mexico 2010.

Due to the withdrawal of all the other UK Teams due to the current very risky security situation the SACU has had no option but to withdraw our team from Mexico in 2010.

The team will hopefully be going to Finland in 2011. It is very disappointing for the riders who were selected to represent us this year - and we appreciate the effort they have all put in.

Sam Davidson the Team Manager has already put a lot of effort in to the team this year - and I attach his thank you to the team members and supporters for all the fund raising efforts - including the magnificent efforts at Selkirk at the weekend. Click here

Press Release from the ACU - ISDE Team

Auto Cycle Union


British Teams withdraw from the ISDE 2010

ACU Enduro News

At a meeting of the Trials & Enduro Committee held at Rugby on 28th July the participation of the British Teams in the 2010 ISDE was reviewed.

Following the withdrawal of all Club teams and experienced Support Personnel it was concluded that the ACU would not send a Trophy or Junior Trophy team to this year’s event.

Influencing factors included -:
• Serious security concerns in Morelia
• Consequent insurance problems /Advice from ACU Insurers
• Escalating costs of freight transportation
• Reports from both the British Team Manager and Logistics Co-ordinator

No further comments will be made.

Note to Editors: The ACU is the internationally recognized National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in the British Isles (less Northern Ireland). Formed in 1903, the ACU has a long tradition in the world of motorcycle sport being a founder member of the World Governing Body, the Federation Internationale Motocyclisme (FIM). The ACU has a major role in furthering the interests of motorcycle sport on a global basis. Domestically, the ACU provides for all forms of motorcycle sport ranging from Road Racing to all disciplines of Off Road activity and has successfully organized world class events such as MotoGP, World Superbikes, the Isle of Man TT Races, the Motocross of Nations and Trials Des Nations.

The ACU aims to ensure that all people irrespective of their age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, social status or sexual orientation, have a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in motorcycle sport at levels in all roles. The ACU fully supports youth activity in all disciplines and through the ACU Academy, some of our young riders go on to become British, European and World Champions in their chosen sport.


The SACU Enduro Committee has selected the following riders for the ISDE Team after discussion with the ISDE Team Manager Sam Davidson. As always and due to the quality of our riders there may be changes if riders are selected for the British Teams. 

Last year was the best supported team ever and we were rewarded with a Gold medal and 2 Silvers - a great result. We hope to send as well supported a team again this year and hope all the riders and clubs will get behind the team. Any sponsors are very welcome to help the team.

Charles Mackenzie
SACU Enduro Chairman

1:Ricky Mair

2:Neil Flockhart

3:Neil Chatham

4:Frazer Norrie ( first travelling reserve )

5:Allyn Scotland ( second  reserve)