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ISDE 2008 Serres - Greece

Daily Reports Courtesy of Mick Seward - much appreciated



Not a good start for the team today.  Jason crashed on the MX test and has damaged his radiator, which was leaking badly as he left.  The good news is he has made it through the next test, an hour from the start.  Now for the really bad news, after riding well for the first three days Dylan Jones has also crashed his Morris Yamaha and is out of the event.  We were with him immediately he is OK, slightly dazed and complaining of sore ribs, so unfortunately this is the end of DJ’s 2008 six days.  We will keep you informed when we get news from the hospital.

PS Daz Carter is asleep again. 

That’s all for this morning, it wont be long before the lads are back here again to this chec

If you are reading this Nick Craggy, Phillip had just set a cracking time on his first MX test beating all the Brits.

Speak later M & M


The day has not improved for Daryl Bolter, having retired on the second lap with engine problems, which has put a bit of a downer on team spirits. Daryl was on a mission, setting the fastest times of all the Brits, and now with 2 riders out of the Trophy team we are out of the running, so it’s every man for himself.

On a more positive note the rest of the lads seem to have upper their game and are all moving up the leader board, with Si and Ollie in their own private battle.  Si is leading by a slender 10 seconds, both riding exceptionally well, especially as the temperature has increased again to around 40 deg.

No problems in service tonight, Lee and Ollie came in together on the same minute, so continued the competition to see who could change their tyres first, cheered on by the whole team Ollie won by 5 sec.

Dylan has become a local celebrity having had a visit from the local Mayor, who was followed by 3 TV crews, we can confirm DJ has a broken rib and is a little battered and bruised, but otherwise OK

Tomorrow is the last full day, but is rumoured to be the toughest and most technical of the week so fingers crossed we have had all our bad luck today.

PS a bead of sweat was spotted on the brow of the ever cool Ed Jones tonight as he changed a tyre!

PPS Eddy The Mullet Mason has just recovered from his drinking session on Ouzo last night, he is reported to have fallen over loosing his false teeth out, fortunately for us he found them, so as not spoiling his good looks!

Crimpy just arrived back looking like he has done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson ,black eye and bruised face


Sorry its late, dozed off mid stream……

We are pleased to report that all’s well in the team GB camp. The Junior team have moved up one place to 7th place, and the trophy team in 10th and are moving closer to the Dutch.  Who incidentally are in the garage next door, we have considered slipping some laxative powder in their water, but that would n’t be very british would it?

After the jury meeting last night, when the Swedish team complained about the dusty conditions, both for safety and health reason (ie breathing in the dust); the riders were set off in pairs, up to the first 150 riders, rather than trios and B schedule was used.

The battle to become top Brit raged on between Daryl Bolter and Jason Thomas, with Daryl coming out on top, after Jason had an intermittent electrical fault with his bike mid way through the day, thankfully this appears to have repaired itself.  Jason posted a top time on the last motor cross test for the team.   Third fastest in the Trophy team, Tom Sagar is still battling on and also achieving very respectable test times.  Si Wakely, Edd Jones and Dylan Jones continue to use their considerable experience at international level to again set fast consistent times to keep the team in the top ten.

Lee Eddy on his PAR Homes Honda, had a small incident yesterday.  While riding together with team mate Ashley Wood, to keep out of each others dust, Lee looked over his shoulder to check Ash was OK and drove off the fire road down an embankment.  Thankfully he landed on his head so is perfectly OK!!!!!

Jason has received a yellow card yesterday, for riding the wrong way down the pit lane.  Daryl had his photo taken for the same offence, and was informed he would be receiving a yellow card too, but must have broken the camera, as no penalty was given.

Justin finished the day, his back is gradually recovering, or a least he is standing straighter, and was heard saying “These six days are really easy, I think they should make them 12 days”.

Another frantic, but controlled 15 minute end of the day work time, as five riders virtually came in together, all wanting to change a rear tyre and engine oil.  Thankfully no big lumps of metal found in the drain tins this morning.

I wasn’t the only one to fall asleep yesterday, Daz Carter fell asleep in the paddock, hes not sure if he was asleep for 5 minutes or 5 hours.


Tom is very disappointed with his results, but is in considerable discomfort from a damaged thumb which is causing him more problems than he is admitting, so full credit to him for digging deep for the team. All other riders are handsomely well, with Ollie Moyce, riding better than we have seen before, achieving some fast consistent times. Ash Wood is now getting to grips with his new KTM, and is looking more confident on every test, and Jamie Padget on the Electraction TM, has been making fast improvements on every test but, damaged his chain guide on a rock and lost time on the last test.

Service at the end of the day was a little chaotic, we had 5 riders in within 10 minutes, with Si in 8 mins after Daryl, and 1 tyre changer between them. I was hoping Daryl was on form with his tyre changing and I didn’t need to worry, front and rear were changed and back in the bike just as Si arrived to take his place. Si received his only injury of the day as a lever flew out of the tyre and hit his nose, before flying over my head then missing Special Greg by mm. Then one flew over the garage divide from the NZ / Aussie team, luckily that didn’t hit anybody, but they didn’t have any idea were it went Bugger!

Everybody is still in excellent spirits and looking forward to some different tracks and tests tomorrow day three.

Anyway it is 10.30pm, and we have done the supermarket and laundrette run, so are popping out for a kebab. Till tomorrow M & M


Day One is now completed, everybody home apart from two. Sadly Kev Murray from the Army Team crashed and broke his collar bone in four places on the going, and Irish Team rider Robbie Lynn had a big off on the motor cross test and has broken his leg.  Unfortunately Robbie’s crash was in front of his team mate Phil McLaughlin, riding his Electraction TM, causing him to slow down.  However he still finished a creditable 5th in class.

 It was all good news in the British Trophy and Junior Teams with riders from both classes putting in very good performances, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that Daryl Bolter on his MPS Husqvarna posted the fastest time overall time for the British riders.

 Closely followed by Jason Thomas on his KTM, who after riding at 150% on the first two tests, calmed down and posted some very fast times, which put a huge smile on Dad, Jerry’s face.   

Tom on his KTM was third, riding with the discomfort of a damaged thumb.  Ollie Moyce took fourth on his Morris Lubricants Yamaha, after two excellent motor cross tests, which put him into the highest place British Junior of the day.   Followed by Si Wakely on his big 450 Husky.

 All riders have enjoyed the day, but the dust has caused them to ride more cautiously, especially in the enduro test.  They commented that if they rode too close to the rider in front it was impossible to see, so Tom, Daryl and Jason all had to follow each other around, setting virtually the same times.

 Many thanks to Dom at Krega for the re-hydration back packs, along with the Motor Tabs Fluid Replacement System, without these the Team would be in serious trouble.  We may have to put a request in to Dom to supply some ten litre ones!?!

 At the end of day all the riders changed a rear tyre and Tom both front and rear.  No mechanical failures to report, and only Tom’s thumb causing any problems.

 Just had a a deja vue, its Chile over again, Grandaddy Wilson has just hobbled through reception with the same back problem as last year. He has vowed to finish the week though.

 We can report a minor fall out in the Sheep Skull and West of England Team, Dave Roberts filled a bucket of water to wash the IOM boys’ kit, only to return two minutes later to find P Diddy washing his feet in it!!!!

 All the riders will be starting tomorrow for the first time in their finishing order of today.

 Well tomorrows another day, and all the lads are raring to go.